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Illxtory of tlie Pacific States of N'orth America, liy Hubert Howe Hancroft. Volnme -Wil. California, Vol. V, ïsiii-ts Ban Francisco: The History Conipuny. Witli the exeption of the era of gol] discovry, in 1S48-!), no period in tlie hisof California is so replete with events of politica] nnd social importancc as tliat treated in the fiftli volume of Ilubert IIowc Bancroft'a Jlistory of Callfornii- trom 1840 to 1848. Ia it we sec tlie türbld restlessness of the foreign residen ts and the luko-wann patriotism of tlie native whtch Mexican nezlect had created an.l American interest fostered, cryatallze Into acccDtance of foreiirn nterforence and tinai eeparatlon from the sorereignty 01 the 8outliciii republic. It is hut an cxaniple of the pcretiml triuinph ol AngloSaxou cnergy and bravery over the indolence and vactllatlng nature of the southern races. The smnll munber of men engaged in tlie BtrAnk and the 1 parativc loaignificanl rh'aractir of the "battli inercdible in tlie light of the interests iuvolved; tlioiih California liad at that time but the ime-liundredth part of lier present population, and tlie frreat gold-flelda, to which we owe sucli a large sharo of our present prosperity, wcre then undreamed of. The lirst cveut, or series of events, wblch the historian clironieles in this volume is the Bear Plag Hcvolt. He introduces much new and important testimony, whieh shows inany phases of the affair in an entirely new light. In two particular points is Mr. IJancroft's account in decided oposition to generally aceepted views; hc oondemns General Kiémonts course throuijhout; and be declares the üear flag üevolt- an episode which Californians have regarded witb a revcrence bciitting the single romantic event in their mi'litarv history- to have been uncalled-for, criminal, and entirely without effect on the history of the state. Mr. Bancroft's labore recieved a Midden check soine months ago by the lire wliieh destroyed the Hancroft JJuilding. The platos of se veral volumes were destroyed, together with printed sheets, maps, etc. The prudence which impelícd tlie rcmoval of the Bancroft Library to a detaclied lireproof building is now made manifcït; its loss would have been indeed irreparable. TI10 lire wasacrushincblow, nnd one whieh would have, with nianv men, löne retarded such a work. iiutthe iudomitableener:y which, from the bezinning of thiscollos?al enterlrise, has characterized Mr. Bancroft, again stond hlui in good stead. The present volume is issued only a short time after the date Bet tor its appearanee. It is well that the work is in such hands. lts discontinuance would bc a loss to letters and the world. "Wan ted - A ScnsatloD,' by EdwardS. Van Zile, has been added to Catsell and & Co's Iiaiubow Series of publications. 25 cents each, for sale by Osins & Co., Aun Arbor. "A Wife's toiifession," '-The Qreat (old Secret,'' "My Night Adventure," and ''A Iiace for Life," are the latest aüditlons to Casscll & Co's Select Library. Prlcé lo cents eacli. For sale by O4ias& Co., Ann Arbor. The lates issms of Cassell's National Library are : Kssays, hy Abratn Cowley; Roger De Coverly and the Spectator's Club; Voyagei and Travels of Marco Polo RellijlO Medici by Sir Thomas Browne, M. D.; Murchant of Venice, by Win. Shakc-pcare. For sale by Osins & Co. Ann Arbor, price 10 cents caih.


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