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An Eye For An Eye

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The trial of the eight anarchiste at Chicago, wliich had been drawing its slow length along lor scveral weeks, culminated last Frlday mornlng In a verdict of gullty of morder aguinst Spies, Parsons, Llngg, Fielden, Schwab, Fischer and Engel, and they wlll all be liung, as that is the penalty for murdcr in Illinois. Neebe was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to 15 years in the penitentiary. It is a pity Herr Most could not have been indicted with the lot, for it has been through his teachings that these poor wretchqs must lose their lives. We are not an advocate of capital punlshment, but this outcome can not be deprecatcd to aey great extent. The murder of eight policemen in the Hayin.irket Square, Chicago, by means of a dynamite bomb proven to have been thrown by Spies, and the wounding of some 15 or 20 more people, was a horrible thing for free America, and the men who will do such tliiugs or countenance thcm should be made to suffer the severcst penalty of the law. It is to be hoped that the execution of these crimináis will forever crush out anarchisin in America. It is out of place in this country, whcre every man can cliinb up the ladder of wealth, or fame, or social dlstinction, :is liis abilities or inclinations may permit or urge him forward. There wlll be few people iu the world to term t other than a just judgment.


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