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Come to the County Fair. There'a many n coal bln being filiod t íese warm flays. The Democni s elght yean old, and one of tlio healthleat und newttest papers ia the city. The 'tra uk harreat" is nnce more getting ripp. and ourdmy and expreM mes are imillag. It is ruuiored that a poor local of this city refused r brand new high dreia hat, Hut we don't believe It. The Detroit Jonr.ial oelebrated ¦ birthdaylast öeturday- Ita tliird one- and is o:ie of the best papen In Detroit to-dny. Mayor Rol i-on Ims two potutoes grom by Ilpiiry Feldkamp, of Freedom, whlch weiftbed 2J and 2 i-K! ibs. retpeotlvely. Late Kose varlety. Poor year, too! i lie unues over me uu ron river hnve been ordcred patated by tlie Hut the OOmmittee havin;; it in charge thonld advertiu for bids for the vrork. Fred. Stlmson and his brother " Phil." have reeted (ico. Clarken'i new building on X. Main st. when it shall bc completed, and will opon op ¦ new grooery store tlierein. I'.itrick 1 Linkerd, the fusión Dominee for congress in the -'M district was bom in Dexter. Marcli Wd, 1846, We are sorry to sec so many Waslitenaw boyi on the losing dde. Hon. Lester II. Baobbory, tlie democratie nominec for congress in tliis district was In the city last week putting op his fences. Ifeadquarters were it.Tudge Harrimani probate office. Bro. Bower of the Democrat lias ye local"8 profoundest bow for trottinjr liis name out as n candidate for county clerk, but like Mr. J. Caesar, of whora hibtory speaks, we decline the crown. Very tnany of tlie citizens of Ann Arbor would like to see some of the Ann Arbor builden secure the contract for erecting that new school stiucture. It seems as tliough they oa(ht to have the prefere nee. A. P. Hungstcrfercorrespondingsecretary of the Washtenaw Co. Fair says that all persons desiring to select their places for exhibí Üon, and rent booths, etc. sliould be at the fair {rround this week, Batnrday Sept. llth at 3 p. m. Tlie WiMbtenaw County Mutual Insurance ( 'o , closes its fisc il year August 3lst The Dumber of losses for the past year were 21, agnregatlng $5,880.77. "Tlie sm ille.-i loss was $2, the largeit $1,494.67. The rate tbis year is $1.75 on $1,000. The entertainment givcn by the Women's Foreign Missionary Society last week, r.t the residence of Mr. Boughton, v;is pleaaant, and wel] atteaded. An Inrltatlon was extended to tlie Home M sioii:n % S. c c'y anJ tlie MMsion Circle. Mr. Barailton telli uia that the Water Works ('o. Ims put in MVen new springs, the flow ut ibis time lilliii a six inch pipe full, or about 400,000 gallons daily. The water is brought about two miles, and a decline of one inch to cvery 12 f eet ha been tecured. The M. C. H. R. 11 ruu ¦ special train to Ilia state fair at Juckson, from Scpt. 13 to 17 inclusive, leavinjr Ypsilanti at 6:.", Ann Arboi 7.13, Bcio 7.29, Dexter 7:42, Chelsea 7:."(i. The train retarilng leaves Jackson at 0:00 p. m. One fare for the round trip. Cards are out announcing the marrlage of E. V. Cliilson, editor and proprletor of the South Lyon Picket, on Sept. IGlh, to Miss Louisa Hammond, daughter of Geo. II. llaimnond Eq-, of South Lyon. Several families have been invited trom this city who will attentl the nnptials. Here's to tbfl long lile, happy liffl and good fortune of thecouple for all time to oome. President Dean has completed his cominlttee on Roud lm pro vemen t, and it is oonttituted aa folio w: Dr. W.B. Smith, eliainnan; J. T. Jacobs, Fied'k Schmid, J. E. Beul, E. Dnll'y. J. ir. Clongh, Michael Biaebler, Ambrora Kearnev, John Flnnegan and David Binaey. Itisacupital committee, stronfr every war, and It h belleved they uill make ¦ push for botter roads. The Water Worki company having their extensión on Broadway, Stil ward, completed, tested the same last even ing and threw a Itream tbrotlgh 50 feetof liose to a lieiüht of 70 feet perpeodlcalar, and 131 feet horizontal. At the Observatory, tlirougli a yard hydrant, a stream was thrown on to the roof of that building, nbout 35 feet. This is on the Ann st. ex extensión In the 4th ward. The Bicyclc Club met Thursilay and elected the following oflicers for nex year: L. D. Taylor, president; C. W. Wogncr.vicepres.; Ueorge Keek, captain; C. B. Pavison, bader; H. A. Kyer, secretary; H. C. Nickels, treasurer. It is pj-oposed to li;ive a club room and weekly runs. Yesterday tbey took a run to Dexter where they were handsoinely entertained by Mr. A. H. Beal and famil}r. It is understood that Quincy A. Turner, who lias been mailing clerk iu the postofflee for the past eight j'earí, has received notice that his services will not be required after Oct. 1. Mr. Turner is one of tlie most erticient and popular clerfcl Ann Arbor ever had in the postoffice forcé, and niany demócrata as well as republicana, who like Mr. Turner for his true wortli, will deeply relict bil belng displaced. The Edison dynamo in the Coüiukr office not being larga enoogh to supply the consuméis who had the incandescent light, and KTeral other merobantt wishing to have it. another one has just been put In wbich bat doublé tbe onpacity of the former dynamo. The licht has mot witli sucli faTor here and elsewhere that it leavcs no doubt but that it the coming light. Thosc now using It flüd it ïimcli better for their eye iban srs lite tit, whüe the air is niuch better and the stores are not mude into ovens by the graat lic.t from the oonBDtnption of ítms. And, as it is as eheap as gas and mucb bctle11 in uvery way, t meets witli increasing favor. The Detroit Tribune of last Tuesday published a list of 0 citics in the state, giving their population aiul the amount per cui'itii wblcb they are assessed. By it we learo that Detroit stands the blgbest of all $886,95 per capltaj Cold water next at f 722 46, then follows Hllladaleat 05, A nu Arbor at $588.43, Monroe, 1601.18, and loon down to 8t. Ifrnace at $6783. It will be Men tlint the aaaeated valuation of our city is way above alinost the entiri' itate, ivi-n onr nelgbboring city of fpailantl reNclilog only $4s!i.7l nlmost hio per capita lee tbao our city. Thta tltlnjt should be equnlised by the tate board as uear aa ii I poaable to do RO. li of. Lewii Mc Loutb, until recenily oonneoted with tbe Normal School at Ypsllantl, then called to take the cbalr of Mechanica at the Arricultural College, 1' is been called hiher still. It is to take the Preaidency of Da kota's Agricultural College, au iniiiiiiicin alreaay navlna 350 itudenti and a good outlook. Hfi many friendg ha this oounty are pleaaed i 1 k:i r of the honor thus coming to so "ooerrlng a worker, bui they do not Hke to lose liiin. It i so also at Lanatng, where vre learn bli work has heen apprectated. lid win iissimie his new ctatiei In December. Prof. Mc Louth is a graduate ofthe Universlty ot Michigan, rlasa of 68. Sueceti go with him. A. F. H&ngstiTfer has put in i ncw lel epbooe, No. 127, at his State st. store. Artlmr Sweet has invented a toe weight that ís clairaed by Iiorse funciers tO be onc of the íinest things of tho kiinl ever Inventad Mclbourn H. Ford, oí Grand Rápida, tilo fusión nomiuce l'or OOllgMH in the íifUi tliatrict is a nativo of this county, hnving been bom in Saline June ;;i), ]SÍ(J. Coanty Clerk Bobiton lms apppotated Béward ('ramer as lieputj' counly clerk tosucceed bis son Jas. A. Kobison, wbo lias soné upon the Detroit Free Press staft'. The rapublican county executive couiínittce met in UiLs city yesteriiay, t-lectcd Yfm. M. Osbaml, of Ypsilauti, cliairinan and docided tocall the county Domlnating conveution for Tuesday, Occ. 5th. Frank Higgins, of Missoula, Montana, whograduated at tlie Law Department ol Michigan University, and who a wcll known to many of our citizens, has the honor of being tlie first native Montana lawyer. - Dextcr Leader. Hiere are living on Wesl Hurón St.. fourteen people whose ages arerage nearly 80, eacli one being over 75 years old. Ia thcre a slreet iu the city orcounty that can show such a record of venerable residenls in so short a distauce? The 38th annual fair of the Washtenaw Co. Agricultural Society will be held at Anu Arbor Sept. 21, 22, 23, and 24. The Courier's poster and book work for the occasion 3 creditable to the house and society - Soutli Lyoti Excelsior. The T. & A. A. H. Il has put the followfng new rolling stock on its line: 100 new box cars, r0 new tlats, 10 Iargc box furniture cais, 10 new passenger coaches, and severa! new brggage and muil cars. Tliii shows the T. & A. to be iu a very proepsrou and growing condition. Mrs. Kleanor C. Bibbins, wcll known to very many of our citizens, died last Thursday mornlng, iged 02 years. Mrs. Bibbins had been ailing for some time with canoeroui dlfflculttes, and herdeath waa not wholly unexi)ected. She leaves a larjre circle of fiiends who will regret herdeath. O. L. Mattbews niet with a slight accident yusterday p. m., while out ridlng. The klng bolt caine out of the carriage letting the front wheels loose, with which the luirse maile rajid strides for home. Mr. Matthewa and bis little daughter were thrown out but not serioimly injurcd. Mrs. JMiiry Jane Howard, widow of Matthew Howard, died at the residence of Iht daughter, Mrs. Chrihtlan J. Iteuel, on Spring st., in the M ward on Monday Monday morning, aged 00 years, y mos., and '.) days. Funeral services were held Tuesday, at the house. Rev. Dr. Haskell olllciating. Owing to the poverty of the l". S. government and the cutting down of the allowance for clerk hire at our postofflee (on constantly lncreadDg bmlnett) Postinaster Dully is obliged to close the money order business of the office at ." p. ni. The governnieiit is penny wiae and pound foolish. Ihe sharper wlio had "liis pocket picked of $100 or more in town last niglit," and then ofiers to pawn a "solid pold ring" for a dollar or two, is doing tliis county now. He was up by Foster's station last Saturday trying to work bis little game, but tliey take tlie papers up there and he couldn't do it. The American Express Co. has established a inoney order office at Moore's bookstore on State st., for the benefit of the university people, with Geo. L. Moorc a a:ent. George received hiscommisfion Monday and is uow prepared for business. We conrratulate the company and the people also upon the excellent seleotion for the position. It would be a pleasing thing for residents of Aun Arbor to know what they paj' their share ot the taxes for anyway ? ThU questiou suggesU itself by reason of a nuniber of bilis lianded in to the council for the board of prisoners arrested for vlolütlonof the law. If Ann Arbor lias no ri;hta hadn't she better quit paying her share of taxes. The committee on publicatlon of the Business Men's Associatlon tnet last night and decided to invite Jud;e Cooley to write a hisfory of the university and the city. They also appninted a sub-committee to solicit cutsof the city building?, court house, postofflee, ohurches, halls, IL O. Station, T. & A. A. bridge, etc. All residences and business blocks are to be excluded. In Ilaller & Son's show window, on S. Main st., are several prizes on exhibition to be given by the Western Washtenaw & Eastern Jackson Fair, to be held at Chelsea, Sept. 28th, 29th, 30th, and Oct lst, to contestants in the great bicycle race. The first prize consists of a silver berry dish wortli $10.50 for speed; 2d prize a gold headed cane, $8.00, also for speed 3d prize, a gold lined silver cup and saneer, to the most graceful rider. Just drop around that way and take a look at them. Postmaster Duffy informs us that the new postal card which has been ssued by the government will soon be received. Also that the government is now issuing a new letter sheet which will run opposition to the postal card. It is sold for two cents, stamped, and is so arranged that it can be folded and sealed without the use of an cnvelope. It is perforated so that It can be opened readily without mutilating the sheet. It will be on sale here soon, as some of the larger offices have already been supplied. The action of the council in ordering the marshal to Impound all cows found in the old cemetery, is right. But it should go farther, and order somethlng done to protect the graves. In Adrián, we understand, they have taken their old cemetery for a park, and given notice that all remains not taken away by a certain date, thegiavestone will be burled i ii the grave and their remains lcft. Why would not this be a rood thing for Ann Arbor to do. It would gnard the property afruinst all claims from "lost heirs," aml would enable the city to have a beautifnl park. Anti Arbor the great center of university eduoation may also well be proud of the high accoraplishuients of her many weD cultivated artists. One has but to visit their homes to be convinccd of the truth of our assertion. One of our lady arttata, afin Katle Uogers has a very attractive studio on División st. Miss Katie was boni and raised in Ann Arbor. The tirst and vcry important principies of thfl art ol' landscape paintlng were obuined througll the instructlons of Chicajio; attei wards shc was a pupil Oí t skilltiil portralt painter in Detroit. Miss Rogeri lias executed some very fine portrait painting", but lier artlstic laste seerus to develop itself also in the liue of delineating the beauties of nature in landscape paintlnjn. She hasforyears been taking views of many of the sublime pointe in and about Ann Arbor, especlally from the winding and romantic valley of the Huron river. She Is also very artística! in her beautlful creations of doge, cats, birds, rlowers, etc. That great savage do of Mr. Nickels, on State st., is pictured to the very life. Miss Bogen bas been au Invalld for a time, but has so far recovered, that slie will now be able to give instructions in art to such pupila as may wish to avail themselvee of this pleaslng and very deslrablo accompllshtnent.