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Vegetable Courtship

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A potnto went out mi a niash And sougbt mi onlon bed; ' Tliiit's pie ior ido!" obsorved tlic imsh. And all tho bet'ts turned rad: "Go wayl" the onloo unpiug eriod, "Vuur love I can nc.t br. The pumpkin be your lawful bride, Vou OSOtalope wiih mo." But onward stil] tlie tuber iuna A nil laid down at her icol ; Vou caullflower by nnv ñamo And it wiii Bini'll as rbeat; AikI I. too, ain snearlyroce, And you I'vo como to m ¦¦. Su don i turnip your loveh Jiut spiuuch ai witü lúe.'" 1 do not onrrot all to wpd, tro, sir, ir yt)i pleaaet" The modest onlon meekly said, " And lottuee pray huve peas; po think tlmt you have never seou Myself or imelled my lifb; Too Ioiiií ii muiden 1 lmve beeu Por fuvorá iu your ryu." ' Ah! spare acres." tho tntier prayed) " My cherry-shed brido you'll be. Ven are tli" only werplngr maid Tbat'a eurrent DOW witli me!" And as the wily tuber spoke, Jle eaijirht her by surprise, And grlviint her an nrlichoko, üevom-fd her wltli hls oyos.


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