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2ÉÈL SPECIAL [ ({Jj) i fLAVORlND L O- -ïcV i i NATURAL FRUIT MOST PERFECT MADE Preparcd with Btrict regard to Purlty, Strength, ttat Hcalllifulness. Dr. Prtce's Baking Powder containa no Ammonia, Llmoor Alum. Dr. Prtce's Extracta VanlUa, Lcmoo, Orangu, etc., flavor delictously. eniCL BAKINQ POWDER CO.. Chicago and St LouU. MMUNITYfromANNOYANCE g- He -JP Jf Y} I tf V, Pat. 0ot.30th, 1883. f 17 linio 011I v of Hip flnoNt mul hrvlqnBlit.V ofUlosM Tor witbstandiiiK bent. Evory good thlng is Oounterfeited, and consumera are CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS oí these Chimneys made of VERY POOR QL ASS. See that the exact label is on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top is alvrays clear and bright G-lass. nriuiiiiii't 11 ri'ti om, v iy GEO. A. MACBETH & CO. PltlNbursli I.cml Ul.tHS Works. FOR SALE BY DEALERa i i I'KIVKRSAL Ha"í'' m vp'""i wSa n BATH H "_ freil "' M'""1 fc" WMMl S: Rttvil. OM Bilkl Bmi.rf. ?L s.nJ for nr-m E. J. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mich A COMPr.ETK ARRAENQMENT FOK Fhjsiciin ü Families. NeatefudiCheiper AND MORK GO3sr-v-EisriEisrT THAN A STATION A KY BATH TUB, WITI1 NO EXPENSE OF BATH BOOM AND FIXTUUES. ANN ARBOR 8HALL FRUIT FARM! Strawbernes, Oooscberrics, HaspIxTries, Cnirants aiul Qrapet, vcry clie.ip. Remerober tiiese plitntt are flrong io ünmlüil. Kusplicnv Byrnp, $0.00 per gal. Bupberr; BUrnb, 3.60 per gn. GrfDiilne Qnpe wlne frura fi.(M) to $1.3ö per gal. "linpiiivcd PI yim u: li Bocki pi r -.itiiijr $1.00. Extra Clínico Plytnniitl) RockR per sittífOC, '2.00. Airints of Ellrnnj(or & r?:irry, o Kiiclirstir, New York, for all kinds o Nur-rry Mock. E. BAUR.W. HuronSt. im ir ABNER MOORE'S T0NS0RIAL PAEL0R, HTTZROÏsT STÜEET, Next door to the Farmer's and Meclmnic's Bank. IIAIli CUTTING, SIIAVINO, SIIAMl'OONING AND DYEING. The best of Workraen mul HntlBfactlon Uunranteed. rt TJT T XJ FL E!. . KliAN'K IMPERIAL TBOM. f JSjiirnl Spring, gindod from 1 to ö - WORN DAY AD JIIGHT, mmB )y hu lnfant a weck oíd. oran CT inlult sü years. S '? Lililíes Trussos a pprfictlun. fesjyLag-3 Endose stamps for testimonial & of cures, etc. EOAN IMl'EKIAL TRUR3 CO.. Ann Abbok, Mich. MACKINAC. The Molt DeUihtful SUMIVIER TOUR Plo gtmr. iaw Bat. Tour Trlpi per Week Between DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Ivsry Week Dy Between DETROIT AND CLEVEUND Wrlte for our ''Picturesque Mackinac," Illustrated. Uontunn Fall Pc.rtmuldm. Malled Pro. Detroit A Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. . D. VL'MITCOMB OlN PASS. AQT. DETROIT, MICH. 1295 .¦ JWfl-S O. lili IK'A 0 Wn ÜREAT HISTORÏ S ïnt'lls all othi-r boi)kn. non. ¦H Jh J. s. wisoof Va., nays: ' Whoewr UfíBG ía. i u;i n mullir whelher he nt ï.' V ! Mr. Ilttuur't friend ur ememy, WB& M W'iW TwrtT nwi ÍÍ doun urfrif ! WrVNM Hv O. Tlifiniiim, Ntiyfl: ".-1 t'tijuiiti AH JJ " niurjw}ri'iikto(ory." -A. Sía -.y nts uaiih'U on - .miijln¦1 HML .sioli r Kiiliirv. Adiiri-s, A. ., BMtm ¦HSm i rpW!11 CJutal,,,,. III,,,, llllU inibll Kowell A COS Kewpapcr Alv-Hlstng Bnreou (10 Spruoo Street),wheriMUlvcr. fi If Oni ti-iiiKrontrurtHiimy Hblll V IIMI be mado tbr it Ui Uk fff I UI1ls


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