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A Bicycle Tour In Acadia

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Up in New Brunswick buckwneat is a staple erop, so that the natives revel in pancakes the year round. They know how to niake tliem there and with galm on, for which the St. Jolin river is uoted many a royal ineal was put under cove by the cyclists with ravenous appetltes. A curlous eustom they have is to cele brate the 4th of July with great enthu siasm. It seems singular to see a loya province of England celébrate the suc cessful revolt of auother colony. Ye they do it, and I am contident the msjoi ity would not feel badly f they couli become one of the States of the Union Many of the people on the Upper St John liad never seen a bieyele and the] woultl crowd arouud us to enquire how much they coat; how far one could go il a day on one; why it did not tip ove sideways and if it were not harder thai walking. These and many similar ques tions tliey rired at ua all along the roud. Their liouses in the country are not on an average as good as one sees in this coun ty. They usually build long extensión reacliing back to their barns, so tha in the winter time when the snows ar hcay they can go to theni uuder cover Uut they excel us in road ïuaking, as in tliis country t would bo a difficul matter to tind one hundred and fifi} miles of roads in a straight course so uni formly good. They are solid micadam which rains do not atleet. At Fredericton, the capital of the Province a Sunday was passed. Fiv miles from there is a thriviug town al owned by a Mr. Gibson who has a mil lion-dollar cotlon mili, saw-niills, stores lamber camps, a railroad aud hundred of acres of pine land. Ile erected fo his peoüle a $00,000 church of ble beauty in decorations, stained-glass Windows, wood-tfarvings, etc., which he gaye to the Methodists. Not far from the Parliament buildings ia the Univer Bity of New Brunswick. It would com pare favorably with Albion College o ülivet in this state. As they are abou to introduce co-cducation, the professors asked me many questions about i operated in the U. of M.; wliether it wi not dangerous, and whether the girls could stand hard study without breaking down. They knew by reputation Profs. Fricze, Oluey and Winchell. In St. John we met with the most hos pitable treatment from the wheelmen o that enterprising city. They introducec us to their hnmes and entertained us with dinners and receptions. One especial ly will be remembered. That was;the clam chowder dinner given at the club-house, on the beach of the Bay of Fundy. It was a royal dinner, and when over we toasted the Queen, the President, the Beech Club, the St. John Bicycleclub and many other persons and things. In the evening, at a ball given in our honor the élite of the city assembled and made the wheelmen welcome. While in this city a few of us had the privilege of goiiig over the celebrated Falls which run both up and down. This is occasioned by the hijh tide running out, when it makes the surface of the water in the Bay lower than in the river. Then when the tide comes in it raises flfty feet and comes above the level of the river, falliiig over Into it. The boat we went through ujion made the passage just when It was uearest level but the water weDt through a narrow gorge with great swiftness, makinx nece.-sary a very careful handling of the boat.


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