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Republican State Contention

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A Republlcan State Convention, to nomínate candidatos for SUite Offlcers, and for the transacllon of otlier business, will be beid at Powers' Opera House, in the city of Qraud Raplds, commenelng at 3 o'clock, p. m., on Wednesday, the 2."th day of August. 1886. In accordanoe wlth a resolution adopted at Grand KapHlH, May luth, ltittó, every couuty wlll be entltled to one delégate for each 501) ol the total vote cast for Uovernor, at the last Slate electlon (in 884), and one addltional del egate for every fractlon ot 300 votes, but eaoh organlzed county wlll be entltled to at least oue delégate, lindera resolution of 1858, do delégate will be entltled to a seat who doos not reside In the county ho propooes to represent. In aoeordance wlth a resolution adopted at a meeting oi the State Conventlou at Detroit, June Ï8, 1880, the secretary of each couniy convontion Is requested to forward to the secretary of the State Central Oommtttee, by the earliest mall.after the delegates to the Slate Convention are chosen, a certlfled list of such delegates as are entitled to alt


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