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fiSPRlCtfc Ú . rcBEAMT: PRPRICES 0 i SPECIAL I N flVORI5 AKlNg I rowoEfl iExtracTS KL (e- --ïiï 1 NATURAL FRUIT JQÑÜmH ll FLAVORS MOST PERFECT MADE Prepared with strict regard to Pnrity, Strcngth, and Healtüf ulnes. Dr. Pricc's Bakinfj Fowdcr tontaina no Aminonia, Lime or Aluin. Dr. Price's Extracta, V anilla, Lemon, ürangc, etc., flavordcliciously. PRICi BAKINQ PO W DER CO., Chicago and St. Louis. STJCCEEDS LIKE SUCCESS THB ffHBELMNS' GAZETTE ! OF SPSIXEiiELD, XASSACSUSmS, ü, S. A, IS OHSTE. THEWHEELMENS'GAZETTE 18 A FOURTH OF 32 PACES AND COVER, PUBLI8HKD MONTHLY. ONLY FIFTY CENTS IFIEIR. YEAK. WHBBLMBN AND OTIIEUS WHO WANT ( HOICE READING CAN SECURE THE SAME IÍY 8UBSCRIBINO FOR THE GAZF.TTi;, A HANDSOME PAPER. WFXrPRINTED AND MODEL OF NEWSPAl'KK N'KKU ADDRESS WHEELMENS' GAZETTE, SPRINGFIELD, - MASSACHU3ETTS. Sample Copies Free. 96-ly È -I fe IMVÍRSAL jr m vf 57,0inmiil mi I. tLjK ' 'jftjf'T' i' ï % 3 M-.UI Ul.l Dtplmiia, W-;H CjSfciT1 f! P IC ' H4orW A víícji. Oíd lUthi Röni-wf.!. " L Stnl fcr Cin-ulan. E. J. KNOWLTON, Ann Arbor, Mich. A COMPI.KTK AKBAKNC.MKNT FOK Physician asi Families. Keater and Chiper AND MOKI CO3"V"!lÑriE!3SrT HAN A HTATÍONARY BATH TLTB, WITH NO EXPENSE OP BATH IlOOM AND FIXTUKES. ANN ARBOR FRUIT 0RCHARD. BARTLETTES, FLEMSl BEAUTY Aiul uil kiudsof Auiutim Peart W11IIK (iKAPES, COXCORD GRAPES, SALEM GRAPB8. RASl'BKKHY, SIIIU US, aml WINE. 1'liMso culi :it th' orclmnl on Wosl lluron street, or Bend your onlerg tor Fruit mul Fruit Tices caí y to EMILBAUR, - ANN ARBOR. ias:i-tf ABNER MOORE'S TONSORIAL PARLOR, Next door to the Farmer1 and Meohanlo! Bank. IIAIR CUTTING, SHAVINO, BHAMPOONING AND DYEING. The best of Workroea ni'l Salisfactlon (uuranteed. n. TT I= T TJ FL E!. tl LAN'S IMI'l'.lilAI, TRI SS Splral Spring, radcil Irom 1 to (j poands in pr-ssure. )R DA Y A'D K1HT, by au In font a weck oíd, oran aan 11 80 yearg. Ladles TrusKi's ;v porfctlon Bnolose stamps for testlinonlaN ol rures, utc. EGAN IMPERIAL TRUSS CO., ANN Akhou, Mich HA IVIACKINAC. The Uoit Dallghtful 8UIVHVIER TOUR Plao fltd&men. Low Rat. Fout Trips per Week Betwean DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Every Weak Dy Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Writa for our "pictupesque Mackinac," Il!u9trated. "ontaíTiB Full Pnrtionlar. Malled Fre. Detroit i Cleveland Steam Nav. Co. . O WH1TCOM3 QCN PAS AGT. DETROIT MICH fTTi JAMKsí;. iii,im bI&k Outsclla a!l oUMfbooks. Hon flHHr i-u J) ' ¦K0G tuk - ii u,7ii muit, r u-h' t fu The ¦TF fc Jtfr. BUune'8 frit ml or cnvmy, Jmil u-Ui ru rt r ut tt dtnen uittil he WKb VHIBI 'l(ifl ri''"' ""' v'hulr." Hou. Alhn ¦f? ' . 'i Immiun, tayg; UA classic yNJOpi " '- ín ouf I i tii ii l histnry." Lfci',]! S er wantod on cominls¦HMte Slun ur Wilary. AiMrew, Kiitttt Iirttlt' ¦, tu IQ PAPER sysïïSï! Newspapor Alv'rtising Bureau (10 Spruca Btreet)(wbero advera Brllff UAIII# bc uuulo lor it lullbffff I U II Ib f rt X f fieMi art tftree, bnt ihoie mhó irrfta to I I SlinnonACo .Portluid, Mint,wiNrP(To E T I I II fretl' f"" ill('lirm'tion 'bout work which I I I I ''"' oan '"' lr"' 1"et tioriia.thKt will py A J XJJmM tbem f rom $5 to 925 par day. Rome hars aro8d oTar$.')0io aday. Klther ex, yoongoréld. CaplUl rot requirrd Yom arastarted froe. Thoao whoatart at uuc ut abaolutelj aurc uf njug littlt iwi tuuea. AU il atw.


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