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For Toilet Use. Ayor'3 Ilair Vigor keops tho liair soft and pliant, Imparta to it the lustro and freshness of youtli, canses it to grow luxuriantly, eradicatcs Dandruff, curM all icalp disoases, and is the most cleanly of all liair preparations. AVPR'C nair Vigor has given mo nlL" perfect satisfaction. Iwaa irlybald tor six years, during which tilín? l nsrcl uiaiiy liair prepararon, lmt without sncoess. Indeed, wfcat littlo liair I had, was growing thinner, until I tried Ayer's Hair Vigor. I osea two bottles of tho Vigor, and mv head is now woll covered with a new growth of liair. - Judsun B. Chajpol, ruaboilj-, Mass. HA IR tIiat naB lx'('om" weak, cray, ¦ inni ami faded, may have new Ura and to ft by tlio uso oí Ayer's Hair Vigor. My liair was tliin, fadcd, and dry. and feil out in bugs quantities. Ayer'a liair Vigoi stopped tho hlllng, and restored mv haii to it-i original color. As a dressing for tlio tuur, tliis pteparation has no eqnal. - Mary N. Hammond, Stiüwater, Minn. VIRDR """' d beaatr, in tlie W lUUll, appearanpe of the hair, niay 1.' presen'ed [oran indefinita perlod ly the uso of Ayer's Hair Vigor. ¦¦ dlaease t the scalecaused iny hair to becomc liarsh and dry, and' to fall out i ily. Nothing I tried seemed to da any eood until I commenoed usiiif; Ayer'á Halr Vigor. Three bottles ut thia preparatlon restored iny hair to a healthy condition, and it is now soft and puantí My scalp i.s cured, and it it algo free f rom danoruff, - Jira. E. K. Foss, Milwaukee, Wis. Ayer's Hair Vigor, f-'uld by DnigglBt and Perfumera. Perfect safetv, jnompt action, and wonderíul curative properties, easily M'i's I'ills at thd of thf list of popular remedies for Sick and Nerv¦ . .11. andallailments originating in a disordered Livcr. I have bren a great sufferer from Headache, and Ayer's Caihartio l'ills aro the only that has ever giren m' relief. One dose of these 1'iHs will quickly move my bowels, and tree my head (rom pain. - Wiiliam L. l'age, Bíchmond, Va. Ayer's Pilis, Pnparad by Dr.J.C. Ayer Sí Co.,Lowull, Mu. Küld Ijy all Dealers iu ilidiciuc. FOR DYSPEPSIA, MENTAL AND PHYS1CAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENED ENERCY, INDIGESTIÓN, ETC., ETC. HorsÉrê ACID PHOSPHATE. A liquid preparatiou or the phaapb and pliosplioric acid. : Recommended by Hijslcianv It maltes a deliclous driuk. Invigoratlug aud strcngtln-uiiit;. 1'amph Iet free. FOK SALE BY ALL DEALEUS. Rumford Chemical Works, Proyldeuce, . . Khodc Isliuul. LBEVAUK ()F IMITATIOXs. A WONDEHFUL OCCÏÏKKENCE. (Detroit News) The Interest awakened in nn Important occurence nt Jackson caused a represontative of thls paper to visit that city. He reglsterod at the Hurd House and engaged Ilon. Frank L. Smlth, lts proprletor, and ex-meinber oí the State Legislatura In conversatlon. 1 Air. O. D. Deulo, a man very wcllknown In thls community, wa3 probably the worit wreek physidully of any man tils country has ever geen. lis was " Mr. 6mlth stopped suddenly, and going to the door called in a man who was puaslne. It wns Mr. Denlo, who suld : I tm whnt people cali 'resurrected.' From a sllght attack of rheumatlsm, growlng out of a coht, I grew worse untll my llmns yere swollen fearfully, aud my rtght slilo entirely puralyzcd. Any one "Lo has had rlieumatism knows what I snirered. The doctors were very faltbful, bot they did not help me. They admlnlstered mürphine cougtantly, but It could rjjOt klü the pnln. Indeed, dnring my ravinirs I declared I would shoot the doctors lf I ever recovered, whicb, of course, I was not responslble lor. I looked pnd longed for death. Butyetyou see me in perfect honltli. Do you wnnt to know what Is was that saved my life, vlrtnally yalsed me from the gravo af ter the doctora and my frlends liad abandoned me, and keeps me weü all the whilef llibliard's Itheumptlo Pyrup, the best medicine ever giren to auffering humanity." Newspnper men are naturally skeptical, and so the wnter called on tho vrell known house of Cnrroll & Boardman for whom Mr. Denlo worked when he was ilrst taken lick. Mr. C'arroll sald: "Mr. Denlo was one of the slckest men that ever recovercd. He was paralyzed from rheumatic poison, imd no one ever dreamed he would et well. Hoiswell though, nnd It h llmpiy marvelous." "Dr. Charles II. Luwls, residlng at 309 niackïtone street. atteodcd Mr. üonlo during hls stik u Mr. Denlohad been a very slck man, had gone beyond the reach of the medical profosslon, and had been cured, na he declared, by tho us of Hlbbard' Kheumatlo Syrup. The above íhcIh are trucniid they canbo relied upou by all reader, We have lnyestlgated the eutlrc cune thoronghly aud know It to be so. It is a losnon to all sufferers and should be carefully rememWred and acted uuon.


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