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NO FEE I ! 1 ESTiBiisnrn i.-,i. ) Merrill UNTILBETTER ƒ DETKOIT.MICU. f Block. ' =Wf] Th KeSslar' Old-Establlshad 4í_ki;jJ PHTSICLVX & SCRGEON Lt ff Is til trcaling with the grcitcrt j! SKILLAND 8UCCES8 FpWfeWP YOUNGMEN,M!DDLE-AGEDMEN and all persons who by their own acts of Impradence or Follyat any p'criod of life have brought upon themselves, the cvil ctfccts fullowini closely upon the heels of trnn Bgreósiön f the laws of nature, should consult tlie cHchrated Dr.Clnrkc at once. Kemeuiborl Ñervo us dlseae(with or without dreams) or debllity and töM of nerve power treated scientiücally hy new methoda with never failing success. J5""It makefl no differcnce what you have taken or wiio has failedtocurc you. JOTae terrible polsons of Sypliilis and all bad blood and skin diseasos. completelv eradi cated without mercury. Remember tliat thinno horrible riisease, If neglcted or improperly ueated.cursesthe present and fcomlng gcncrations J-AI1 unnatural diftchargu curcd promptly Without hindrance to bñsin --s. No experíments, lioth sexes consult confiU iitially. Age and ezperience important. A written grunr;inU?e of cure Kiven in vcry caso nnuertaken. JOufferer from anv clironlc disease write ITistory and Symptoms of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others hava failed to cure. 53=-Send two stamps For celbratfd works on CnVonic, Nervons .-índ lliíiit1 Distases. You have an fxtiaustive syniptomatolopy by which to study your own case. Qonsultation, pcrsonally or by letter, fre. Consult the oíd lioctor. Thoüsands cured. Oílices and parlora private. You see no one rut tbr Doctor, Befara confiilinií your cuse consult Dli CLARKK. A friendly letter'or cali may save future suft'eríng and chama and add golden vears to lííc. Medicíúcfl sent everywhere secure frum expusurt). liuurst 6to 8; Sundays, 9 to 12. Adü: F. D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. M!ch NOW IS THE TIME TO USE JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA FOR LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, AND FOR PURiFYING THE BLOOD. It has been in uso for 26 years and has provod to be tho best preparation in tbe Marki t tor Slck Headacho, Pain In the Side or Back, Liver Complaint, Pimplos on the Face, Dyspepsia, Piles, and hu Viseases that arlse frora a disordered Livir or impure blood. Tliousands of our bosl peopJe tako it and give it to tlieir childron. Physieians proscribe it daily. Those wbouso it once recoinmend it to others. It is raado from Vollow Dock, Honduras Sarsaparilla.WildCherry.KtillniKiu.Diuidrlioii, Sas8afra8,WÍQtergreen, aiui other ¦cll-known valuabíe Roots and Herbs. It is strictly vegetable, and cannot hurt the most delicate constitution. It is ono of the best mediciues in uso for the llowels. It is sold by all rosponsiblc clmpuist at one dollafforaquartbottle. orsix FOT fl ve dollar. Sample b(ittl's BO ots. freo mi i riiipt of price. W. JOHNSTON & CO., Detroit, Mich. tWWhtn yim turne trird all the SariHiprillas, and have bet-n dittappoinliut, BryJbhfuton!. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 South Main St., Anii Arbor. The oMi'st ageney In the city. KslulliRhed over a quarter of a ceutury mo. BeprewntlDg the followlng íirst-class coinianies. wit 1 1 over $60,000,000 Capital and Atset. HOME INS. CO., of Ni'W York. CONTINENTAL INS. C(i.. ¦! NYw York. NIÁGARA INS. i'o.. of New York. QIKAKI) INS. pÓ.,of PblladelpbU. ORIEN'I' INS. co.,, f Hartford. OOMNíERQIAL ÜNlON, ol London. LIVERPOOL, LONDON and GIAJBE. WASHINGTON PIRE and MARINE, f Boaun, Ratos Low as tlic Lonest, bossex Liberal ly Ailjiistcd nul prompt ly I'aiil. O. II. m'h.I.I.N ATTTf7Tl s,iiíí ili centa (br pottage 'U I L "'"' feee've free.n coilj Ix.i r n I r cií -iMi wh '¦ ' wi11 r ¦ - 1 1 J 'o 'iiurrin"n.-y rlt;)]' -i:l I han niyihtiv in tliis world. A)l, of oither nex, aaootftd froni ti r- t hour. Tli6 broad road to fortune i'lllK btiJori wtrk-r, h(olafely ur.'. ai n:ir, addrcKp. 'i kik a r.., Aiuhi):i. Matne. Minore money ihnn M anythlnkelMibi tk ing un tíífiícy tor ih1' bi!-i m-míhií BDak nut. Bvgirnera acreed grftndlj. Noe rail. Teims free. BallittBook '¦., Portland, Mainr.


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