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IPIIS NO FEE ! I 1 BsTABiisnED mi. ) Merrill UNTIL BETTER J DETROIT.MICH. ƒ Block. ztOs The Kegalar, Old-Estallished L[. j PIIYSICIAN & SUEGEON K ]Mr '3 ltul kwtfci iti tl" treitert JuSKILL AND 8UCCE88 YOUNGmen,middle-agedmen and all persons who by theirown acts of Imprudenco or Folly at any period of life have brought upon themselves, the evil effects followine closely upon the heels of tTansgressinn of the laws of nature, should consult the cclehmted Pr.Clarke at once. Kemcmberl Nervous elísea t( with or without dreams) or dobllity and loss t nerve power treated scientifically by new method.t with never failinp success. MEfU makes no diffcrence Tvhat you have taken or who has failed to cure you. jfcyT'.ie terrible polsons of Syplilli and all bad blood and skin dien.eii, completelv cradicated without mercurv. Ronieinber that tiisone horrible diseage, ïf neglccted or improperly ireated, curses the present and coming generations arg-All nnnaturol discharges cured promptly Without hindrance to business. No experimenta. Both sexes consult confitU-ntially. Age and experience lmportnut. A written Runrnntee of cure giveii in every case undertaken. jCj-Sufferera from any chronlc dlseasewrite History and Symptoius of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others have failed to cure. 57Send two tamps for celebra tod works on CwranlOfl Nervous and Delicate Diseascs. You have an exhaustivo symptomatoloífy by which to stinlv your own case. Consultation, personally or bv 'letter, free. Consult the olil loctor. Thousaiuls cured. Ottices and parlors private. You see no onc but the Doctor. Hcfore confidin your case consult DU. CXARKK. A friendly letter or cali may save future suffering and shamc and add golden vears to life. Medicines sent evcrywhere secure from exposure. Houra, Bto 8; Sundays, 9 to 11. Addrcss, F, D. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mlck NOW IS THE TIME TO USE JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA FOR LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, AND FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD. It has hoen In use for26 yoars and has proved to bo the bost preparation In the Market for Sick Headache, Pain in the Side or Back, Liver Complalnt, Pimples on the Face, Dyspepsla, Piles, aud all Viseases that arisofrom a dlsordored Liver or lmpure blood. Thousands of our best people tako it and frive it to their children. Physicians prescribe it dally. Those who use it once rocoinmend it to others. It is made from Yollow Dock, Honduras Sarsaparilla.VildCherry,Stillin)ria,Dandellon, Sassaf ras,Vinterf?reon, and other well-known valuable Roots and Herbs. It ig strietly vegetable, and cannot hurt the most delicate constitution. It is one of tho best medicines in uso for rcgrulating tho Bowels. It is sold by all responsible drutwlst at one dollar for aquart bottle, or six for flve dollars. Sample bottles 50 ets. f ree on receipt of price. W. JOHNSTON & CO., Detroit, Mich. VÊFWKtn vu have tricd all the Sarsaprillat, and have been dUapiminted, try Johnêlon'ê. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! tNo. 4 South Muln St., Anti Arbor. The oldPRt as;enpy In the city. Establlshed over a quartr of a ceutnry ago. Reprexentlng the followlng flrst-clnss companles wlth over $60,000,000 'aiil:il aml Awetn. HOME INS. CO., of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. Uü., of New York. GIRAKD INS. CO., of Pblladelrhla. (IKIKNT INS. CO., of Hartford. COMMERCIAL ÜNION, of l.ondou. LIVKIlI'OOIi. LONDOM nnd GLOBE. WASHINGTON FMtE and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Low as tlie Iwest, Lomm Liberallv Adiiisti'd aml proinptly l'aid. C. II. MILLEN. A-p TIT F7 Tl Send 1 rente fir poítage II ƒ II ni'd reco;vr freí-, a co"ily bol I II I I P ' -r""'lr wh c'' "'" hl''1' y(" I II I l.loniorcinon.yriah' nw.iy tbal ■LI"LIJJ-Ilanyllilnr oI-l in this world All, of either cex, acceed Irom fir-t honr. Th hrond road lo fortune op--!if beton! the worden kbeolntelj siire. At unce drtress. Tkui & Co. AaKUBta, Maine. tttit lor wdrkint' oeople Send lOconta I Ij I II pottlge, nuil wili muil ou r 8 H H I f rnjll, valiinWe box ol goode I that ill pilt you 1 ii ihe wny of mah ■-■■ iiiL. mor., monry in nlewdaje Ihaii you ever thoiiKl" pomioleut ny butloes. Capi t :i 1 not requirt'd. You can üvo at Itome ;md work fn time only, or all the time. All ol both ■exea, of all Iget, ranilly nuccesfiul. 50 cents to $5 easily eamed evenlnft. 'l'lia' :il' who wint work inav teet the business, we mne ihip unpnralleled off: To uil who are n.t well witi?nedwe wil] seml Jl to pay for the trouble ui writin; u. Full particulare, directions, etc, pent (ree, Immenfe pay a" solutely sure for all who stsrt it onre. :)on I delay. Address Stinson & Co., Portland, Miilne. AOTUMA CURED! flUI I III IT vine thf most ikfptiul GERMftN ASTHMA CUREÏSSi. most violent attüek iiiBure.s comf ortable sleep ; effect cures where all other remedies fuL Ho niliiiK tor r vul Ii. lts mlicin is Immrdiute. dircre nnd rortitin, nnrt a (rei"cirerUdin all CIJKABl.K C ASKS ■■II pcrmaaeDtlr oured me. Beftr to me at dj time." }Ion. B. l'-u. St. Paul, Jfmn. ■I m cnUrelj restored to hellh bj Qennw Alhm -■ Tkoê. nttnn, Hamilton, Ohie. "Qermm Althml Oor II Hl jou clim tor It. It never falU." Pof. E. Ton PtngerUn. UrMtivtllt, S. f ■IIt phyitcian reoommende d Oerman Aithma Cur. It curert me. " Mn .. L. Tttrict, Lundcndtrryi . OHict. ThDtuanda of limlUr Letten on file. Jttk nj arnïkM bont II. Grrntnn Allnim t'ure ia fold by all druirtristH at aOc. and ! 1 , or e.nt by muil on rweipt of price. TriaJ iacksx to any nddrtwa for tamp. It.wllhFFMAX. si.P.ul.MInr An nnn tn prenema. glcen away UMIII I SendUKSreniK patK","iid I by iiih.iI you wlll K'-t fret a (I) j I I I p.ickaae of fc-x "' lllri-'' yuujuuu Tll, thill (, !,„,„,.; ,M i, Hurk that will at onc brlns vou In ioon"v Taster tlian anytliini; elte in Aiuerica. All aixiui ihe JOO,(KX) in presenta wllh eaeta box. Agenta wantt'd eveiywhere, of either -ex, of all ape. lor all the time, or spare time only, to work f r u at their. own home?. Fortune lor uil worken aiisolutely nasured. Don't delay. 11. Hai.lett & C, Portland, Maine. SEAL ES2A1E INSURANGE" AÖEN6Y. OK J. A. SESSIONS ATTOUNEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real Estáte old or renled nnd renta collected on rensonable terms. None but old and tlrst-class Insurance Oompanlea representad- with Insurauoe rapiiai of iio.oon.ixHi. Ratea s kw aa any otber lnsuriuicecornpany aml louea protoptl; imiJ, OIHce over American Express ofSoe, Main street. nn Arbor. Midi. FRANCIS L YORK, M.A., Wlll n'cclve during THE COMINO SUMMER A Limited nnmberof PnpIlH In Pi! ANO, ORCAN HARWIONY, At (srcatly BEDXTCED E..TBSApply I'J' muil or at o. 30 B0UTH INGALLS STIiKKT. I . ff f X Tl fl1rt ' rr". "" trim whn wrlte lo I I Stiuífin A i' PDrtlwid, Mmtie.will receWo f.! I I I froo. full InforniKlion 1m.uI work which ■ ■II ihy c" ""J ''" "' I"".""" w'' VI U U JJU Ihem from lo P' "' iarned overJilln day Ellher .. jounit ot eld. Capital rot tequlre,l. You .re.t.rWl f:.. Thoie who.tart at oüc ie absoluWlr tut of mug Utllo fortunca. All II bow.


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