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íhfMt fifi ft tn pffrmi, gtven away I 'I I I Send nsScen's posbiee.atd 01 I I by mail jou willgetr L U , U U U sUr'í ït work that will at onoe bring you in money fas ter than anythintí else in America. AH ahoat the 200,000 in present wlth eacb box. Agenta wanted t'verywhere, of either aei, of all agen, for all the time, or npare timo only, to work for u at thelr. ownhomes. Fortune tor all workeri abeolutely aK-ureíi. Dou't dulay. H. Hallktt & C, Portland. Maine. REAL ESI AJE INSÜRANef AGEN6Y, J. 0. A. SESSIONS. ATTOKXEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real Kstale golil or rented and renU colLectod uu reasonable terms. Nmi luit oíd and nrst-class Insurance Compaules represented- wlth Insurance cui1 tal uf $10,000,000. Hatea aa low as any ottier iQsnranoe compuny and losm-s promptly piild. OllUeover American Ezprens offlco, Main Htreel, Vuil Arlior. Mlch. IPTUTC WANTED íor scott'8 ril I Swnplefre. tó tho beMUklllV comlnit gent. No riik, qulck aalef I'erritory givn, satittíactioD ffuarautetd AddrMt DR.SCOTT.842 Broadvway St.,N.Y. jnil CDTIC CDC ' 'h".who wli examln HU1CH I IwClld thií popar, 01 obtain ettimitu on advertising spaco when n Chicago, will find it on tila at 45 lo 4-) Randolph St , MQt A TUfllllC' thaAditik.ngAgencyof LUtlU tt I IIUHAdl ATlT4TrT Send Bix cents for postage U U I L a"d recei) ftee, costly box I ƒ p of í.iiimIh wbicb will help yon All, f eliher sex, nuccwd from flrnt honr. The liiimii mad to lorluiie pens belore the workers, axrnlutcly Kiire. AI once adctress. Tkue & Oo., Ahhhi.i, Maine. in a gottl. CMARTINP Suffic;'n ta top. n fi O II IM 11 I I (l U minutes the unartinc, sttaeing pain oí ioo burns or scalds. It wlll stop the pain as soon as i applied. PnilPUIIIP Abundance to curt t coro uUUUrllllU of colds and the cougbiat that often leads th wajr to Consurnptioa. It will positivilv u ¦ Coufh ia i BaHHMIHHHMMM minutes. P U il V I M P M" 'llin nough to ia L) 11 U l I fl U a doien children Chokmg wnh Cnour. Ont minuu alter lk first dolt tha hardett attack ,HMIMIHH of Croup will bc reüeved. W U F C 7 I N P Ft""r " "!'" ' PPrea n n l e l i n u ¦..!. j w.eii ut th. M severe cas of Asthma. Th direct curet ef Axhma by (hu median tre proofü (ht Dr. Thomas' Eclecjric O1 hu paMMM.. no equil as ao Asthma cur#. In the above cases Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil eau he relied upon. It has given relief to thouwndi. Keep it in your house. There is hardly a week f tbc year it will not be useful. A cable lispatch to tlie N. Y. Evening Post nu nounces tlmt "n contract lias been ¦ealed betweenTbe C'entury Co. and T. Fislier Unwin, by which TUe Ct'titurr Majrxzlne In tbe future will be publiahed ly the l.itter. Mr. Unwin is the most enterpríslngand tzperifloecd of the younfjer publiahen here. Daring several season9 a Durober nf the best Lmoks by Enlisli nul American iiutbor have issuecl from his hinise. Tht ('entury coulil not be plooed In bcttcr hanilx." Kr.'ilcriik VVnrue A Co. will cuntloue to pubii-h St. Xirhiiliis. In Your Halr lHseascd .' Il' ii is dry or i ulecl. or if full ét dandruff, you necil uikI abould nn atuncejlv.d EWatest known rtunedy, Wiuklentaun's "Perl'fct. " Muir Tonio, umi Restorer. Ilsrcconl is one of unbroktüi triuinph and you will, il yon use it, Wqm the dp.y this netice was priiitcd. Vegetubk In its proporties, it is perfectly hsrinlfM, but in active stiiniilunt. Insist upon your Drugilist giviiif; you tlils iind no olher. 50 cents. Keep Procter'a Liquid Olue handy tor mendlng. It nsver lnudens. Take o other.


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