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Sc! I 's Emulsión of Pure ol liiicr Oll, wlth II) poplioaphltm. Very PalatabU anl Incnate Flesh. Dr. F. II. Clement, Brigbton, lite., iay( "Scott'a Emulsión te the best. I hare eyei prescrlbed. li Is vcry palatable, eaaily anaimllated and give itrength and Seso to the palien!." A Siiiiill boy was iletcetecl by a stincy farmer In ono of his cherry trees. The farmer made the boy come down and talkril vcry seriously to him about the sinfulnesa of stealin. The boy anawered ndlgnantly: "Kow, yon juist count them nherrlefl over afraln and sec if thcro la une ol 'em missing beforeyoo lnalnnate thal I took i.'" Coiisiim [tiou Cured. Au old physiciiiii, retired froni practice, haring bad placed In bis baodi oy án Eat Iiidhi misslonary the formula oi a limDle vegetable remedy for thespeedy and permanenl cure of Oonromptlon, Bronchitia, ( 'ahirrh, Aslbmaand all thrual and Lung Alfeetlono, alsoa poai live and radlcnlcnre for (Tervoua Debility and all Nervom Oomplaints, after hsvlng testad its wonderful curatlve powera Ie Mvoiisanda pf bas feit ii li is iiuiv t" makë it knefwn in bissnfferlng fellows. Actanted bytbla motive and r desire to rellve human sufferlng, I uill seinl (Vee of cXiBTze, to all wIki iii-iiv it, t ti - recipe, In Germán, Kreneli or Kiiirlish, witli lult dlrectlonátor I ii]i n Ing and nsin. Sent liy mail liv ad' Ireoelng with stamp, namlns tliis paper, VV. A. 'Niiïks, 1 r.i l'mvrrs lilock, Rochesttr, N. Y. 127O-13J2.


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