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Celebrated The best shoe yet for the Best American Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, all cut Hard wear in every pair. GOODSPEED & SONS 17 South Main street. FRANCIS L YORK, M.A., Wlll recelve during THE COMING SUMMER A Limited number of Puplls in Pil ANO, ORO AN -AND HARMONY, At greatly IR, ZEiZD TX C ZEIID IRLA. TES Apply by mail or at NO. 30 SOUTH INGALLS STREET C. E St. CLAIR & SONS MANUFACTÜIIERS OF School ffllCU FURNITUEE. OPERA HOUSE (11.1111$ AN'D AYIND-MILLS. Are now prepared to manufacture School aud i'liiirch Purulture, and Opera llouse Chatrs, Lawii Settees, Camp Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL Tho'beRt and slmplont and most rellablfl In use. Repairlug done on short uotlcc. Also dealers In PUMPS, CYLINDERS, PIPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO ORDER. LADDERS, PEACH BOXES, BEI! II V CRATES, In iact, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANN ARBOR, MICII. ff A T Tï fieMl " "", bot lhoe tw wrltr o I I Sunion A Co, Portland, Mulne.will recel lal I II freo, fnll Information bout work whlrh I I I I tliey can do, nd 11tI honi,thtwill py M J UU ihom Trom $5 o f25 per Atj. Homo bo roed over $50 lo a day. Elther bcx, yonnp or eld. CaplUl Dot requlred. You ar Itarted frc. Those wbo itart at ouct ie aUoiulcl luie uf iuuc Utlii fwtuucj, AU u ocw. PATENTS MTN'X A CO., of tho RriENTinr AMEmcAX. m. tonal u BoUolton f-r Pateati, Cktmu. Tralo ¦larks, C'opyrii.'hts, for tho United Btatas, Cunadii, Bnííland. Friincc, Ccrmnny, ofc. H:uu] Book abuut Patent sont frt'O. TbfltT-MTep ï' ars' experience. rati'nlHiililnliU'il thruUKhMUN.V A CO. arenoticod In the ariKNTipic amkhican, tho ]:i:i:i.r bost, and niüHt wtdüly ctrculuted wientffio paper. {3.20a year. Wekly. Hpleiultd cnBravinffa and lnternstlnK informution. hiHiclnion oopy of the Sclpntilir AmerIcnn int fro. Ailüroa MUNN & t'O., SciVMTiiria AUKiticAN ofllco. 2C1 Broadwar, New York. THE GBEAT TOLEDO FAIR. Til E Great Tri-State Kalr, at Toledo, oceurs September t to 11. Premiums and Purses amouut tof 20,000. In additlou to tlie eihl. bition of Live Stock, etc., there wlll be a dog show, the wonderful panorama, "Battle of Oettysburg ; " the marvellous horse "Prlnce Imperial" wltli a mano 10 feet long, and countless other attractlons, lucludlng the races. The rallroads carry passenger to the Fair at half rates. 12-11


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