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m vso Vit' ■ ■ ic i. rom A.SV A.KBOR (ÍOMMANDEKY, No. 13 Illei'tS flrst ruesday of each raoutb, W. Q. Doty, E. C; W. A.. Tolchard, Reoorder. Wasutenvw OHAVTBB, Nu. ''■, H A. M.- Mets lirst BConday eaob munlh. Isaac H ui ly, II 1'.; Z. ttuttth, Secretary. BUSINESS CARDS. DKAI.I 11 IN CLOTH CASKETS, METALIC And Ooinraon Cofflns. OalU ttlented I Hay or Nlgiit. Bmbalmlng a ipeolalty. sto:eroora on K. Washington streel. Uesldence Cor. Liberty and Klflh. W. II. JACKO, 3,IE3II rHTilIIISHTII, OFFICE : Over Kacli & Abel's Dry Good Store. Entrance next to National Bank. VILLIAn I1ERZ, House, Siga, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paperiugi Qlazlug, Gilding, and Calciminlnit, and work Dt everj aMCripuoa done iu the best etyle, and warranted to give satisfuction. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Anr, Arbor. XV. W. & A. C. MICHOE.S, Rooms Over Ann Arbor Savings Bank, Miisonic Temple lílock. G A.S or VITALIZED AIR Adnitnisteri-d for the patnlcn extraction "f teetn. STATE STREET Mú Tailoring Est&talisiimeiit ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UkabSir: If youwant a nent Snit do not order unlll you liave eeeu JOSEFII BEHBÏ, Merchant Tallor. Btat itreet, Ann Ar,bor. Mlch. Yon will tlud :i very fliiu line Of Engllsh Worateils íor Iir.'.ss Sults, and a 1 the NeweatsJliadesand WeTe lnSaek SnlUnga and trowsenugs In stoet and samples lo ord()ar"mig experlenco In emihles us to elve yon a neat and perfect flt, and Olptbes made In flrst-class order, at Lowest Living Prlces. Cali and m for yourse f. R-PSDpyáBEftRT, Merchant Tallor CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE I $29,000,000. Security held for the ection of the pollcy CHRISTlïi MACK Bepresents the bllowion fl''T?'"1''""'.0' which one, the ma, hos alone naid 5h,00ü,00ü Ure O98CB in Klxty-üve yeare: Etna, of Hartford $ 9,í2,644 Krüukliti of Phlladelpliia 3,118,713 Gernwni.. N. Y 2,700.7-29 Üennaii Aineiican, N. Y 4,00..,!)()8 Loiulmi A-i.-uraiu'f, Lonrton. . l,410,7W Michigan F. ft M., Detroit.. . 2S7.COS N. Y. ünderwriter, N. Y 2,590,079 National, Hartford l,74,;0o PhcBiiix, Brooklyn 3,759,030 Losses liberally adjusted and nromptly pilid. Policios issucd at the lowest ratcs of premium. I191tf LT7MBERI LT7MBBH! LÏÏMBEH! If you contémplate bonding, cali at FERDON Luit liRii! Corner Fourth and Depot Sts., and ge our figures for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lumbcr and gurantee AERY LOW PRICES a-Give ua a cali and we will make it to your Interest, as our lare and wcll gradcd stock fully ■ ustains our assertioo. Telephone Connettions rlth Office, f. J. KBKC1I Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAINE'S FIRE ASD I.IFE lNS0RANCB_A6BAlGr ! 'o. 10 East Huron Street, Opposlte Cook House. Ten Flrst-Class Compaules represented. Assatts Over $25,000,000. 1319-13ti'J. 1171 UT more moneyt han at anythlns;elsc bf talt 11 I V infi an apenry iorth') best sclling hook II I ï out. BuKlnnera nucreud giandly. None 11 1 fall. Terms fn-e. Hallstt Book Co., Portland, Malne. inrilTO WANTFn 'or dr. scott'8 I l.lCorsets. Sample free to thosc lx-. l""' ■ W cominif agenU. No risk, qulck salee. TMTltory srien, satisfacilon guaranlead. Addresa DR.SCOTT.842 Broadway St.,N.YBÍRRY BOXESf Sït Bl tor ULIojm-. nDAQl'l'TQ C.Colbi é Co.,Beuton Harbor, Mlch. DAOIxLl 0 Sawing Made Easy. KOHABCH LIQUXN1NO SAWIU0 UA.CHHH For loRKlni campa, mxx] Tarda, farmers getttag oni aloTowooa.andaltëorteof ]iff-cuuln(?- it lrlixl. r mu vrart. a boy of 16 can n lopi ,■""■ 7. Immense aaTincr of labr and dmi. Wrlu roreleaantly Ulaatratet catloi?u In 6 brUluuit polors, aso brtUlantlj Ulumliuuted poetur In 0 colora. AU bv AffUDtS W&ntèd. ütg mvmty muU qttvklv. H08AICB ÏT3. CO., C1IFEHTZ37ILL8, Q.L


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