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I _ IÍPA3AME föOHA'S CORSETS. ; Merchante saythey give brttor ;fcs:.iMa. t.-m thmi pny oHt ■ I tJ era f' rlliiirllno ;■ . liinnot l'i:ií over '■' „ f Uf. ArojurtkalarlT Ulrod bj "cosr 'íf TOl'll" "ALDINE" ' ' V) 1 : ■ l' . :.NTTi:n-u:JtACK, '- '; S. whk-hci' i 1 1' -■ open ipftoa _,w añil pion-rtstheïiitino. ■ -; ? The"L REINE ' -jT haslíic luili" ' "-AV-X VARI.IÏ 8TRKIJI. Wllk'tl I W- f Clin l)o iiistantly tukcn . aí oot, wirniMT ci'ttinq ob 1 , Kippncn. iVLadlra. aak tor -'.I Ui.lME JM)KVS OllFlk ÍETS. No othrra lir. tln y' ' :VlSn '''"utoil rrcmh Cun-cd iitL Beware of Iniitmiona J ffflBB QfTen-1 1 ci.T. ivi' i'.h. - ' ' ■Forfi'l. ■ 1-v -'I 1. -u'ii"' duJ" ' MunufnVliiM .1 I .y Madame Hor :'s Contour, i Ki: ns f o.p Madame Mora's La Roine. Birastoíhwni r Mídame Mora's Aldine, O. Fltzpnirick '■.. Madame Mora's Comfort Hip. n Uwiiard st., N. Y MACKINAC. The Most Delightful SUMMER TOUR Palaoe Hteamor. Low Tlat#fl. Tour Trip pep Week Between DETROIT AND MACKINAC And Every Week Doy Between DETROIT AND CLEVELAND Wrlte for our "Picturesque Mackinac." Illuttratad. Oouuina 'uil raitifTilom. irüleu i'roo. Detroit i Cíon M.iv. Co. i. O. WHITCOMB Pen P5 AOT. OETHOIT M'CM 129.1) RIWSEY & SEAOOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep conptantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, Por Wholesale and Ret.ill Tndc. We shall also keep a nnpply of SUIFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Ocllii Flour, Hyc Flour, Biickwlicul Flour, Corn ITIcnl, Fced, Etc, AtWboteMrit nd Ketail. A general stock of GROCERIES M PROVISIÜNS Constiuttly on hnnd, whlch will be old on as touonable tormp as ut nny othat bonae tu the city. ('ah pniit for ÜUTTEH, BQQ9, and COl'NTKY PUODrrK renenlly, Qoodi drllTared to nny [un of the ei' y withont extra charge. RIXSKY L SEABOLT. MB JAMRS O, 111, ll-vs WP .hi:ai iii-nm L Outsolls nll othorbooks. II, m. Hkta 4 '■ Wlscor v.x.nays: H'jnt., r Wlá) takrs it up, „„ mal'l, r „■!., tl,, r ),, !. vB .#"■ BlalHt't friend orenemu, - V!H IM v)Ul m-tvr put U (?..,■;. wi.fii ., ES HL Jfis n'rrrl (Ac tcinír." Ilon. Al!, n . Tliurm 'i .',..,,■,■ ■ .liliiiilMsloru." c nimlsI H 4on or Mlary. A,tdr ' ' o,,,, PENNYROYAL WAFERS. j&Lj Prescriptlon of a physician who gXyt has had a lifo lonjf experience In ■KbwWf trefttiii} finíale disoases. Is used jfflCfX mouthly with pcritvt Buccesa by f over 10,000 ladus. Pleasant, safe, Kv„3 cffectual. Ladiea nsk yourdrugtT pist for Pennyroyal Wnfers and HPeHaV a no substituto, or incloso. postjMtí?0 'or "alixi particular. Sold by aB''VV" all dniFClsts, i ijorboi. Addross THE SUUEKA CHEiUCAU CO.. Dkiboii. Mica. Sold in Ann Arbor, Micb., by Ebcrbach & Son, 1808-1300


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