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Regular montlily mceunr ot tne comK,n council Monday eveolng. Kull Osrd present. l'KTITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS. Of A. H. Holmes, T. F. McDonald and en others, asking for a sidewalk on the west side of Forest avenue, from ürleaus treet to tha aouUi line of the lot oml y A. II. Holmes; iU i CTOMiBg on the west side of Forest avenue, across Wilard street. Of Airred linker, Kachel S. Smlth and M. Beerv for a tidewalk on the west sMe of Thayer street, the south 8 roda on the east side of ulocfc 4. [Tilll walk has been earnettly prayed for and nsked for, and lic aeglect of the eouncil to compel its oonttructlon is i thiiig to be regretüwf]. Of Mix. V. Bamfiton Cbaa. E. Lowrey, John Pardon and N. W. Uheever, askinft for a plank sklewalk on the soutli side of Madisou street, from Tliompson to Grove street; and a'so four croaeings on south side of Madisnn streir, odh across State, one across Tliompson, and one across Grove street. All above referred to thesidewalk committee wilh power to act. Petition of John Flynn, A. G. Sohmldt and 13 otliers askins; for the clean Ing out of a ditch diig hy the city on Pontiac street eome 25 ycars ago. Keferred to the street coniinittee wltli power to act. A comraunicatlon w:is recelved from Cliief Bngtneer Borg sdvUlng the sule ot tlie Ihree lire hand engines owned by the cUy, and the iiiveslinent of the prooeeds iu other necessary apparattu for the fire depaitinent. Kefened to the committee on lire department wilh power to act. Sjinuel üett and wife ap] eared before the OouiicU oonaplainlng that their cow had been taken white Opon their OWI premises and put in the pound. Chiei Si)ley said a good many complaints lia( been made of thia cow and lVlieemun Amsden had taken the animal wliile tiec upon the street and feeding there. On motion of Aid. Allmendinger the amouii of Pollceman Amsden's fee, $2.00, was remitted. HEP0UTS OF COMMITTKES. Aid. Allmendinger from the committee on tinance reportad the followlng expen ditures for the montli: lst wnrd 47 83 2d " i"l 3d ' ',; ii 4th ' lt3 7 511! " tu " e 8 Ueneral street lund 2H7 7 Oeneral lund _ S10 50 CoiHiiiucul fuud 181 9 Total N.4N Also the bilis oí jas. Tolbert, $14.81 for lamber, and tlie Ann Arbur Gas Co. of $83.38 torgas. Report accepted nnd Recorder instructed to draw warrants. The moiíthly report of Marshal SJpley showed the l'ollowing expenditura of the poor fund for the montli: lst ward_ $ 12 50 d " 12 (10 3d " 14 67 4th .'i-'i 44 5tll " 'JÜ 41 BUi ' U0 Total 101 02 The liquor bouil of Mlobael B. Schaible was approved. City Trejisurer Sors reported the following balances: Contingent fund, on hand $ 5,28T 8 General Fuud, overdrall 1 45 Ueneral streut fund, overdiaft 233 41 IsL ward iiind im liand 506 t)ii 2il " ' ' " 351 27 3d 2:J0 30 4111 ' " 73 RS 5ttl " " 57 VS tftti " " " " 63 1 Clly Cemetery fd, overdraft 24 7 Dog tax fund on hand 10U (R) lcliniitpnt tax, overtiratl ft7 4it Water Works luud on hand 5,155 00 City Attorney Kinne reporUd an ordlnance grantinj; the Ann Arbor Street Railway Co. a franchise for the purpose of constructinv and operatiiif; u strcet railway witlijn the cit}'. On niotion of Aid. Allmcndinger the matter was laid upou the table UDtll ncxt Monday cvcninif. Aid. Allniendinger moved that the Recorder bc nstructeü to draw a warrant on the contingent finid In favor of Lcwis Seyler for $115.50, teeiiiK the unexplred time of his liquor tax. C uricd. Council tlien adjourned.


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