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A powerful and viviJ story of the cholera In Southern France is told nd IlltUtnted lo the September Harper's. The series of "Home Acre" eounsels from the pen of E. P. Roe continueB in the September Harper's witli rnvnble paper ou strawberry culture. Professor Richard T. Ely, the best of our coiiservatlve political economitfU, cxtends his "Social Studies" In the nexl Harper's by a thorough congidertitiou of the Keforni of' Railway Abuses. Harper's Magazine for September follows up its recent ''United States N'avv" artiele by a paper from the same writer, llear-admiral Simpson, on "United States Navy" article by i paper from the same writer, Rear-Admirnl Simpson.on "United States Docks and Yards." Tlie admiralclearlydemonstratesthesmnU facilities now possessed by the goverament in these important matters, aml discusses very judiciously the enlargement of dockage on the Atlantic coast. Me&srs. Cassell & Company, Limite.l, will publish in i few days a new novel by Mrs. J. II. Walworth, cntitled "The New Man at Rossmcre." Mis. Walworih's 'JBar Sinister" and "Without I'.lemish" Veré both received so kimlly by the press and public, tluit a new book from her pen is sure of success. lt is considered to be far in ad ranee of her former eft'orts, aiul donbtless will be one of tiie moet poiular novéis of thc season. Tiic Quiver for September opens wlth two particularly charmlng pictures. In solid anieles it gives "Working Men on the Suodny Question,'1 bearing tcstimony that many ot the class supposud to be beneflted object serioualy to tlie opening of museums md alleries on Suiulay, na article on Buddha as oDe of the "Falee Prophets in the Past." The seriáis still leave us In pleasant suspense, and Hiere are two short stories, onc with a scapeffráce son, and one with a troublesome daugbter, to be reformed throogh fuüering while another serial, "Mrs. Scott's Daufjliters," Im'jjíh.-. with proinise. A pleasaut article callud the Pleasures of I'.oyhood," is an ingenious compilation of wliat many poets have said on the subject, and an original man. "In the Golden Eve," by Uev. M. U. Wutking, has an especially good illuslratiou.- Casaell á Company, Limited, f 1.50 per y car.


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