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The Boxing Parson

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The late Marquis of Waterford, nmon; numerous aucomplishments, excelled as a boxer, and of li is aptltudc In this art he wasjustly proud. He uever picked hls men; he ttted to figlit coal lieavers, dustmen, liodmen, fel lowship portera, and othersofthat Ik, und tlien gave thcm a líank of England piaster, and if he ever va6 caught napping and met a superior bruteer, great was his superior's reward. But soraetiine9 an insolent jarvey obtained all the thrnshing and no reward, as the following anacdole will show: The marquie on one occasion hailed a aib rather early in tlie morning, and directed the c.ibman to drive him to St.James's Square, the re8idence of his uncle, the Arclibishop of Armagh. When he arrived at his destiriAtlon he hamled thecabman tialf a sovereign, hut eabby, in his most insolent demandad more. -'All right," said the marquis, and slipping In the house by the means of a lafch-key, he qmckly donncd liis uncle'8 episcopal robes and. rcturning to the door, quietly asked what the cabnian required. The jarvey, uot recotruiIng the marquis. and thinking to friglitin he clerical swell, gave him some choice liillingsgate, whereupon liis lonlship in lus new character knocked cabby down. Amused at the idea of havlng to tight a. parson, cabby sprang up and went fór his man in good style; but the sham prelate foiled eyery blow, and returned his deliveries with such vigor that at last the cabman, tborooftkly beaten, and believing :hat he had the devil ;in lawn sleeves for an opponent, jumped up ,on his cab and was glad to " hook it."


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