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!pun NO FEE! I 1 is.-.i. ) Merrill UNTILBETTER detroit.mich. ƒ Block. ' Trfthl The Egnl. Old-Establiihed jLJuÊ PHYSICIAN & SURGEON 8KILL AND SUCCE88 YOUNGMEN.MIDDLE-AGEDMEN and 11 persons whaby theirown acts of Itnprudenceor Folljat any period of liie havebrought upon themselves, the evil cffects followintf closely upon the heelt of transrcsMon of the laws of nature, should consult the cclebrated Tr. ClarkO at once. RmembertNerToua dlen(with or without dreams) or doblllty and loss of nerve power treated scientitically by ncw methotU witti never failing success. 4t?"It makes nu difference what you have taken orvbo has f ailed to cure you. a-Y'ne terrible pol son of Syphili and all bad blood and skin diieas, completclv erndicated without mercury, Remcmber that thisono horrible dUeane, if nelccted or impropcrly veated, curies the present and cuming geucrations -AI1 unnntiiral discharges curcd promptly Without hindrance (o business. No experiments. Jtoth sezcsoonsult coiilliU'i.tlally. Age and ezperience Important. A wrltten gnarantee of cure giveu in every caso unuertuken. 0-Suffcrers from any chronlc dlsease writc Hlstory and Symptomi of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others have failed to cure. L-y-Send two tamps for cIetratd Works on Chronle, Nervous and Oelloate Diseases. You have an exhaustivo syniptomatology by which to study your own case. ConsuKation, personally or by letter, free. Consult the old loctor. Thoiisands oured. OtHces and pnrlors private. Vou sec no one but the Doctor. Ut' f ore confutinjf your case consult DR. CLAKKK. A friendly letter or callmaysuve future suffcrinand shame and add golden nm to life. Medicines ient everywlicre secure from exposure. llours, b tu S; Sundays, 9 to 12. Addrei, F. D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlch NOW IS THE TIME TO USE JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA FOR LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, AND FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD, It hu bf.Mi In uso for 38 yeitrs and has proved to be the best preparation in the Market for 8ick Hoadaoho, Pain In the Side or Back, Livor Complatnt, Pimples on the Face, Dyspepaia, Piles, 'i au Viseases that arlao from a dlaordered Llver or lmpure blood. Thousands of our bust peoplu tako It and glvo it to thelr children. Physlcians proscribe it dally. Those wbo use it once recoinmend it to otbers. It Is ïimcli' from Yellow Doek, Honduras Harsaimrillii.W iliK'lKTry.Stillinmii.Duiidfliiiti, Sassafras.Wtntergreen, and other wull-known valuable Roots and Herbs. It is strictly vegetable, and eannot hurt the most delicate constitution. It Is ono of the best medicines in uso for ruttulating tho Bowels. It is sold by all responsiblo drugfrist at one dollar for a quart bottle, or six for flve dollars. Sample bottles 50 ets. free on recelpt of prico. W. JOHNSTON & CO., Detroit, Mich. priTton vou have triul all the SartaprilUw, and have been disappointed, try Johtuitvn'9. C. H. MÍLL E N , AGENT! No. 4 Soiilli Moln St.. Ann Arbor. The oldest agency in tbe KsmuusneU over aquarter of acenlury ago. [topreseiillnu the foTlowlliK Hrst-class mmpMlM with over 60,000,000 ('apiutl and A .' t. HOME INH. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL IN8. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. QIRARD INS. CO., of Phlladelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMKRCIAI., UNION, of Lonclnn. LIVKHPOOÍ.. LONDON amt GLOBE. WASHINGTON KIRK and MAKINE, of BoBton. Knie" Low as Hip Iiowost, Lstis Llberiill) Ailjustnl mul promptlT l'aiil. 0. H. MIKLKN. Mmorc müiiey than at aiivthlni.' elfe hy Uk log n iKt'uty lortb - bul m-IIÍuk hook out. Beglont'ra urwil smiidly. None fll. Terra free. Hai.lott Book Co., PortUnd, Malne. TTTT r lor workinL' people. Send lOcenta I Ij I II poatat', and wc wlll muil you (iet t M fl I royal, valuWe nampln liox of Kiodi I that wlll put you ii ihf wav of nuili Ing more monry In a few dyi than yoa ever thouifnt ut unv liiintnesrt. Capi tal not required. Yon can liy at hiuí work in spare time oulj, or uil ttj - time. All oi both nexee, of all ífet, tirandly racooánlttl. F& ct-nii to tb ranily arued (TeolOK, Thai all wlio want work mnv tent thu huincni', w' mi ike ihltt tuiparallel''d ofT: Toall who are Dot well cmticnttdwe wil] eend $1 to pay for the trouble of writlng lm. Full partUulars. dlnxtious, ft'-., ent free. hámente pay a' aohitely anre for all who Mart it onrt. pon ' delay. Addrvsa Stikson i, Co., Portland, MumRINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY. AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep conotautly on hand, BREAD, CKACKKKS, CAKKS, KIC, Por Wholesale and Ketall Trnde. We hall hIko keep a iipply ot' SWIF'l' & UKV BEIS UHT White Wheat Plour ! ¦ t-l ti I Flour, ltj Plour, Itui'k m In-til I lour 4'orn n a I. At Wholesale auil Ketall. A aenéral ftock nt GROCERIES and PROYiSIüNS Conetautly ou Imud, wtiw-ii wlll tn ild nn ¦¦ tt-imn ut un) ntlier hon-e u cit, . Cash pald ror BU'ITKK, KHU-, and col'NTHY HRODUCB generally Qockl dillvercd to any part of the city wlihont exira charire. RI.NSKY SEABOLT. MADAME MORA'S CORSETS. jtrijMOMT OMFOKTAm.K AK JK Wk. "¦¦¦¦ImiiKiwythi-y glTebfttor BySpB the cvt-r wilt. IitiííiBiakr 1VV W rec.'iinin ml Iht.m r. tlit-u Hiuí flff l j . tlajK-. tunniil krrsk oter JIM. Idieof fiift llk-iii.Ti;„ iJtV. ff L. & havottuiPATii'.T'li''ïn'lt. VKVShNhShV KufolEf ImSF can I irutantly tttkfn jLÍr ll-l'lKd erl.rtrlin . iik f.T JB MAUAMK MolcV'H C0Km 1 ngrUft "'" "¦" "f imit"tu.ii'd n f iSHÍBl '"r ""'" by il . luliiiK il. I W i i'JímIJ "" M.iiuru,tur,-,1 by Madame Mon'i Cpntour. L. EBACSJk CO., Madanu Mou's La Ruino. pinuluebm, i Madame Mora's ftldlnn. í- t. Kuitri,' . .... Madame Mora'j Camturt Hip. U Uwurú bu.íi. PENNYROYAL ' WAFERS. jés lreBcrlpüon of s physician wlio AlfjItJto tos had a lifo lontf experience In HfiWf treating feniale diseaaes. Iü uaod K - munthly with perfect succesa by f over 10,000 lftdus. Pleasaut, aafs, KJi effeotuaL Jjidiea Bskyourdrug 7_ ' Sfat for Pennyroyal Wafers aiil JHkIU t. (Aks no substituto, orincloBupoetlJiJiWgAMipe forsealodparttoulars. finid ly ¦iV1PN ftll rlniirjdsts, $1 per bor. Addmyi THB KUUEKACIiKHICAL U.. Dkiwut. Oma. Süld lu Aun Arbor, Mich., by Kh.rbacli Jt Bol , ini-iMo rl I furuutit'il. Wrllti lli. . Jnn.-.-Mli.-, Win. EVERY LIVE MERCHANT IN t Vltltnlt. Shoiild advei' i 11 THE COUKIER.


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