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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thta powdernever vnries. A marvel of purlty, f trentftn and wholesomeness. More eoo uomlcsl lliuii the ordlimry kinds, mui oanDol be sold In coinpetitlon willi tb e multltude of low test, Blinrl welgbt, aluin or pliosphate powdera. Snldonly lnoana. Itnral Kakln" I'oHiler .. 1OO Wall si.. N. V. FFom 115 Lbs. lo 161 LUs. Co tho Ciilicuru Keim'dles I One My Health, My Happluess, and Mj Ufe. A day nevé r MMM !hat I do nil think and sp ak kindly ( f the Cutlcura Hematíes. Seveu years agol all of a doen lump; (ormt'tl on iny nck nmtfloft in ria trom charrj niun.' to u oraoge. n ¦ iui's weru frii;liirul tci look nt, and paintul I" baal ; peoplfl tiiiuid vhen tlu-y sa- dm, in dl-gust, und 1 wan aëhamed to heou tho alrt'et or lu society, l'hyficlans and thoir trcutinent ;ind all medicines l'uik-d to do any good. loa moment of despair , triad the CUriClBA BKMBDIBS- Cutirura, Ihe iroatukln cure, and Vaticura Soap, an i'xqaliiite kln lieautifler, exlornally, and Culicura lUsolveitt, thenew Blood PuriUur, iuternally J the small Inmps (as I cali them) gradually dlsapueared, and the laree ones broke, in aboat two weeks, dischargIdy larfje quantitles of matter, leaving two elight icure in my neck to-ay to teil the story of my sufferinff. My weiht then was one hnndrea and Uteen slckly pounds; It is now one huudred and Bixly-nne solld, healthy poundw, and my heiht in nnly tlvc feet flve inebce. In my travelu I praieed (.hu cutlcura Htmeütet, Nonh, Snuth. E isi and Weet. 'i'otuticura Remedie I owt My Health .1. Happineit and My ve. A prominent New I ork Dragglat asked ma tne other day, "Do you lill ute tbc Guticura Jiemeitien i you look to bu in perfeel bealth." My rcply was, "Ido, and hall ahvays. I nevir kimw what sickncsB is sincc I ooBUDeaead ulog tha ('uticura IlimedUs." Sometimat I um lanj;hüd at by praislu; them to peoplfl nol acquainted with ilicir nn-riti, but sooner or Uter they will couh' lo their KenscB aDd belleve tho same a thosc tlmt use them, as dozens have whom I öave told. Mny the time come when tlu're shall ha a lars;e Vuticura öupply House in every city in the world, iör the benefit of bumanity, wIutc the V'ituura Remedies ehall be sold only, ro that there will be rarely u need of ever entering a dnif; store. M. HUSBAND8. 210 Fulton St. New York, N. Y. Cuticuka Kkmediks are a posttive cure Tor every form of Skin and Blood Diseaee, from Pimples to Scroiula. Sold cvi'rywhere. Ct'Tu'UKA,5U UtB ; Olticuba Soap, ¦seis.; Cvtxoura iímolvnt,1.(W. Prcparud lij the Puttuí Uhuü anu Ohkmjcal Co.. Ijoaton. Seiid for"Hov to ('ure KI. In Dlseu-te." BfVfl'l'KS, Hlackheads, 8kln Blemlshea and Baby ti IIuraorK, ue Cutlcura Soap. Snoezing Gatarrh.The dintreaslng sneeze, sneeze. sueeze, the acrld wutery discharges from the oyes and nose, the painfu! lnflimmatlon extending to the throat, the welling of the mucoux llning, causinp choking ft'HHatioiif, cough, rinirinK noiges in the head and apllttiui; headachos- how familiar these syniptoms are to thousands who suffer periódica! from hcad colde or Inllucnza, and who live In lgnorance of the fact thata single applica'ion of Handkohd's Radical (Vhk fok Catarbh will afford instantaneous relief. Kut thls treatment in casee of simple Catarrh glves bin a falnt Idea of what this remedjr wlll do Inthechronic lornis, where the breathtng Is obstructed by chokln pntrid mncons accumulation. the hearing effectcd, sinell and taele RODe, thront oloor&ted aud hacklne: couph graduitlly fastenin iiuL'ir apon the debuhitea ByKtpm. Then it t Ihat the rrmrvelloiii curativa power of Sanord's Radioal Cure iii:inlfc!-tH llself in Instantaneous and Krutelul relief. Cure begins from theflrat applictition. It iü lapid. radical, permanent, cconomical, and nafe. SAIfDFOBB'l Kadicai. Ci'RE consista of one mttlaol tho RaDIOAIi t'ritK, hikI one bor of ' I liAItRAL SOI.VKNT, Blld One IM l'ltn Kil lMi.u.Kit; prlce, f 1.U0. roTTBU DBUO AKD CimBMICAL Co., BoStOIl . Jfe ACHIXG BACKS. a1 Weak Backs, Pain, Weakness and InspA llammatlon of the Kidney, ShootiiiK I % l'ains throuph the Loini, Hip and 8ido TPTrr Pains, Luck of Strength, and Activity {i-licviil In On Minute aml speedily ir.-.i i,y the ('utlriira Anti l'ain 1'lnnti-r. new, original, elegant and infalllhle antidote to sln and inllamation. AtdruirirlKtR SSc; flvc for l.OU: postale free, or ot Potter DruK and iK-iiiliiil o , ÜONton. SCÖTPS" EMULSIÓN OF PURE GOD LITO 0IL And Hypophosphïtes of Urne & Soda Almostas Palatableas Milk1. The only pr-paration of COD LITF.U OTU tha can be tiiken rcoüily aud tolerated fur a loog tune l delicate utomarht. AND AS A ÜKMEDY FOU CONSrHPTIO?f, SI I1DH 1,111 S Al -KM TH,S. AXAKMU, OKNKKAI. HHÜII-IIY, (OU. IIS AM) T1IKOAT AF. H(TIOS, umi uil WtSTIMi IHSOKDKltS )K rHII,IH!K II Ia iii arvcl Ioiih In ll ri'iill. Irwril'il aml i inlorwil )y tho boa PLyiiclan in tho coiuitneB of the world. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. The Best Potato Digger k THi: "MONAKCII" k. Sn'. siK.,1 rut 1 . ííuarfflL LiH'f l:l. Sprei, I TtHM _ kW__ UiiiMilai{t'iiln OTTICE ANIJ FACTliliy, MONARCH MFG. CO., Carpenlersville, III. HALE'S HONEY i the best Cough Cure, 26, 60c., L CLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP hc.ils and beautifiea, SSc GERMÁN CORN REMOVER kills Coras & Bunions, 25c. HILL'S HAIR & WH1SKER DYE- Iilack & Brown, 50c. PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minuic, 26c. DEAN'S RHEUMAT1C P1LLS are a ture cure, Mc SUBSCRIBÍ for the COURIER.


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