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Resalar monthly meeting Monday evemng with tliree vacant seats. l'RESENTATION OF l'KTITIONS. Of Osear O. Sorpr, J. Sclmmacher, W. K Childs, Geo. F. Keek, B. A. Phillips and 24 othere, asking for tlie removal of tlie trees in tlie sidewalk on 8. Main st.. In front of the Kuiler property, on the ground of their belng an obatroctlon. liefened to stiect cotbmlttee wlth power to act. üf' J. K. YVyinan A Co., asking that thcy be permitted to establisli a general city market, using the present rink for the building and the strtets surrouuding and lots In the rear (providing the city transfers its lease). The city to draft an ordinance such as is usually adopteil by cities for markets. The ninttor was rfbrred to the finance comnitttee to report at the next nicctiu. A communication from R. L. Polk & Co., stating that they sliotild 1 glad to reccive tlie patronage of the city to the new city and county directory. Heferred to Finance Couuuittcc witli power to act. A communication from John Wotzke, sec'y of the peninsular sacneibiuul, Sliowin tbe Bnanclal receipts, disbuiscmeuta and deficit of' the past saengerfest. 'l'be recorder moved that a committee of three bc appointed, the mayor to be one, to investígate the books and accounts and report at the next meeting apon their correctness. Carrted, and the Kecorder and Aid. Xcithiiiiimer was appointed to act wlth the mayor. RBFORTa OS OOUMITTBSS. Aid. Alluiendingcr from the finance cominittee, reported tbc following expfenditures for the month : REUATITULATION. lst warl ... t'S 7H ¦M 74 "v3 8d " l.i 89 4th ' 7!) 81 5lh " 7 50 6th " '23 (X) Ucneral street luiul 21S SI Qeuerul fuud SI9 90 Contingent fund - 960 06 Total tWto 2ft Also tlie following bilis upon whicli the action of the council was daltred: Of Win. Walsh for board of prisoners at the county jail. Referred to the City Attorney with a rcquest to report at the next meeting of tlie council. Of Chas. A. Poland, for inatcrials nnd work in protecting Clarken's building, in tearing down Parker' s building, :?7.ln1 which was allowed. Oí it (Jo., fur $401 0."., for ncw hose and lire deparluient supplies. Allowed. Of I'. Mulligan for $."0 for moviug bnrn In 2d ward. Keferred to Aids. Kearns and Herz, with power to act. Aid. Allmendingcr in the absence of Aid. Walt oflered three sidewalk rtsohitions, one for a new stone walk, 12 feet wide, at 4ic corner of Main and llnron streets, estáte of Jus. 1!. Qott; a new plank walk on the west side of First st., owned by Leopold Weil; s new plank walk on east aide of Thompson st., on property of Ellen O'Brlen and Anastatla Fohey. All carried and walks ordered. Aid. Martin from street lighting com. made a special report in relation to the action of that and the citizen's com. with reference to securing electric lichting and offered the following resokition: Resolved, That the street llghtlng cnmmlttee be Instructeü to act umi conffr with the cotnralttee appoluled by the the Btul&flM Meo'l Associaliou of uur city and thrtt the street liguting c mmlttee be lnstructud to recelve bids for llghtlng our streels with tlie electric light, sald blds to be submllti'd to your body. Adopted. RErOUTS OF CITY OFFICEUS. City Marshal Sipley reported tlie following expenditures for the month of August: lst wanl. l U m 2d " . 1 12 3d " 20 20 4th " " 19 5th " 3 24 th " 2 00 Total 108 K He also reported 10 anests during the monty. The City liecorder reported the follmvIng balances on hand : Contingent fuud, on hand S 8,236 06 General Fnnd, overdraa 1 r.i Bi General street fund, overdraft 4ii 17 lst ward fund on linnd „ M0 63 2d ¦ " ' " 419 14 8d a 70 4th 10 81 5th " " " " 50 14 til " ' U8 51 City Cemetery Td, overdruft -t S7 Dog tx fund on Imnd KK) 00 Delinquent tax, overdraft 846 2s Water Works fund ou hand 0,155 (XI City Attorney Kinne brought up tlie matter of the Kiltredj;e fnmily, who removed from this city to Adrián, and gained a residence there, and applled for itid whicli wns granted and eharged to thls county. Superintendent of the l'oor Uavis explained the matter but dul ni t advise the payment of the claim, l'rosecuting attorney Saulsbury of Lenawee threatens to sue, but it is thought that lie will walt untll after the congressional electlon. M0TI0N8 AND RE80LUTIOSS. Aid. Keating offered the following: Resolved, That the sum of one hundred and gevonty-ttve dollars be glven from llie contiugentfund to the tth wurd luml to assl&t In the expenses of gradlng Ellzabeth street. Tliis raiseü a storm of words on all sides. The resolution was finally oarrted by a vote of 0 to 5, the ayes and nays being called. By Aid Allmendinger: Resolved, That the City Marshall be 1nRtructed to lmpound all cattle whlcli raay be fonud in theold cemetery, whcllier running at large or restralned by ropes. Carrieil. By Aid. Allmendhiger : Resolved, That the Conncll graat ¦ sum nol toexceed thlrty dollarR to the Business Mens Association to cover the expense of a cut of the city building and a copy of the city seal. Carried. Aid. Ware moved that the street committee be instructed to have bridges No. 1, 2 and 'S, over the Huron rlver repainted at once umler the supervisión of the Aldernien from the 5U) ward. ('irned. Council theii adjourned.


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