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An unliappy aggregation. It wlll never pay expenses: Tliat mixed ticket. The Center, a 8 J party paper, is holding out its paddies for boodle, llon't you see them Don ? Uncle Joslah Begoie isagnln " ln-the-hnds of-bls-frlends."- HarborUprlngs Republicau. Well, Biuce the convention he appears to remain in the same situation. The greenbackers and their aillos have put up a boy, they claim. In aftairs of state it requires a man. And a tjood man too, such a man as the repablteang will place before the people of' the state tday for their suffrages. Polltlcal conventlons may wrangle.and polltlolans muy Hinirl. but for all wool harmouy and A 1 rauslc t great Saengerfust at Aun Arbor Is the model to follow. That's the k lnd ofcouventlon that overybody pralses. When shall we have one In Lauslng?- State Itepubllcan. In the language of the old song : " Never, no, never." Don Dickinson replies to tho statement of the Evening News that "the democratie managers have done all in their power to loso the state," with a subscription of $2,500! "Money talks," says Don. Boodie, boodle, boodle is the cry. "We are going to buy up the state." The Lansiug Repablksan is right in its assertion that Johnie Enright never would have thrown the chairnianship of the state committee overboard had he any idea that the campaign would have been successful. He is laying in walt for Klory, and never Iets an occasion slip to grab for it. The relationship existing between Henry Irving, the English actor, and Ellen Terry, his female eompanion, Is a stench in the nostrils of decent people. Instead of being feaated and toasled they ought to be shunned by every lover of pure homes and decent moráis. Their ability should not outweigh their inorality. Those who entertain them are snobs of the rankest sort. The "Fighting Fifth" is a just title to a noble regiment which faced 51 engagements from August 28, 1861 to July 5th 1865. Their lirst bittle was at Willianisburg on May 5th, 1862, and rcsultcd in the killing or wounding of every third man; on May 30th in the struggle at Fair Oaks every other wan who went Into battle was either killed or wounded, and on July lst every fourth man suffered the same (ate in their thlrd engagement. Notwlthstanding such a dishcartening entrance upon their soldier life, the "Fighting Fifth" was found at the front until the last, about GO menibers who mustered in with tho regiment surviving to be mustered out with it. Over 200 of the original menibers enlisted from Livingston county. Livingston Republican. Jumes W. Duncan, of South Lyon, saya, that if any of the f'urmers of the state want any of the "Red Lion," or "Lancaster" wheat, he will furnish 1,200 bushcls for $1 per bushel. Just the same seed tliat the traveling sharks ask $15 per bushel for. The republlcan coiinty convention at Ann Arbor last Thursdny lnstructetl thelr ilelugatus to the congrosslonal conventlon to vote au a nnlt for Capt. Allen.- C'helnea HeriiM. The republican county convention did no 8uch thing. But the delegation did just that thing, and they will do it aguin at the polls, next November. The Herald better turn in and do the same thing ¦too, The invetérate wag has a new one. Approiichin": you very mthusiastically he will ask if you have seen any oí the new coins recently issued by the overnment, of which lt takes three to make a dollar? Upon your applying in the negative he will pull out two quarters and a half dollar - if he hus them - and show you. One of the rl.sing young colored men of this city is VVui. üthello Thomaa. It is to be regretted that Ypillanti has such un attractinn for Williaui that he keeps a recular room rentod at the Hawkiu's house - No. 41 - for the chances are that he may be induced to reside in ourneighborini; eastern suburb permanently, and VVilllam Othello Is too ;ood " mB to spare froin our tonsorlal parlors. The terrible fact is beinjj whigpered around In democratie clrcles that Wellington R. Burt has plugged up his barrel. He won't spend his money for Y-aples.


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