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Jíotlce to Credllors. STATK OFMICB lUAN.Uollnty of WashtenW,W. Notlce in hereby Livwi, ihat by un ortl'T ol tbe Probate Court tor the ('ounty of Washtenaw, niade oo the tenth diiy of September, A. il. 1888. six months ïrorn ihnt date were allowed forcrediiors to pretenl thelr elalBU ágatas! ttaa estáte ,1. Maria Ciarle, late of tald connty, deceaied, and ihat all creditore of said deeeaeeé re reqniredto preeent tlu'ir claims to taid Probate Conrt. al the Prohatcotllct!, in ihecityof Ann Arbor, for lamín ation an4 allowancr, on or befitre Lhe I'ith day ot M:irch next, and that stieh olalma will be lieard before naid conrt, oh Friday, thc tenth dtiy ot December, a:id on Thursdiiy, the lüih day ol March i 11 leo o'rlock In the forenoon ol eMfa ol [aid day. Dated, Anii Arbor, Soplembel 1 , . D. ; WILLlA.vl 1). HAKIilMAN, 1 :; 17-1321 Judeol Prohate Eslate of Eloanor 0. Btbbius. STATE OF MIClilGAN, ('ounty of Washteuaw. M. At a MMioa of thc ProbateCourt Ibr thcConnty of Wníhienaw, holden at the Probate Office. Ib he rity of Ann Arbor. on WednetdAj. the 16th day of SeptemlM r, ni v.u feat mu thoiiKand ciglii hundred :iini elghty-fllx Presentí Wiiliatu D Harriman, Jadíe ol l'robate. In the matter of th( estáte of Eleanor ('. Bibblni, (lcocaseii. On reodlng and fil'ns? tbe pctltlon, duly vcriflod, of Charlo II. Worden pntylng that icertaln Inr-trinni-!,! iiow on tile in Ihln court purportlmi tobe the lasi will und lettament of nld dereonedi imij bo admittt-'d to probate, a:id ttiat he may beappciintrd execnior thereol. Thereupon ït ie ordrred. that Monday, the lSrh day of Octobur next, at 10 o'dook ii thr lorunoon, br aesigned for tluí hearinp of !nld petition and that the devUee, leguees, aml ni law ol !ai'l duceevedi and all ther pcruone lnterevt .- ■ 1 d ñid eítate, are requlred to tppeat 1 a aea sion of aid conrt, theii to he hotdeD at the Probate Offlee, in the city o! Ann Arbor, and show canee, 11' any tlu-re be, why tlie prayer ol' the prtitloner ühould not bc uraiitod. And it ie fnither ordored, ihatsald petiUooer uive initl' a to thrpenoni Inturested in eaid estáte, of the pendency of waid petition, and the hearing theraof, by caoalng a couy of' order to be pnbtlshed in The Ann Arbor L'ourier, a ncwppjtper printed nud circulated ui tald cooiitj Ihrue ncc ■ give weeks prerlon roxiiirl dav o' hearlnp. (A tni' copy.) WII.LIAM 1). HAWKIMAN, .tud -■ ol Probate. WM. O. D'lTY.'o líe.ixi'-r. I817-I8M riMIKCMieiIITCdriiT POR THECOUN 11 1 OK WASHJ-KNAW. in flmu.-eiy. Jenny V. Norton, Coinplalnant, J vs Btanley Norton, defeudanl. ) It tatlifaotor] appearlbg bcfore mi' by affl duvitt on tilo, tlmi thc defendant, HtttDiey Norton, is not a reitdenl f Ibis tnte, bul reilde In Manltoim. in ibe Dominion of Cauada. (n mottonof E. D. Kiune, complaln ant'i üolloltor, It i ordered Ihnl the iald (U-iemlant , sianlry Norton, oauoe hts appearaneetobeennTrcl hereln, rltbln fourmuntbi froin the late oi'this oruer, aod Wi oase oJ hls uppearance, tlnit he oaUM UUuDawerto the eomplainant'8 hill oí coniphtlnl to be til cl and a oopy Ibereof to be eerved on aald complalnnnt's ftolloltor wiiliin tweuty (Oi diiy.s after service on him of a oopy of sald bil 1 and nottse of thla order, aad that Indefnult tbereof, oaid iui !■ taken as oonfewed by iiiesniri non-reeldent defeudant. And it Is furtlier ordered, that. wltbln twi'nty days after the date bereof, tbeiald cornplalnant cauce a notlce of thls order to be publlBh in the Ann Arbor ('oritiKit. a newspaper, publlslied and drcalatlog in nald connty, and that sald publteatlon beoontlnued thereln at least once in eaon week, tor Hlx weeks in succeSKion, and that the i'iiuse a copy of thls order to be personally servecl on sald non-esldent defendant. at, least twcnly dats bofore the tliae above prescrlbed for hls appearance. PATUIOK McKEKNAN, Clrcnlt Court. Oommlssloner of Wiislmnaw i 'iiinty, MU'hlKan. E. I). Kinnk, Soiictor for ComplaliiKiH. Datod, aeptenibcr T. 1886. iu-isat.


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