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I Manchester lias tliree b.ise ball niueslst, 2d and 3d. The stato normal scliool iit Ynsilanti opens Sept. 15. Frank Shaver is building hlm a new house iu (Jhelsea. Hop-picking will commence in about ton day8 or two weeks. One Saline flrra gave tlieir customers 800 fans one day lust week. Dexter has organized a prívate boat club from ts prouiiuent citizens. Manchester'a ílrst tricycle made its appearance oue day last week. Wiltsie post O. A. R. of Saline will go to camp Alger, at Hillsdale, Aug. 31st. The Chelsea churches are talking up a unión exeursiou for theirSunday schools. Miss Un B. Putnam of Yptóaotl, teaches at Maukato, Wis., at a salary of $900. J The Dexter school boanl is Inving thc school house put in shape for business once more. Cash & Cavcnaiigii huve moved their stoek of gooils to I'inckney from Manchester. Thereisa rumor, saith the Observer that on oí Suline's younji ladies is soon to wed! Wilber P. Bowen, of Chelsea, will teach mathematica in thc state normal school the coming year. Sept. lüth is the last day of grace for Chelse municipal taxes, if they don't wish to have 4 per cent. added. On the first Friday in September the Southern Woslitonaw Farmer's Club hold a meeting at Frank Spafard's. Miss Ellen Whitney who teaches in the Sault Ste. Marie schools, is viaiting her home at CheUea for a few weeks. F. P. Bogardushas sold a onc-third interest which he owned in the Ypsilanti opera house to Mrs. Ward Swift. George Forbes of Stockbridge, is tlie champion huckleberiy pieker; 2} bushels a day, not couaüng what he eata - Dexter Leader.; A nuruber of our farmers report tlieir last season'g wheat as heating badly and becomlngmustyin tlicgranary. This will cause a considerable loss on the selling price.- Saline Observer. At the residence of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Prof. C. F. II. Bellows, of Ypsilanti, on August llth, Mr. Peter T. McKinney, of Jackson and Miss Jessie Bellows, were united in marriase bv Kev Dr. Fairfleld. Five of our aged citizens met in the postoflice yesterday, when the eonversation turned upon their ages. Upon inquiry it was found that one was 74, two 75 each, one 82, and one 84 j aggregating 390 years. - Chelsea Herald. The required amount of stock in the Fair-ground Association, $5,000, is already subsciibed; the jobof grading is let to Thos. Wilkinson ; and bids will be recelved for furnishing 125,000 feet of lumber next Satuiday at noon.- Horald. A gang of about thirty M. C. U, R. employés are at present located here and are engaged in laying new steel. We think a botter constructed road bed than the Michigan Central between Detroit and .Tnckson would be hard to find.- Dexter Leader. On Tuesday, just beforc dark, 4 white cranes flew north-east, passing over this village, and weresecn by a number of our oitizens. Last evening Frank Hall, of Norvell, brought one them to Ed. Kief, he having shot it in a little lake near Norveil.- Enterprise. A new roof, new coat of paint outsidc and inside, new decorated ceiling, palnted walls and dadoes, gralnod seats, and the replaclng of the cross upon tlie spire have added much to the appoarance of St. Mary'8 chnreh. Tlie parsonage lias been also improved in llke manner.- Chelsea Herald. The council will probably not make a move towards erecting a council building UÚ8 season. As near as we can lind out they intend to put up a building to cost $4,000 and upwards, and they have not more than half that amount on hand. The saloon tax feil short about $500 this year, then the $G0O paid for a site mnkes about $1,100 less than they calculated on using this year.- Enterprise. Not for many years, perhaps, lias the spirit of improvement and general proírre8S been so active in our city as durinothe present summer. Tlie value of prop" erty in all parts of the city has materially increascd during the past year, and wito the possession of water woiks and other less expensive improvements, an advancc in property values, business enterprises and populatlon, far in advance of any year in the hlstory of Ypsilanti may be e.xpected during the next twelve months. - Ypsilantian. Messrs. Chas. McCorkle, Uobert Barnes, Dan Quirk, Misses Fannie and Kittie McCorkle, Mollie Richards, Sara Stewart, Eveline Morford and Mrs. Yerkes left this weck for camp at Clark's Lake, Iirooklyn. The gentlemen left Monday morning and set up the tents preparatory for the ladies who arrived the following day. They take seven tents with them. Three for parlor and sleeping tents, two for storehouse, one'cooklngtent, and have one to spare. Dan Quirk has taken his lawn tennis which will add to the pleasures of camp life. Clark's lakc Is fortyllve miles from Ypsilanti. Hobert Barnes and Fannie McCorkle drove out there. This lake is a favorite resort for Jackson people, several visiting it cach year. It is a delightful place for bathing.- Ypsi. Commercial. Wethink thecommunity werc not more surprised than wcre the congregation in attendance at the Congregational church, last Sunday morninx when their pastor, ltev. Mr. Bailey, tendered his resignation. Having won the hearts of all during his brief sojourn with us, and just entering upon his second year, at the earncst wish of his people- what could it mean? Briefly, we would explaln that our brother, in hls eager desire to be at work for the Muster, had not waited for as thorough a course of study as now, with the cares and responslbilities of a church upon him, he feels heneeds; and it has been with hlm a growing desire of late to return to this, that hc may be fitted forgreatcr usefulness. Just now a way secms to open for its accomplishment, and he could not, and must notdelny; therefore the resignation. An enthuslastic meeting of hls church and society was held last evenlng to veto this decisión of their pastor. The unanimous spirit of the meeting was, " we cannot let thee go," and before iU close they gratefully received hls promise to lorego this oherlshed plan, for the presenOvithdraw hls resignation, and remaiu tlll the close of his year, whon, ''the Lord willlng," he will enter upon a throe years cpursc at Oberlln, Ohlo.- Dexter Leader. Mr. aiulMrs. Richard Green of Manffisáz asas bythe peopleall over the co,f„try that bear the stamp of having been on the steatner recently lost on the Atlantic It would seem the steamer had ! a veVl mail aboard. By the way, the Obsrver has received a paper from London, bat lï Observe" ' 8tami n -" There were only 14 boys making a raid on Sheldon-s pear tree oue night last week, two of the lads were upon the fènee am were just about to jrrasp some of the fruit whe.. bang ! went Sheldon's revolver am the boys dropped from that fence, not wBv U'S! W'y scared t0' a" 1 e way that 14 heeled it up the road was a eau ion only yon could notsce tbeirheels for the dust they raised. Doe is bound to gatbcr tliose pears hluiself, if possible, and has h 8 revo ver ready with a Strin ti.M Manchester Enterprise. The terrible death oiMrs. Iüchmond at Battle Creek, should be a wanilnjj to all who are usinjr jfasollne. While there was not the flrst thing about the stove or tho gasohne wliich can be said to be responsiblc for tho sad affalr it has a warninir. Never under any circumstances leave a dish wlth oil exposed ; for it will cvapoate and prove dangerous. In a closo vessel it is pcrfcctly harmlcss.but mixed with ficertaln portion of air it is Inflamable and even explosivo. If properly used it is not more danerous thau wood or coal Iheoil better be stored outside of the


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