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lt teemt that in CMtaln far-awny territorios cal leil New Mexico tod ArlBoun, there are great tracts of desolate desert lamls ulure th very billa wem duslitute of lile and beauty, uu! wliere tlie oartb is shriveled (rom centurlen of terrible het And iu these desert tractt growsa curkxu misshapen, groteaque, and Iwteted plant that seems. more like a olilln tree tlian :i real on e. Of all the Ireíl lo the worlil, you would imagine tliis to bc the most oiilcust and vvorlhles - so menger a living does it obtaln from the waste of sand and gravel In which it grows. And vet tliis gnblfn live is now being soufiht alter (lid utili.ed in one of the world's grea'et industries - mii Industry that aifeCU the daily ueeils of lviliation. Tliose wise fnlks, tbo botanlit, cftll onr fioblin tree by Ita Wd Indiali uame ol the ' Vuceii " alm. This plant of the desei t lor i long time was uonétilered valueleiss, Bnt not loog Ut it WHt ilisc.ivered llüit the rilier of tlie xuoea oould he made luto BU excellent paper. And one of i he jjreiil ICnlish dailius, the Lonilon Telégraph, isprlntid upon piiper made trom this goblla tree. Indeed, the Telegrapil bas purchased a large plantation in Arioni. cs{ n sly f. r thü pnrpose of cultivnliinr tti is tree, and rnanufacturiag paper from it. So, you ser, Uie Vucea is now neuspuper plant.


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