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lili NO FEE!! ) DsTAiiLisnEn íssi. ) Morrill UNTIIBETTER f DETROIT.MICH. ƒ Block. ' Z=ÍK The EcSnlar' Old-Establlshod jL_Oa PHYSICIAJÍ & SURGEON $ jWg la rtlll tmting with tho putert 5u8KILL AND 8UCCES8 YOUNGmem,middle-agedmen and alt persons who by theirown acts of Imprn dc-noeor Folly at any period of lifc have brought upon thcmselves, the evil cffeets followíng closely unon the heels M transgresión of the laws ot nature, should consult the celehrnted Pr.Ctarke at once. KememborlNervous dlseaaeiifwith or without dreams) or dcblllty and loss of nerv power treated sctcntificaüy by new mcthnds with never fniling succes. Mflt makes no difference ívluit you have taken or who has failedto cure you. STS'T'iie terrible polsons of Syphlli and all had blood andtkfn cliseanes, completvlV e radícate d without mercury. KmemUer that thisono horrible (line a so, íf ncglected or improperly ireatcd, curses the present and coming yenorations jq-A11 unnnttiral discharges cured prnmptly xviihout hintlrance to business. No experiment. JJoth sexes consult conülontlally. A(fe and experienco important. A written gunrnntee of cure givoa in every cate undertakon. flSnCTerers from any chronic disenso writa IliHtory and Symptouis of your case - plainly. Cuca solicitud which others have íailed to cure. TrT?"end two stamps fnr colebratcd workfl on h i oiiir, XonouH and Dllcat Diseascs. You have an exhaustivo Bymptomntology by which to study your offn caso Consultation, personally or by letter, free. Consult the oíd Doctor. Thousamis cured. Offices and parlora prívate. You see no one but the Doctor, lïcforc Confidtafl your caso consult DK. CLAUKK, A friendly 'letter or cali may save future suffcrtng and shamo and add golden years to Ufe. Medicines sent everywherc secure from ex pos uro. llours, bto 3; ísundays, 9 to 11. Addrcs, F. D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DtTROlT. MIck NOW IS THE TIME TO USE JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA FOR LIVER GOMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, AND FOR PUR1FYING THE BLOOD. It has boen in uso forSB yoars and has proved to be the bost proparation Ín the Market for Sick Headache, Pain In the Sida or Back, Livor Complaint, Pimples on the Face, Dyspepsia, Piles, 'i all Siseases that arlso from a dfsonlered Urdr or impuro blood. Tbousands of our best poople take It and grlve it to thoir children. PhyBicians proscribe It dally. TI1090 who use it once reeoinmem! it to othors. It la mado frnun Yollow Dock, Honduras SarBai)arilIa,WildCherry,Stillintria,Dandelion, Sassaf ras.Wlnterprecn, and other well-known yaluablo RootB and Herbs. It Ís strictly Tegetable, and cannot hurt tho most dílícato constitution. It Is ono of tho bost medicines in ubo for retfulating tho Bowels. It is sold by all responsible drufrfflst at ono dollar for a quart bottlr. orsix for fl ve dollars. Sample boules 50 ct8. free on receipt of prico. W. JOHNSTON & CO.. Detroit, Mich. fW Whtn you have trieá all the Saraaprillat, aiid have been diêappointed, try Jtihrígton'8. C. H. MILLEN, 1NSURANC AGENT! No. i South Main SI., Aun Arbor. Thooldesl ftEPiicy 1" the clty. Kstabll8bei over ii ouarterol " oeptury ngi Kepreaenllna the followiiiB firsl-cliisH oornpanlw with over uo,ooo,ooo iipiini anti AMet. HOME INS. CO., of New York. i i INTINENTAI. INS. CO., of New Vork. MIAUAKA INS. CO., of New York. OIRAKD INS. ('O., ot Pliiladclrlilii. olUKNT INS. c:o.,ol llmlfcinl. ('i i.UMKUCIAl. l'NlclN. l I... tu Ion. I.IVKfíl'nol. Mi.VlKiN :iiirt OI.nllK. WAslllMil'iiN h'IKK iiikI UAUINK, oí lloslnn. Untci LOWB IIk' LoWriil, Uisrs Liborallr Adiiisiiil aml Mromntlf I'M. C II MJLLEN. IIÍlUí InSlt 'ni'ticy llmn ni 11: ythlngetM hv tule lf I V intj mi Ki'iiry lurth IwkI mU1i l"k II II n" B-lnnT d i-ewl itiMiidW. Nom' 11 ¦" Inil T.r ni-, fi .-. II41.1 irrr KciuK Oo„ l'orllnnd, M.iine TTT1T 1 Inr i:km - Scnii lili, uta I ll I II POtlfe, .Hlli W. Wlll III:. I Mili ITH I fl fl I riynt. :tii-ilU. inijv box ot (CUOdl I Ibiii ill put yin 11 wiiy ni mah hi{ inon. y Iti ;i l.-w iIöh Itinn you over l]ioui,ft't P'Hit)l' üt iiuv tuitiiirnc. Oapt 1 1! not ri'quiri'il. You can liv ni lionu' .md work In i rt' onlv, or :ü! th ¦ lime. Allol botta '¦xes, of all iijfi's, ijrunilly nfirctHwinli SdconM te $." Oilwily earlu'd ivoi.ÍMi.' Tiltil nll who w;llit wurk mT bu-im-nj, w nnke thto nnpnr.ill.i il oír: lo :ill wbo u:i' nal wi-ll H.itiIledwi; wili tend 1 to pny tor Ulo ni wiilini; U-. Ful] particulAra, direct ionn, -ti1.. WBl fu-e. Iiiiiih-iim' prty a solutely sure fti all whi atíirl it once, "ni 1 delay. Addruss Sti.nmon A ('o.. Portland, M:tinc. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. V k-eji cuiMtantly on h;(ïid, BREAD, CBACKEltS. CAKES, ETC., For Wliulwwlf nnil K.-t ill Tniío. ihall nUu kc.'i a Hiiiily of SWIFT & rfiüBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Hrllii Flonr, lije l'lour, l'm kuln :i l'lour, Corn llial, i'í-oíi. rcu., At WMilaitl and lictall. A iHiuai I stock oí GROCERIES ano PHOVlHIüNS Constantly on haixl, whirh will ht uña on nu reftHoiiiililc ti h hm at m otlii-r hon-M' Vn cit . Canh pad for BI1TTKK, Ki() , and ('nirNTli Y PRODIR'B Kciifrally (iwvix , d 10 ao) Píirt of the ciiy wii(i"iit t'xtrM charol-. R1NS1 V & SEAIKUI'. 71111711 s." ' -ij -,'¦'¦'¦' f"r ptL Mil I ƒ ll iti.d fri'i-, 1 conly hox r n 1 ¦ r "' ¦ " ¦"'' wh ¦''¦¦ wi" '"''i' mi" 1 J.IAIJJJ1'1' iioremnncjrighiawdytluia diiyihlJiL' vi íd lili world. All, of elther tal, nco-rd from flrt hour. The broiid road to Ibrtaita dpoiis baorc the worken, ai'solntcly sure. At once mlilress. Tuue & C'o., Aansta, Malnc. MADAME MORA'S CORSETS. rTffijIW 11 .! 1 i I' Hl ií.NO. riLTS Ws vluuiií üij Umi giro betti-r IiSWtÜ1"""1"'1111" thun Bny curar! TJBKyáCTtli.-y fv.T 8.-1,1. lr,í?nmlor iK J T r"c'""1"l'"'i tl.-in . rtliclrftnn #T J cliiiiH-. 1 unit, it lircuk ovar Y¦ Scjr Wp. An l.-i-liviiljuly lilí.-. hy í %f TOriï" niid "ALIMNE" ƒ . X) lll'-llii-rMIM 1 üIlIU.'K. It-t' which ci-vi rs tti- ojHii ipac - ¦BHfcr"TlfiA _Kiiiiii-itcfttii-vlni'. !í-. V TIio"I.V líKlSK" " -i"l r,' ti'.i tlu' 11 -i-nUii j;km.lfc jW Ollt. WITIIcfT Ot lTIHtl OR ¦fc_ -¦¦ idi-i ryu. ( .- ludirá, f-r S ¦¦& 8i:m. n„,-, ii.iv,. tim TS& VfV "¦' l'ri'tiil Ki.i.Ii ur,-.l Í7 ef IíimmI. Dewmw of lmltattanf M I vWHllInl t .. L ,..]-. 1 :¦ . 1 .1 ll ¦. , ' nHnirnh ty n!l I. ¦ml:r d, id W M ,1'?J íiiuiufuciurud y Madame Mon's Contour. i.. RIJ M - a C . Madamo Mora's La Reine. Blrmineft yn, ' 'onn Ka.tamoMora'sAldln. S. C. FlUpatrili .'. adamo Mora's Comfort llip. VI PENNYROYAL WAFERS. tPrescrlptlon Of o physician who lias liad a Ufe loan t-xperience iu tivatiiijr fi-male diseases. le used mouthly with jeríeot success hy over 10,000 ladu-s. Ploasant, safe, effectual. Ladics osk yourdrugplst for Ponnyroyol Wafvra aud tiike no substituto, or fnclose postace for Bealtnl particular. Sold by aildruetrlsta, lljiorlxix. Addrt-ss TIIE EUKEKA CUIESUCAL Cü.. Umnorr. Mica. Soul lu Aun Ai t)nr, .Mich., by Kberlmcli & Son. l.iiis IMS wri a?D A DU VLaain und -rn rtLtUKArn Tioudpaor. Bltoatloni I fuiui&iu-d. Wrtlfl Valentina ltrw., jmu.-'viiio, Wta.


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