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Isn't It A Pity?

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That we can't have more rain ? That a íislmrman never tells a lie? ïliat the M. C. R. B. is attempting to pliiy sharp In fulfllling its part of the bridge contract? That our streets cannot be paved ? That trampa cannot be put on the chaln gang here in Ann Arbor? That no public park is to be founü in our beautiful city? That our." business boom" all shrlveled up wlth the drought ? That the gas company has a right (?) to impose npon our citizens by dlgglng up our streets and leavlng them in such bad shape ? Tliat our sidc walks are in such an excellent) condilion ? That we can not induce our capltalists to in vest their money at home? That somo of our young girls and boyi are not at home earlier nights ? That there are parenis who think when they have supplied their chlldren with food and clothes, that their responsibllity is ended ? That our " town clock " is not run by standard time ? Thai we all could not attend the excurslons and cnjoy the fun? That tte unlveftity buildings could not be built In au artistlc nimmer go as to avoid comment by the mauy archltectural(?) newspaper critica who visit the city ?


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