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Hülmy odorg from Splce Inlnnds, Wafled hv the troplc breeze ; SOZODONT in healthful friiKrance Cannot be Hurpussed ty tht-s.-. Teeth lt whltenx. purlfles; You wlll ue 11 1Í you're wlse. One Grcat Mcrit of tuat Beautlfier of the teeth, SOZODONT, isthat t8 effect iipon the mouth is refreshing, while as a mean of cleanslog the teeth, and improving the tiirath, it btands alone. Thomas WilkiiiMin, of Adrián, has undoiibtedly the longest and heaviest beurd of any man n the country. He contémplate appearing, during tlie dramatic season, at some of tlie leadin; miueunM of the country, and Clinton Williams, who is nctin as hls booklng iijíciit. has already rect'ived many tlutterin offers for liis services next winter. Mr. Wilkinsou'g beurd isbutíi yekríotd, uncí nltliougli he is taller tlian Iho average man it tr.iilsou the nmnd. - I):ii!y Tiihune. Itch, Prairie Mangey and Scratche of every kind cured in tliirty minutes by WoodfortTs Sanitary Iioiivn. Use no other. 'l'hi.s never fails. Sold by U. J. Brown, driigfiist, Ann Arbor. 1288-i:t40 "IWMallrnn down, and Hood's Sarsaparilla provcd ju.-t the inedicint1 I nt'ed ed," rite hundreds of peoplf'. Takfl it now.


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