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Mr. Powderly's Views

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T. V. Powderij the grand master workraan of tlie Knights of Labor of the United States is a man whose views are generally respecteil by the people of thll nation, and the laboring men especially, whom he represents. He has shown rare Wisdom, coolness and sagacity in all his actions U the head of that great order. Consrquently we ask the careful attention of all laborlog men to this extract of a speccli made by him to his Pennsylvania neigbbora: ¦I un a protectionlst from tho sole ofmy fooi i. il..-ii ofmy head. Ido not only bei leve In 10 per cent.,bat I bellevc In 0 percent, tariff and is mach more as the exigencias ol home Interest requlre. I belleve in a tariff on evorvthing, raw material ínclnded. The only raw material Is that covered up in mother earth.and from the time It Is touehed wltli a plok until lus made lnto that 0oldIngapbla popket-knlfe) it neods protectlon, becauu It is all labor." lüht In the tace of that the fusioüists Of Micliiiínn nomínate un avowed and rampant fcee trader, and In doingso pose M b Wend to the laboring man and ask him tor lús vote! Could anything be more bnrd Í


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