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The Greatest Tonic And Appetizer Ever Produced

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Compounded from Roots, Herbs and Barks. No Poisons nor Opiates Used. A Sure Cure for all Kidney and Liver Complaints, and a Positive Proof Against Bright's Piscase. A Remarkable Cure which is Aj k A Wonderful Occurrence. I..._L._:_ P,nn L.... n Sí S v!k, Jackson, Miclu, Oct., Awakemng Great Interest in m ,-..,,, Min Hhcumat.csyn.pco.: j': aaï -ifolJaL M Gentlemen - In November, i, I was Cut in the Onri shnilt IflíVcnn lír Hlfehi '¦ fo -- ''"Ñ' wrist by a hroken bottlet from which I luflvnd UMU UlJUlll JuUnOUlI' JBBEsf Ú flg S '¦ ' extreme pain. 1 called upon .1 doctor whu nIackson May aS 1SS6. mffi'M "-Sí. -jBhMS noi.nced it Sciatic Rhciiinatism. He (?ave "; ;l Rheumatic Syrup Co.: ' í-iM C MK raorphine injtction n my rijfhl shoulder, whlch Genllemen-For ten vears I have been a great sufifei _V resulten in paralyzinjr my ri.-ht side was kent lererfrom Dy.pcn.ia an.l Neuralgia. Abouttwelv. AA .„, IHf ujder the inrluence of morphmc until ast Mar.h years ro my kuíncvs and liver became diseased, my My right leK and arm had beame badly withered whole ívsteín deranged, my stomach became vreak, % ¦ anl! mX m"ís wa. so -1!1 th:lt w.,s b,,t 1 ule nd I was attacked with the worst l.rm of Dys.e.) Ba"'-'action in them. About that 1 .üm „ntinul lh ia, which lasttd until quite reccnUv. Al.ut the -JST ...::.:::;:i. usc ' morlhin.'. Some m we.-Us :,L, 1 hrsl h, ame Üme Dyspepsia took so firm a hóld on me Neu. r.V.:HHr ,JSfe-: :u;::;. of your Hhenioitir Syrup and was advised to try it. ralei set in, sometimes attackin? me in h.M.l -rfMlWMaBrr -""'' And here let me imp:. ' nprii J.uir m.n.l about thc temples, then in the back of ...y neik and -vÜÍMHB3í3SyBS:Ü: that m,v rleht arm ancl kr w'rc paral vzed houlders, then in mv stomach. The suntrinK and = and wilhered so mm-h tlwt I coiild hardly walltw extreme pain which I have endured the past twelve áMOHnHKgl fe= wlnK lon;' aml "lllt ''"' '""'¦ "'"' 1"""ll'cl wllh years is more than I can describe. I fwvc taken 3 . p K"oat cflort añil pain Smce 1 lakwg nearlyevery medicine I could learn or hear ol , h .¦ OS R' tt= vmir Syrup I have left on thc OK ol crutehej employed the most skillful physicians. Dr. Slenuu, 5S Ha ent.rely. ar.d only a cañe, añil lor the past Wy One of the best and ablest doctors of our city, HHHBHHl T&ÊËÈB iay 1 often furect it aml walk without any aid. To 135 Main Street, doctored me for a long time, and 3H aaS== say lhat ' ;lm h:lppv, aml that it has greatlv henelik-d can tcsüfy a to the severity of my disease. 1 never 9 : me but poorly expreasea my idea of yuur Rheumatic ucceeded in eettine any permanent relief until I g iaaBaKÜÜSüg? Syrup Yonrs truly, had ued Hibbard'l Rheumaüc Syrup. I have Sg3 fl 'HTiW ' g C. D. DEN IO, Dealer ... Oem-ral rocerics. gained ten pounds of rlesh in seven wet-ks. The jjepj5ga==jSS=" cor. Trail and Mech Sis. allowncss which o dis(i)f.ired my complexión 'sSS&EÍ?5faSsEeíL=S Denio is a man wcll known in Uuand caused me years of sorrow has beca entirely ':3SSB munity, and w:ií probably the winst wreek pbyli' removed, and my general health is better than . I hJis l.nrl"í A IFá cmlly of any man th country ever m. He w:.s been in thirteen years. The severity of the Neural HIKK AKU parílyxad fifom RheumaUc poboo, and no 00 (fie pains hid caused a contract, on of the inuscles, IIIWW'HV expected he would j;et well. He ia well, though, or nerves, on the right side of my face to such an T% I I I IR M A ifA and il is simply marvelous. above Itatcmtnt exlent as to partially dose my right eye, which your K H t. L J IV1 A I I Lj made by him is true. and m.iN Ix: fully n -lied upon. Syrup has entirely cured. My face and eye are III IMWITUT i 1 I ain trulv your,' restored to their natural State. I most chcertullv fXDI H KRANK I.. SMIIH, recommend it to aoy afflicted in like manner, or lor O Y Kl JK Éx-Membér State Lcgislature, and proprietoi Hurd general debility. Very respectti.Uy, NOBJ K ¦¦ House, Jackson, Mich. Comer Mechad and Masón M, ' u'uU ÏST ïggL &L MST Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup is put up in large kf h pilTTf Cí TI A rlR.SLnrS. $'-uo, or six Iwttle.s for $5.00. II bottles, and is sold by drugK.sU generally. Trice 1(110 ULUa LÍO í laOUVIOl (t J , J g ., ( Jfí r,JS , $1.00, or six botües for J5.00. If your drujrgist docs - addrcss on receipl "t pri.e, tn-igjit itrcnoid. Sehil not have it write us and we will send it to any a CJ-api fi f fot tnS BlOOU. for our medical pamphlct address on receipt of pricc, frcijfht preoa.d. Scnd Jti. DpOCilii.l-' 1U1 UU.O U1WU HílllMAIH S'ill-fO. for our medical pamphlet - -$-AHJ-'- Solé man.ji 11, Miohl Soie manuiacturers, jackson. Mió. A BegnlatoT of the Lher and KidueySi There is no Remedy known that equals this "NATURE'S SPECIFIC" for Removing Blotches and Brown Spots and all Skin Eruptions from the Face, thereby Beautifying the Complexion, Giving a Bright and Clear Expression to the Eye. . IT CTJEES IT CUBES RHEUMATISM. Malaria and Headache. IT CTJEES Xl11 CUEES Scrofula and Salt Rheum. All Blood Diseases


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