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Outlived Their Usefulness

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The "Silver grays" that Ross Don talked so sweetly about will look in vaiu for a representativo upon thcir state ticket of the democratie party. Tliey fought the battles of the party In its days of sorrow and defeat, when the dark clouds of oblivion almost enveloped the organization in their folds; but that was iheir mission ; that was honor enough for them ; they must expect no more ; a new generation lias arisen who will reap ths reward of their hard labois tor the party in the past. There is no use for the 'Silver gray" now, except to vote, "II is vote will be all right, of course," reasons the astute Don, "for 'you can't learn old dogs new tricks,' and you can't get an old time democrat to cut bis ticket, no matter how mueh he may be snubbed or abused.'' Aside from the absence of "Silver graf democrats upon the ticket, there is an utter and complete absence of "Silvcr gray" principies in the platform. Not ft line of old time democracy will be found there. Solid flnances are abandoned, solid currency Is abandoned, the silver king is praised and patted, the greenback heresies are embraced, and tlie entire fabric is changed. Verily, lt is a strange house the "Silver gray8" have got into.


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