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¦rik P " I POWDER Absolutely Pure. This powdernever varíes. A marvel of panty, BtreiiKth nnd wholesomeness. Moro economlcul than the ordlimry kinds, and cannut ba old In oorapetltlon wlth the multitud? of low test, short, welght, aluin or phosphate powdei'8. Sn!il nnly in i'.'ins. Itoyal link 1 ¦¦¦¦ l'under Co.. 1O Wall st.. N. Y. O IX II ÏBLOODHUMORSI HUMIUATiNO Eruptions, Itchlng and Burnint,' Skin Tortures, Loathsome Sores, and every species of Itchlug, Scaly, Fiinply, Innertted, Scrofalous, and Contaulous Dlseases of the Blood.skiu, and Scalp, with Loss of llaii irum infamy to oíd age, are posltlvely cured tJ lS ktk.i the great skin ('ure, and Cuticura Soap, an exqnislte Skin benutlller, exterually and I UTICO m., Rbolotmut, the New Blood i'urUer, iuternally COVEREW WITH SORFS. I have heen atHicted stnce last March with Skin dlMUe tbe doctun called Bcmiu. My tace w( covered wlth pcab-'ami wraa, and tbe Itchlgg and burnlng were almont ui.bearalde. Seelng yonr CüTICÜRA Kkmkkikk i highly recommended. I conchided to sive tbem airial, using tho Cuticura and the Cuticura Sonp exteinally, and lieHOlvent interually, lor four months. I cail myselï cured, In gratilude tor wblch 1 make this public statement. MKS. CLAHA A. FREDBKICK. Broad Brook, Conn. SCALP, FACE, EAUS, AND RECK. I waM aülicted with Eczema on the Scjilp, Face, airl Neck, which the Drugíílst, where I Rot your remedies, pronounced one of the wort cases that had come undtr hls notice. Ileadvised me to trv your CUTIOÜBA Remkdies, and alter flv day?' nse my scalp and part of my face wc re ene tirely cured, and 'I hope In anothtr week lo imve my neck, ears, and the other part of rav fací cnred. HERMAN SLADE, UH E. 4th St-, New York. ITCHIXÍ DISEASES CURED. Cnticura stttnd at the hi-ad of lts cIhï-h, eepeciaily ie t-i the cace with the Cntlcnrasoap. Huve md au nnupniilly t;ood eale thit nimmer owintr to be prtivaleticc of an agiravattd form of Itch hroagh some locaMÜeB in thu country, ín which the Caticuru remedien provd 8fttÍ!lactory. W. L. UAKDIGCi, Dkuggist. l'nion 'l'own, Ky. fURE IN EVERY CASE. Yonr OtUblVB Remedie outsell all other medicines I k'ep for skin clieeases. My customers and mtienis nay thfy have eflected a cure in every luitaoce, whert' other remedlefl have Tailed. H. V-. BKüCKWAY, M. D. Franklin Falls, N. 11. CUTICURA REMEDIES, An Sold by all Drugtrists. Price: Cuticuri, 5ÜC'8.; Kksolvknt, Í1.UÜ; Soap, 25cts. Potter )KUO and CüEalCAL Co., lloston. bend for "How to Care Skin Dlseases." T5TÍI A TTl'IFY the Complexión and Skin by LJillii U Hint the C tl 'HOU A SoAl'. CONSTITUTMAL CATARRÏÏ. No single disease has enlalled more snffrlnf or laMeued ttie brMklos up of the constitutton theu Jatarrh. The sense of enn'll, of taste, ol aight, of ïearm, thf htanan voice the mind - one or more, and siimctlmes all, yield to lts destrncrlve iuflaence. The poisun it dlstributes tnrougaout the syttem and breaks up the most robuet of constitutions, Ignored,because but little understood, by moet physlcians, impotently assalled by quacks and charlatans, thoce snffering from lt have little ïope to be relieved of lt this side of the grave. It s time, then, that the popular treatment of thls errlble disease by remedies withln the reach of all aesed lnto hands at once competent and trustworthy. The new and hitherto uutried method apopted by Dr. Sandiord In the preparatlon of hls Radical Cure has won the hearty approval of thousauds. It is Inr-taiiiam'ous In atfurdlng reliel in all lead cetd, sneezing, snuflllni; and obstruct'd breathlng, and rapidly removes the oppressive symptorae, clearing the head, sweetetilng the breuth, restoring the seuses of amell, taste and learing, and neutralizlny: the constitutlonal tendencyof the disease lowards the lungs, llver ud cidnevB. Sasdkord's Radicai, Cure consistt of one bottleof the Kadical Cukk, and one box of 'ATHAKKAI. SOIAKNT, and one IMI'ROVKD NMAJ.KK; priCU, $l.i-.O. Porren Druo and CnHKMicAL Co., Boston. (fcl Kidnoy Pains. Zm And that weary, llfeless all-fronc, senT ¦ satim ever iiresent wlth those of In 1 il imed kidneys, weak hack and lolns, 1 Jt aching hlps and sldcs, ovi-rworked or wc.rn mt by disease, debllity or dissipatlou ar elleved in one minute and speedily cured y the Cutlrura Antl-Pln Piaster, a cw, original, elegant and infallible antidote to aln and Atdrngglsts 25c.; flve for 11.00: postale free, (ir ol Potter lrus ana 'henilcal o.. BoHton. SCOTf'S EMESjOH OF PURE GOD LIYER 01 And Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda Almost as Palatabloas Milki The only prcparntion of COD UXT.R OIL ttat cm bo taken rcudüy aud tolerated for & long Urne ",CaAsTKKM-T FOIl CONSniPTIOX, tnillHUIIS .UIMIIO.Vs. ANAKMIA, HKN 'nnTiïriTn,i i ï. onais am) thkoat af. H(TI()S, l all VSTI(i DIS()UI)KBS_Oy Hl I.DHK.N it I niiirn llon i" il" runltl. ' lTiwcrilM-.! and i-udorsed ly tlio IKWI öyilciM in tho coul tries of the world. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. Tire Insurance Plate Grlass Insurance. Steam Boiler INSURANCE ! mest Rutes, Honorable Adjiistniciits and Losse l'roinptly 1'aul. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS SI-KCIAI, ATTKNT1ON OIVRNTO COI.LKCTII.N HF BBHT8 ANI MANAIiKMI.NT )K 1ÍKAI. KSÏaM I.MKllKHI-M FOK N(JN-KKSI1KNTK. ENIIKK BATISFAOTMni TO OWKH-S GUARAN1B1L1- A. DeFOBEST.


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