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HtHOVK lilllllllllll A. vn A.KBDR Commanukky, No. II meeta flr8t raasday of oacii inoutb, W. G. Doly. K. C; V. A. Tolobard, Recorder. VUBCSXAW, No. 6, R A. M.- Moots tlrst Momliiy eucli month. Isaac H&ndy, II I'.; Z. Koatli, Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS.f o. ?&. :m:.a!ïr,t:i::n Hl W.KH IN CLOTiï CASKET3, METALIC Auil Ooramon Oofflna. Cnlls at leutert to Dn or SIsIH. Knibnlinlng 11 speolally. Sto erooni on K. Washlnglon slreet. AcsIJeuo (¦¦r. l.iiii-rly aoU Flflli. W. II. f ACKSOIf, X!IL3II 3XrilT!lIllSüTII OFFICK : Over Bacil & AbeI's Dry Good Store Kntrunce next to National IJank. nil.l.Mll IIERZ, House, Sijn, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER Paperlog, Glazing, (Hldiug, nnd Calcimlnine, n work or every detcriptinn done in the bf!Bt ntyle, and warraoted to give patisfactlon. Jhop. No. 4 W. Washington St., Anr, Arbor V. W. & A. C. NICHOLÜ, DB1TT1STSRooms Over Aun Arbor Savings Bank Masonic Temple Block. GASorVITALIZED AIR A'lminiHtered for the prtinlt( extraction of teeth. STATE STREET Merch&nt Taihrinj Establishment ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, lK.vit Sik : If yon wutit a ne:il Sult dono oniiT ' yoo nave een JOSEPII ItllllKl. Merclüint Tallo", Stafp stn'it. Ann Arbor Mtcli. You will flud a very ilue lliu of Bnsllsli Worsteds for Dresg Sulls, tul all the Newoit shailes and WVaves lu Saok Sult.lugs and trowsermgs In st'jck and samples to order Trom. Our lone; experlence In CuttltiK enables us to give you a neat and perfect fit, and Clothes made In tlrst-class order, at I-owest Living Fricas, ('uil and ee for yourse f. Kespectfnlly yours, JOSM'll BEK11Y, Merchnnt Tallor CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Security )wll tor ihr prottetton of the poifcy hol (1 ere. MACK Bepreseiits 'he followinii flr-i-cia compHnu-e, oi which onc, the .tna. ha akme iaid #5t,0tXi,0(KJ tin ! o-urn in slxty-flvuyars: JStna, of Hartford $ 0,192,644 Pranklln of Philadelphla 3,1 ls,7i: Gemianía, N. 1 2,700,729 Germán AmeiUmi, N. V 4,06ü,96ê London Amu ranee, Lontion.., 1,416,784 Micbipm F. & M., Detroit... 287,60e N. Y. üuderwriters, N. Y 296,671 Natioiml, Hartford 1,774,505 Phoeuix, Brooklyn 3,75fl,03( l.nssi's liberally adjusted and promptly paid. Policies issued :it the lowcot ratel of premium. Ultf LÜMBER! LUMBEH! LÏÏMBEU! lf }'ou contémplate buiMinff, cali at FERDON LiJUi liiii! Corner Fourlh and Depot Sts., and jfe our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lamber and giianintrc AERY LOW PRICE8 ?¦Givc us a ctll :i"'i we will inake it to your interest, :is our larc and well Kadcd stock fully susUins our asscrtimi. Tclephone Connitlnnl with Office. F.J. KHECHSupt JAMES TOLBKRT, Prop W. TREIWAIN, GENERAL j[IR JWj! OFFICE, Oyer Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, COR. HÜK0N AND KOURTH STS., North British Insurance Co., Of London and Bdlnbarg. ICapit), $1.1,1100,000, Gold. Uetrolt Flrc and Marine Insurance Co., OaihAuuj $0O0,UÜO. ÜpriBffleld Ins. Co. of Massachiisdfs, Cash Anscts 1,00,OUO. Howanl Ihs. Comuany f Nt'w York, ctwu AaMtt. ...$i, 000,0(10. lirrlciiltural Ins. Co., Watertown, N.Y., Uaith ARitp $1.200,000. lie?;i,1berally Adjosted snd l'romptly Haid. PENNYROYAL' WAFERS. ÊPresrription of o physlcian who has had a. life long experience In treatinR fcmale disoafiea. Is used monthly with perfect sucxess by over 10,000 ladu a. I'lcoMirit, safe, effectuaL Ladicg eskyourdrugpist for Pennyroyal Wafers and take no substitute, or lnclose P'' acre for neald particulars. Sold by all (Iruirprtits, 1 jjer bor. AddresB THEEUKEKACUEMICAL CO.. DixuoiT. ÍHca. S.ild In Ann Arlx.r, Mich.. liy Bbírbict á Son. iaü8-io


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