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Aun Arlior l'ost Office. Aan Arbor Time. Office Hours : General 7:30 a. m to 8:00 p. m 8undy 9:00 to 10:00 . m. n ui i nove. Mails Close - uoi.vcl kart. Lockpouchto Detroit 6:15. m. Detroit 4 Urand Rápida K. P. 0 10:30 a. m. Detroit 4 Chicago R. V. 0 5:16 p. m. " " K. P. 0 8.00 p.m. GOIMO WKST. Detroit, Jackson 4 Nlleê 8:1.5 a. m. Detroit Chicago R. P.O._ 10:30 a. m. Detroit A UrandUapids 5-15 p m. Detroit 4 Chicago K. P. O 8:00 p. m. QOINO HOBTH. South Lyon 4 Toledo R. P. 0 9:40 a. m. oomo south. LockPouch to Toledo 7:15 a. m. South Lyon 4 Toledo R. P. O....__ 8:00 p. m. MAILS DI8TKIBUTKD (Bastara.) Detroit 4 Chicago R. P. 0 7:45 a. m. Detroit malí !):U a. m. Detroit 4 Chicago K. P. 0 11.30 a. m. Detroit 4 Grand Rapid 6:45 p. ín. (Wee tem.) Detroit 4 Chicago R. P. 0 7:45 a. m. Detroit 4 (írand Rapide ll::0a. m. Detroit 4 Chicago R. P. 0 6:r p. m. (Northern South Lyon 4 Toledo R.P.O...._ S:30 p. m. (Southern.) South Lyon 4 Toledo R. P. O._ 10:45 a. m. Lock pouch frum Toledo :45 p. m. Ann Arbor 4 Whitmore Lake malí closei :30 a. ni., and Ís dlstribnted 8:4 p. m. KDWARD D0FFY, P. M. Dated. January, 1S86. Oscar O. Sorg's new tclcphone number is 12G. Rev. Dr. Ailams will occupy the pulpit of tbe M. E. church next Sabbath. Ilev. Dr. Steele preached In the Westïuinstor Presbyterian church, Detroit, last Sunday. Sveral of our Ana Arbor sporting men took in the Ypsilanti races last week, and enjoyed them very inuoli. At the recent meeting of the Catholic Mutual Benefit Assoclation, Morgan J. O'ürlen of thia city was elected Grand Sentinel. Probably the streets oi Ann Arbor never presented such a gala appearauce as they h.ive thia week. Everybody appears to be celebrating. Edward Kearney, who claims to be from Texas, was arrested Sunday last for breaking into a car at Chelsea, and has been bound over for trial. The county pioneer society will meet in Saline Sept. lt, iustead of at J. W. Wing's in Scio, the chance being necessary becuuse of Mr. Wing's serlous 1 1 1- ness. The nominee for Congress, by all considerations ought to come from Washtenaw. The republicans of this district cannot do better than to nomínate aud elect stalwart Capt. Allen. The war witli Mexico havlng died out, Company A are now paying their entire attention to their excursión, which takes place on the 2öth. Good time to go and have soms sport. About 500 people attended the excursión riveu by the Sunday Schools last ' Saturday. They a glorious time and what is still more wonderful returned home at 8o'clock p. m., on time. A tine new stone walk is being laid by Sed. James In front of the premises of Wm. C. Stevens, Mrs. Nichols, H. W. 1 Haye?, H. Cornwell, and Mrs. M.irgaret ' Bower, on the east siue of N. IngalU st. Frank Minnis of this city, has been engaged as leader of the orchestra at the f Ypsilanti opera house the coming year. Frank is a good rausician and will give c the people of that city sonie excellent music. Welch Post, G. A. lt., of this city, wlll attend in a body the southeastem soldiers' and sallors' reunión, on August 3Ut, contlnulng three days. The boys never fail in having a good time at these reun ons. The latest candidate for county clerk on the democratie ticket is Chas. A. Downer, of Dixboro. The Deniocrat is authority for the statement that Frank P. Bogardus of Ypsilanti has withdrawa from the contest. E. G. Embler, a prominent young attorney of Howell, wlio graduated from the university i 1S83, and rho i well known here, died Monday morninr last, aged 29 years, of typhoid pneumonía. He was a favorito wherever known. The democrat8 are gettlng badly scared over the inroads the prohibitlonists are making in their ranks. That thlrd party has pulled in all the republicana it could and is now pulling in democrats. That's right, boy?, missionary work is needed in that direction. A. H. Roys' father in the early days of Ann Arbor was offered the entire block where the post-offlee now stands in trade for a wagon. He said he would trade for 125.00 to boot. The owner wanted to do it luit he did not have the $25.00, so the trade feil through. The Detroit Bicycle Club has sent out invitations to the whelmen of this city to attend the bicycle races in that city on Saturdny August 21, to be held at "Bicycle Park," on E. Alexandrine avenue, reached by Woodward aveiiue street cars. Chicago-Detroit ball game In the afternoon. Rev. Dr. Hyder delivered the Union discourse at the M. E. Church last Sunday night. His subject : " Cbrlstlan Hospitality,' was handled n a very instructive marnier, glving some tiraely hints as to the proper relations of " town and gown," and how happy results miglit be produced if a more chrlstian hospitallty should be practiced. The business of II. Randall on East Hurón st. lias so liereneed that he has been obliged to rent the large store adjoining him on the west. An archway will be cut tlirough and the two stores run as one. Mr. B. says he is bound to open up one of tlie lincst art stores in the state of Michigan. Several new feutures will be added to the establishment, and he will open the new place the flrst of November. Mrs. Lucy J. Ellinwood, of Detroit, who is visiting Mrs. Mary E. Clark of this city, exhibited at the lirst Livingston county fair at Brljfhton, a shirt she liad made for lier huiband which took the flrst premium. The shirt was made by hand and It took juot 11,787 stitches by actual count to complete it. Wlth the Bewinf? machines of to-day how different is woman's work. What would take days to do then only takes hours now. Wheat at the county farm yicldcd 710 bushels off of 26 acres. N. Ingalls strcet still has a rlilge over the newly laid gas pipes running its entire lcngth. Rev. Dr. Adams preaclied nu excellent discoursc in the M. E. chnrch last Sunday a. m, Rev. Dr. Haskcll will preach at the Presbyterian cliurch next Sundny evening, at the unlon services. Ann Arbor Democrat: "Capt. Allen will go to Adrián with a soüd delegation from thia county. Btilly for the Captain.1' Many of the faithful liave gonc to Grand Uapids to attent! the democratie state couvention whicli is beinj held to-day. A special dispatoh from Adrián thls noon, announces that Capt. E. P. Allen will undoubtedly be nominated on the first ballot. The Saengerfest has been the all-absorbing theme thia week, and ita great success has been a subject of congratulatlon by our cltlzens generally. A. D. Covert shot a white crane at Fraine's lake, a day or two slnce, which he will raount and prepare for exhibition. It h said to be a fine specimen of a rare bird. Cards are out announcingthe marriage of Albert O. Schumacher and Miss Clara Andreas, both of thls city, at the realdence of the bride's parentg on Thursday, Aug. 26th. Aearly all of the delegates to the republican congreasional convention to be held in Adrián to-inorrow, left to-day for tliat place, and the prellminaries are being arranged by J. E. Beal, who ia the chainnan of tho Washtenaw county delefprtlon. The Washtenaw Post was issued this niorning, containing a full and complete description of the Saengerfest. All the speeches In full, and a thorouifb. description of the concerts. The enterprise of Mr. Liesemer is certainly commendable, and he ihould have a great sale of the issue. Rev. Henry Gelstone. recently from Florida, says a more severe winter than the last has not been experienced In flfty years, and yet no such damage was done the orunge groves as the northern papers tried to make out. Ilis young grove was actually beneflted by the cold, as it exterminated tlie scule bug, which has been a great pest in inj uring the lea ves of the trees. The carpet bug, an insect iniproperly callcd a moth, aa it belongs to the coleóptera, or beetle family, Is a native of Europe, and is about an eighth of an inch long, black, with white and red marks. It is particularly destructive to carpeta, working in tlie cracks of the floor, it tliere are any, and often cutting strips tho whole length of the carpet. The best remedy, as far as known, is one which bas often been recotnmended for the better known carpet moth. It is to wet a towel, fold it in strips, lay it over the cdge of the carpet on the floor and presa it thoroughly with hot flat-irons. The steam generated destroys the insects every time, and although it is a tlresome and laborious process, it is sure. Then, when the carpet is taken up, fill the crevices and cracks with putty.- Manchester Enterprise.


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