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: i ! flAVORHü mkitm # i (&_ -rtc J NATURAL FRUIT MOST PERFECT MADE Preparcd with Btrict regard to Pnrity, Strength, and Ilealthrulness. Dr. Price's Baking Powder tontaina no Ammonia, Limeor Aluni. Dr. Pricc'B Extracta, Vanilla, l.umou, Urangc, etc, flavordcliciously. mCL BAKINQ P0WOÍH CO., Chicago and St. Louis. MMUÑÍTYfromANNOYANCE I I L51 l5 V -, Pat. Ost.iOth, 1883. ) f ,' lmlf oiii v f the flnoat nnd best qiiality oi .lass Tor w i bstandiiig; heat. Every good thing is Counterfeited, and consumera are CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS ol these Chimneys made of VERY POOR QLASS. See thatthe exact label íb on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top ia always clear and bright Glasa. Munufnctnrcd OXI.Y by GEO. A. MACBETH & CO. Iiitsburj{h Lend Claaa Work. FOB SALE BY DEALF.Ra ií . UNIVERSAL %3Á v.idw-%ïs JB bath. H "Ijrtrí"'MÍiM.l' M"""' - "t m&iale J lUu'il. 111,1 Bth R.Dwd. ' Í Secd for Ormlmt. E. J. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mich. [A COMPLETE ARKAENGMENT FOR Physician and Families, Neater and Chsaper AND MOKB COKVEíriEIíT HAN A STATIONARY BATH TUB, WITH NO KXPKN8K OF BATH ROOM AND FIXTURErt. ANN ARBOR FRUIT ORCHARD. BARTLETTES, MISS Wil Aml all KI i(l of Aiitiiimi Pears. WHITE GRAPES, COXCORD GRAPES, SALEM QRAPE8. KASI'liKliKY, BHRUBS, :nul V1NK. Piense cali at the orebard on West Huron itreet, or tema yoor nrden for Fruit mul Fruit Trees emly tci EMILBAUR, - ANN ARBOR. 12S-tf ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, HUEOlsr STKEET, Next door to the Knrmer'8 and Mechanic' Bank.' HAIlí CDTT1NG, SHAVIN(ï, 8HAMPOONINQ AND DYÉING. The bet of Woikmen and 8atlsfactlon (iuaranteed. 3FI. TT 3F T XJ n E3. tEGAN'S [MPEEIAL TUiJsa. 8plral Siirint', cnided froni 1 to 6 potindi ui prewnra. WORS I)AY AND MOUT, by hm lnfaiit ¦ week oíd, oran utiult .sit yt'iirs. LadlM Trusses a perfcctlon. Bncloae Btamps for testimoniáis il cures, i-te. EQAN IMPERIAL TRO88 CO., Ann Aebok, M [CH. WÊF mm MACKINAC. The Moit DBllghtfal SUMMER TOUR Palaoa Btmen. Low ÏUU. Tour Trtpi pr Week Between DETROIT AND MACKINAC And ïvery Wnk Dy Botwen DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Wriu for oup " Picturesque Mackinao," Illustrated. ) Oonuins ï'ull Psrticulan. Mad Tin. Ontrolt & Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. V. O. Whitcomb. Qcn Pas. i, DETROIT, MICH. HSBBt. JAMKS V.. III.MKg 4fi HR i.iu: v i ni.'-rom BJËK OituTli ill nliliiii fciinla Boa HK J J.N. Wlst'of Va., wijs: " H7it-MT ujA JFw tftkf8ituitno nwtttr u-ficther he w be Mr. Blattie'9 Jrirnd or einni], ¦BkeJM i'i bitit )ii( li (¦il iirti7 ., pjfc HX '"'1 '""' '"' u-holr." ]lon. Allí n ' T-SBÍ TliuniKin, nayfl: ".1 casaú! L ak9. Vi'inLs w;tiit'(l dn ct.miiibi¦HmC TPHhtry. Ailflri's, mi TB"..3-tju,ftt,i,H, ohm THIS PAPER sysïsf?1.' I lllV iMltll ROWEIX tt. CO'8 NcwBpaper Ailvcrtislng Bureau (10 8pruca ¦¦¦¦¦¦ lfft# HESïS NEW YORK.


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