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Celebrated The best shoe! yefjfor the Best American Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, all cut Hard wear in every pair. GOODSPEED & SONS 17 South Main street. FRANCIS' LYORK, M.A., W'lll recelve during THE COMINC SUMMER A LlmlttHl numter of Puplls lti PI ANO, ORC AN AND H ARM ON Y , At greatly BEDTJCEiD K'ATESApply by mail or at TSTO. 30 SOUTH INGALLS STREET. ! G. H. St. CLAIR & SONS I MAXUFACTÜRÈRS OF SclioolauflClmrcli FURNITURE. OPERA HOUSE CHA1R8 AND WIND-MILLS. F Are dow prepftretl to manufacture School and Church Furnlture, and Opera House Chaira, Lawn Setlees, Camp Tables and the TRIUMPH WIND-MILL The best and siraplest and most rrltable la use. Repalrlng done on short notlce. Also dealers In PUMPS, CVLIXDEUS, PIPES, ETC. TANKS MADE TO ORDER. LADDERS, PEACH BOXES, BEJU!V CUATES, In lact, any artlcle made to order. NO. 33 N. FOURTH STREET, ANN ARBOE, MICH. MADAME MORAS CORSETS. Jm . 1'EUFtCX FITTING. JBb ¦Tchantg say thoy artro twtter H jkrulLsfu. Umi ttian mij rorfcot UR w rwniruiH ml tJuni furtht-lr nno ÜT L . siiape. ('tnnot break ovrr JlT JT Aro pai-tU-ularly likert ()j JPJJjwJJt; LaJie(,ffunoKur. Tle". S "X v TOIK" and "AI.DINK" írjrfv ; i which corera tho open ¦pace T&v92T'' sEs rj "'' i'r"ttrtfífl(1iiíri('V J V' IüFs lmstholcpularKKMOf V íJZ.jr tbl Stki.i. wlih'h fc j, Jf catï b initaiitly taken fTV L , iffl "n'IIKo CT IJiMim. ak fnr IKBWm Cjl'-Iirata! Fren.h Curvrd m i WHWlflK Band. }Vwnrt of imltatiniiH fY I iBSf '"r ""'" 'lv "" leiwllng dealm 4' Illjiliffil " llanufïc'turud hj Madame Mora's Contour. I.. kkaisaco.. Madame Mora's La Reine. Blrmingham, nu. Madame Mora's Aldlne. # 6. Fiuptrik a .... Madame Mora's Comfort Hip. 71 Lcuuani su, .V Y. IOFIITC WANTEO 'hr "- scott'b BÜi jnU EDTICCDC ' h'l.who wnh to r.irr.ln " ¦ f I IwCIlV thu papi, 01 obtlin estimatej on advertiting t paco whsn n Chicago, wil fmd it on filaat lh.Ad„t..mgAnCyolLORD THOIIASl


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