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'cBEAM I raras ; zSéüè I ' SPECIAL (Jj) fLAVORlNg pqwdE raam8 L SZÍ& NATURAL FRUIT MOST PERFECT MADE Preparcd with Btrict regard to Pnrlty, Strength, an lli-althiulness. l)r. Pricc'uBakiiigPowdercontam no Ammonia, Lime or Aluni. l)r. Prico's Extracta Vanilla, Lctnon, Orange, etc., üavordeliciously. PRICE BAKINQ POWDER CO., Chicago and St. Louit. jMMUNITYt'romANNOYANCE Jy, il Pat. Ost. 3Oth, 1883. fule onlv of (lio íinout nml l.csí iinil. ity l' la . lr m UIinIuikIíiik heut. Evory good thing is Counterfeitad, and consumera aro CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS ol these Chimneys made of VERV POOR GL ASS. See that the exact label is on each chimney as above. The Poarl Top ia always cloar and brife-ht G-lass. ltlaiiiil:iliir'l OXIiT by GEO. A. MACBETH &C0. FOR SALE BY DEALERS. s FMViRSAL ikS. m -;'"- , C MidfaJt A lirlaiL Ol.i Bnthi Rcnewwl. ? L Sd ¦¦ CircuUr.. J. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mich kA COMPI.KTE ARUAKSiiMENT FOR Phjsician and Families. Neater and Ckper AND MORE CONVEITIEITT TH AN A STATIONAKY BATH TUB, WITH NO ÍXPKN8E OF BATH BOOM AND FIXTUI]. ANN ARBOR FRUIT ORCHAKD. lunms, nisB beauty Aml ttll V. I : i l .- of A ut ii in ii Pears. WHITE QRAPE8, CONCORD GUAPES, SALEM QRAPES RA8PBBRRY, SIIKUBS, and W1NE Piense cali af the orchard on WeM Hu ron stieet, or send your orilers lor Fruit kikI Fnni I'ki - ni y to EMILBAUR, - ANN ARBOR 198(1 tf ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, ÜTJKOaST STEEET, Xoxt door to Ihe Knnni-r's :unl Mcclianic's Bank. 11 1K CÜTT1NG, SIIAVINO, SIIAM POONINQ AND DYEINO. The b.-i .ii 'nk n and Batial Uuaranteed. rt tjftu n. ju. t.N's [HFBRIAL TRDS8, Bptral Spring, graded (rom i to i l'ouií'ts in preasDre. WOfiff I)AY AND NIGIIT, by .in ini.ini :i (reek oM, or an aaall 80 oms. i adl s Tni-n ;i perfeotlOD. Bnvloie ittkrape tor testimonial of onres, eto. EQAN [MPERIAL TRO88 en., Ann Arkok, Mini. MACKINAC. The Mott Salightfal SUMMER TOUR PAlaoa Steamen. Low RatM. Jour Tripg per Week Eetwen DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Every Wtok Dy Betwsan DETROIT AND CLEVELAND WHte for oup ?lcturesf]i;e Mackinac." lílusfraícd. Cuntninc Pl'. Pr.rlieulara. Uailod Free. DWroit & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. U. U IAi'HITCOMB Gin f' ACT. PETROIT. M!CH UK T Outsollg all nthrr bonk, non. HHy k J. S. Wiscof 'a.,.;is: " iVhitcvrr ¦IÍ0fi ttiki'A it ni,iu iwitti r vu Uu r lic ¦b. w (' Mr. Hlainc'8 frirnd or en rui, flUHla - ' Tliuniiim, 8ays: ".t rlusguj bCK il A: '-'' i lntnr]J." _A iftaiv. Iri-nt' anti-d mi i iJHHB slun or witary. s, VmBlPV (Whi.i ,,,', ol,,., THIS PAPER s? SSs InlV I fflkll iiowell A Co'8 Kewapupor AiIvimíIhíiir Bureau (10 Spruca PI lfAffll# tlsingrimtniotsmay MWlM VIIKK


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