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The battle of the ballots now loonis up ...

The battle of the ballots now loonis up ... image
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The battle of the ballots now loonis up fiercely. The W. C.T. V. meet on Tneiday eveninrs heieaft er, at Croptey'i hall. Geo. Clarken is layinr n stotie aidewalk in front of his now store on Aluin st. Dorotlm Weaderoder, of tliis dty, died Bept. 30, '80, AjirA fJ3yeaci aml 9 moutlis. It is sald that the cotnmunlon service held al the M. E. cliurch last Suuday w the largos) evir known in tfié society. - Ilutzcl & ('o., liavp ;m Indlaa battle axe and otlicr relies they foond in dlgrijlna the water works trencüos at Btreator, 111. A oew itonfl sidewalfe in front of Cook's hotel i betng prepared t'or, mui one in front of Stein'a market hu just been lald. For the first time this fall Jack Frost pve us a visit la-t Baturday moruins. There have been otlier frosts but not to do any ilaiiingc. Next wiek tlure will be a pastoral conference of üie mlnfctèn of tiiis district of L'nitvU Evangélica] lynod, held at Bethlehem ehurch. The ehurch was fillcd to overflowlnj; to beat tlic Asyiian lady laat SUoday even Ing, and her words we re very entertaining. Old Jack Frost has been of great service to the yoiuijT laf la rho are gathering the large erop of hickory outa that have grown this scason. Our hardware men are doing a tremendoaa business just now, almost impossible to fret an order tilleil, so inauy orders ahead of vours. Titus Ilutzel tells us that tbe Beethoven society will pay upwardl of 350 toward the expenses of the Inte taenger&M Pretty dear nnisic for theni. Dr. P. N. Wilder, of Chicago, son-inlaw of Daniel IJ. Brown, brought the remains of a two-year old daughter to Ann Arbor for intermeiit, lust 8 itimlny. Saturday, Oct. 8th, the town board of Ann Arbor will reeeive all the woodobnek pcalps the boys mgy have captured, ït fown C'lerk Davis' oflice in the conrt house. The county pomológica! society will hold its October meetlnjr next Saturday p. ra. The exbibita ot fruit at the state and county fair, trespass, and fall work will be the subjects for discussion. Geo. Clarken we imderstand offers to give the city the rifrht of way throuirh bis land if the city will condtmu the Parker lot for a n alley. Capital idea. An alley is nseded there so that free accegs can be had to the city market lots in the rcar. Died at her home, in Exeter, Monroe Co., on the 29th of Sept. 18S6, of a tliiid paralytic stroke, Mrs. A. C. Torrev. third laughter of the late William and "llarriet 1 atton, ot this city, Ihr remains were brought to Ann Arbor for intermeiit Aged 69 years. A missious-fest is to be held at Bethlehem Lutheran chuch next Sunday. Two ministers will assist the pastor one of whom will be Iïev. Robertos, of Chelsea. HornlBg enrice commencesat lOo'clockafcernoon service at 2:30 o'clock: and even ing service atT:3Ü o'clock. By the Chicago papen it is noted that there has been incorporated the "Chicago 22S?S.d Perfu'nory (;-.," capital stock foOO.OOO, and that Dr. Preston B. Rose is one oi tlnee Itieorporators. This is to manufacture a soap which the Dr bas made and which has shown sueh meiit that a coinpanv was nninklu f(1,„,„,i ,„ "- N."i"i'j Diia quicKiy lonneu to JMisll It. The Argtis aunounces thaf it will remove to the north halt of Diiffy's block on N. Main st., opposite the postolliee, during tlie coming week, baving its business otlice on tbe frround floor. It will put In a new cylioder preas, and fit up a complete oflici!. The paper will ateo be chauged to a quaito. We are plea-ed to have the Argus ai a near neighbor. Dr. Steele last Suoday del i ve red toa large aiulience n rcry eloquent and instructive discourse on the present condition of this country, in immense territory, ts v.ui.ius nationalities, and the absolute necessity of a well developed chrlatlanity Co preserve; and protect tbe frri-at latei ts of our vaat and growiiig re public The Iowa state Register ofSept. 28tb, basanartlcle in referenoe to the lady f rom which the ovarían tumor was recently removed liy Dr. A. L. Worden, statini: that ' lie is noif uble to bu nbout the house, aml is iccovcrinir nlcely." Drs. Ford umi Pal mer teil Dr. Worden's father, (Chas. H. Worden of this city,) that it is one of the mot lemaikabïe cases on record. A niisguided youiigjoiiruaüst In Washtenaw county, of the democratie per-uusion, is reported to ba meditating whai be calis an attack on Capt. Allen's reoord M an Imliin agent. We hope he will think better of this for hls own sake, for we can assure hiin that weapon is loaded.- Adrian Times. This cau't refcr to our new frienu of the Argus? He is too slirewd to be ciught in a trap. Wonder who it can be? The ChautaiiquaLiteraryand Scientlfic Circlewill hold the first meeting of the year at the home of Miss Emma Hay ley No. 34 Liberty St., on Friday evenlng October 8th, '8G. All old mumbers and those who contémplate taking the conrse are invited to be present at this meeting. Information concerning the C. L. S. C. course and bookt used can be liad by calling on Miss Hayley at tbe store of Andiews & Witherby No. 19 South Main St. The following compliment to Ann Arbor comes from the Manchester linterprise: Ann Arbor Is gettint? to be a very progreKSIvecltj-aml her baslaeaa men areof tbe rislit Ktiiiiip. Tlicy are tnlklnt; ui' UghUng tbe entlreclty wllli electriciiy umi bave sent representatlves of the council und Ijnslness men's asooclation to vislt neighborlngcitlee and investlgute llie diflTerent modeaoi cleclrlc lichting. Alsti, in maklnKtiii' scli'ction they Dave chosen men who bave BOihe practical kqowIOdge of the business. Amonti the nuniber aro T. J. Keech, munacer of llio telephone exohauge, and l'rof. Lungley. Frank Iloward, of this city, who was operating in real estáte at Detroit a year or more since, found an inventor of a Rtaveless flour barrel, who wanted a partner to invest in the enterprisp. Mr. II. with a keen eye to business took in the sltuatlon and accepted the proposal. The result has been a large laetory employing 100 men and having more orders than can be lilled. One firm bas just contractAd for 10,000 bailéis :i day tor thrce years. Tbe body of the barrel is made in two pieces. The Central Mills are using them, and uny one can see tlicm puttogetlier by coopers in the old Weil tannery, Washington street west. It'atoobadl We ur.derstand that one of the democartie nouiinoe3 for coroner doesn't understaud anvtbing about anatomy. He It á flne old gentleman; agood, clevcr fellow; college edocated at that; but he oever oughl to i)e coroner without a thorou'h and complete comprebension ofanatomy! "Spo-ui', for instam-e, there should be a CSM of siiiláiMi deatb from pmall pox, typhoid or sc.irlet fever, or jaundicc, hou in Lhe wprld could he ever render a verdict without being an anatomlcal expert T Wbv. the very thought of it congeali tbe bovliilnq in our arteríesl Qo tliuii and stniy dental surgery, and then we'll glye thee coroner. The republicana aeked for the eonrl house In which to hold a inbl:c meeting, and were Informed tb at tJiey could not bave t as tbe Bupervlsora had refuse 1 i i allow any politica! meetings to be held thereln. Bat la-t eveulng the prohlbitionists held a politica] meetlug there jurt tbe same. We sliould like to u-k the queation wby the prohibltioniiU are any better than any otlier tlian political partv"' Is it l)ecusellieir actiou uelps the demócrata? Or are thcy so mach purer and bolier tbn the rt)Ullcang tliat they are tlms favored t Or do they piy such an additioiml aiiiount of taxes that their rtquest was rauted ? e thlnk an ezplanatlon is In order. The Art Club held thcir flrst meeting for the ycar yesterday p. ni., at Kandall's. Archie Smith of tliis city, tdvertlsol for n red-keaded wlfe, in the South Lyou Excelsior. A man glvlna his name as John Schacffer was arrestea Frlday for beuging and pretending to be a deaf-mute. The laige amlience who heard Mis. Banikat CKiHribiited fCS. for Mrs. 15. to establlsh her orphan asylum on Mt. Ia'1anon. Henrv I). Merritlirw has been appolnfc ed ileputy clerk n place f Seward Cramer who enters the univor.-ily. and c:inDot altend to botTi. St-uaid made an excellent dejiuty, and canght on to business qnickly. Beven merobers n( the Detroit Jlicycle Club passed tlirough tliis city t i):20 tbis mm niiiir and are making a hnodred mile run. They go to Saline and return to Anu Arbur for dinner, rcturning to Detroit tliis p. m. Si nee the CouuiKii spoke about Jlr. Crozier hob-nobinr with the domocratic polttlclaos in this city, his presenoe traong them has been leu noticeablc. llis plans and thler plans are however, It is thoir battle he is fishting. Peter Gorman, of Lyndon, father of James Gorman, died last Fiiday f rom the affect of poison (paris reen) idministered by his own haud. This makes the third attempt he had made to poison himselt. He was considered insane on the subject. Geo. Brown and Clias. Arthur, two colored men arrested a sbort time since uear I[lan, for bnrgUry trom a Pittstield farmer, appeared before Jud?e Jnslyn this forenoon, plead griUty, and were sentenced to two years each at hard labor In the state pri.-'on. The jirohibitionistf!, at their conventinn yesterday, placed iu nominution the (bllowlng ticket: Sheriff- Alfred iMIIler, 8:Ulne. Clerk- Alvln Wllsey, Ann Arbor. Treusurer- Clias. Klemlug, Ypsilantl. B l.csti'r.I. Püliner, Uexter. Proaecutliii; Attorney- D. B. Taylor, Sylvaii. Clrcatt Coarl (-oiiimlssinnpr- Clias. Salyer Ypxilsntl ; W. 11. Bishop. AiiKusta. Coronern- A.B. Hrallli, Mlliui, FlavlusComstock, Salem. Reproseuiatlve, lst district- R. ('. Keeves, Dexter. Representativo, 2d district- C. M. Follows, Sitaron.


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