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faliSaicn NOff OPEN AT D. F. Stim's WITII A BIG Elll M SALE. NO EXAGERATION! NO MISREPRESENTATION ! A Sale of over One Hundred Pieces New Fall Dress Goods at 50 cents a yard worth 75 cents, all Wool and 42-inch wide comprisin the latest Shades and In canvass Etamines, Norfolk Suitings, Serges, Boucles, Canvass Frise, Tricots, Cheviots, Shoodahs, Camel's Hair and Cashmeres. This will be decidedly the Best Dress Goods Sale Ever before announced in Ann Arbor27 Pieces, 19-inch Colored Silk Velvets at $1.00 a yard worth $1.50. 18 Pieces Fancy striped Silk Velvets at $1.25 and $1.50 a yard. 10 Pieces Colored Corduroy Velvets at 75 cents a yard worth $1.00. 2 Pieces Haskell's Satin Finish Groa-Grain Silks ai $1.25 a yard worth $1 50. Best Bargains in Fine Jer seys ever offered- made from Finest Cashmere Cloth in Vest Front Style, and Tailor made Style at $1.25, $1.50 and $2.00. Just received New Styles in Ladies Chemisettes al sizes, best Grades at Bottom Prices. 36-inch Embroidered Skirtings at 75 cents and $1.00 a yardGreat sale of Egyptian anc Oriental Laces at 10 cents, 15 cents and 25 cents a yard. 50 Pieces New Neck Ruchings at 10 cents, 15 and 25 cents a yard. Our Unlaundried Shirt at 50 cent has no equal. Money saved buying Dry Goods at D. F. SCHAIRER'S. One of our citizens has discoyeret somcthing new In the effect of the wate of our water works. In using his host one tlay, the nozzle by some ni:-t;ik forced the water afruinst his vest pocke in which was his gold watch. The nex day on exainining his watcli case 1p found it btralabad is i t had come in contact with mineral sulphur water, am it had the same effect on a gold rinfr We were not aware of any traces of sul phur havinL been discovered in thiswate as yet A travtling band of six instrument was making lively music on our stret last week - the instrumenta were al played by one mini all at once in the bes time and harmony. Take Ayer's Pilis and becured. Misery is a mild word to describe the suffenngs body and uiind, caused by habitual ron stipation. A moderate use of Ayer's Pilis will invariably repúlate the bowels. HALE'S HONEY i the best Cough Cute, QS, 50c., . GLENM'S SOLPHUR SOAP heals and beautifics, 25c GERMÁN CORN REMOVER Ulls Coms & Bunions, 25c HILL'S HAIR II WHISKER DYE- Black & Brown, 50c PIKE'S TOOTHACHE DROPS cure in 1 Minute, Ï5c DEAN'S RHEUMAT1C PILLS are a ture cure, 90a. Please to Notice This ! I wlll 8end each of my ('ustomers Notice when bis Note or Acoount wlll be due. I wlll expect hiin to gtve the matter his prompt attention at tliiit timp. I will m! only one Notice of Uiis kind. I hope all wil! consider this sufflclent. Proflts are too small and crerttls too short to warrant me to borrow mouey to Pay my Debtn, t)ü matter how small or how great the Bill. I want It forthcomlng when due. I am thankftil for your patronage, but the Pay I must have. Vours trnly. M. ROGE_RS,_ RÍNSEY & SE ABOLT'S BAKERY. GROCERY, AND - Flour and Feed Store. We keep conetantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, Kor and Ri'tall Trnde. W shall ultiu keep a aupply of SWIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! DellH Fluur, Kyr Flour, Bucku 'lu-al Fluur, Corn ÍTIcal, Fced, Elc, At Whohvalc and Ketall. A general atock of &EOCERIES ani PROVISIUNS Cünetautly on hand, which wil] )e old on as renonatl' termp f at any other bottM in th'1 city. Cash nald for BIJTTER, BOOS, and COUNTRY PRODUCK nneraily. Qoodi delivertd tu uy pirt of the city without extra charge. KINNKY A SEA BOLT.


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