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Advice3 of tbo 2Sth Kvo pnrtienlar of a tliroe days' rain in ÍSouthwestorn Texas, tbe rain gaugo indieatinsr a fall of twentysix iuehes. Two hundred bonses were wrecked at Brownsville, renderinft three bundred persons bonieless, wbile aerosstho riTer, in Matamoras, tbree hundred dwellings were leveled aud thirty blocks of the city flooded. The Deople In both eitiei were in great distress. Whole seotions of Texas were submerged, aud tbe loss to property was very heavy. TnE Uuited Statos Treasury on the 2Sth held $2tx!,StK),lf0 in bond to secure bank circulatiou, as follows: Currenc-y sixos, :i,rrc,000; fouranda half per eent, 604,250; four per cents., $114,720, 050; tbree per cents., $89,969,850, The treasury certificates outstanding were: Gold, $85,675,877; silvor, $95,823,242; aud currency, $s,rr,ooo. Bi.igiit shocks of earthquake were feit at Charleston, S. C, on the 2Sth, the eartb quivering so violently as to shake building-, and send people iuto the streets. Two boys, agod thirtean and fourtecn ycars, were on tbo 2Sth arrested in Zavalia County, Tex., for murdering a Mexican herder and then killing sixty sheep "just for f Uu." The twenty-sixth trionnial convocation of the General Grand Cbapter of Royal Arch Masons of the United States mot on the 2Sth at Washington, D. C. Tuk sub-committee of tho Committoo on Foreigu Relations of ths United States Senate commencod on tbo 23th at Boston au investigation of tho lisheries question. The National Council of the United Order of American Mechanica mot on tbe 2áth at Baltimore. TiiEGovornorsof Nebraskaand Colorado on the 28th issued proclamationa ostablishinK quarantine against all Illinois cattle on accouut of pleuro-pneumouia. A THAiN on tbe Chicago, Burlington & Quincy road was on the 2Sth thrown from tbe track by a brokon rail ninetoen miles from Chicago, and one person was killed and twenty-five othors seriously injured. The Boycott Committeeof theRiehmond Typographical Union were indictod by a grand jury at Richmond, Va., on the 2Sth, for boycotting a business firm. A severe wind-storm on the 28th at Hughesville, Pa., wrecked bousos aud destroyed the fruit erop. Thb tide at New York rose higher on the 28th than had been kuown, with two ex eeptions, in the memory of tho oldest rivor men. Many cellars were flooded. At the Winthrop mines, noar Ishpeming, Mich., three men were killed on the 29th uit. by tho fall of rock. Tue coal ageuts of tho Pennsylvania Railroad Coal Coinpaoy on tbe 29th uit. advaneei tho solling price of coal on an average about fifteen conts per ton. HowAitn, Bhbluno & Co., coal dealers at Boston, failed on the 2üth uit. for $152,lli Sevekal light shocks of earthquake were feit on the 2Uth uit at Petersburg, Va. The onion erop throughout tho country was on the 31lth uit reportod short, and growers wero holding for higuor priees. Oy a farm at Chalün Bridge, 111., on the 29th uit. a lad of eishteou years, named Edward Clark, killed Nina Fultz, aged fifteen yoars, a daughtor oL Chris Fultz, mul himself. Clark bad been forbidduu to visit the girL A safe in the produce-exchange at New York was on the 2"Jth uit. robbed of 12,500 by some person who knew the coiubination. Over a dozen buildings, including sev eral fine residences, were destroyed by lire at Manitowoc, Wis., on the 2",lth uit Two shocks of earthquake on the 29th uit at Elizabetbtown, Pa., rattled doors and windows and badly frihtonod the inhabitants. TnE prediction of Prof. Wiggins that terriblo earthquake í would shock the Soutb and portions of California on the 29th uit proved false, as no disturbanees occurred. Seveke frosts in Illinois, Michigan, VTUh consin and Iowa were ï-eportod ou tbo 2üth uit TnE new Public Printor at Washington had up to tho 29th uit. discharged 375 employés. A. St Gaoe & Co., wbolesale and retail dealers in dry goods at Chicago, made an assignment on the 30th uit, witb liabilities of $SOO,OOü. A oale prevailed on Lako Michigan on the nigbt of the 29th uit., and several disasters to vessels were reportod. A sxow-stohm prevailed at Marquette, Micb., on the 30th uit, with a heavy gale. At Bingen, Pa-, Mrs. Mary Wagner and her child were killed by a fast train on the 30th uit The child had wandered out upon the track, and tho motbor lost her life in attempting its rescue. TnE total number of failures in the United States and Canada during the three months euded on the 30th uit was 1.933, against 2,173 in the third quarter of 1S85, a decrease of 241. The liabilitios amounted to $27,500,000, against $23,874,000 in tbe corrospoudiug quartor of 13SA. A lady in Akron, O., roso from bed on the evening of the 3üth uit and walked fivo blocks in a somnabulistic condition. Bho was recognized by a gentleman, who took her arm and conducted her to hor residence without awakening her. Fodu men were instantly killed on the 30th uit by the explosión of a packinghouse at the Ditmor Po wdor Works at Baychester, N. Y. William E. Gould, the defaulting cashlor of a bank in Portland, Me., pleaded guilty on the SOth uit, and was sontenced to imprisonment for ten years. A series of five baso-ball games was on the 30th uit. arrangod between the Chicago and St Louis clubs for the championship of the world. It was stated on the 30th uit that ther was a pronounced movement among Western Knights of Labor to prevent strikes and boycotts in the future. Tue public-debt statement on the lst shows the total debt to be $1,730,232,051; cash in treasury, $67,89ti,32l; debt loss casb In treasury, $1,367,549,503. Decreaso during Beptembor $10,027,012. Four acres ot land at Plaquomine, La., caved into tbe Mississippi rirer on the lst, completing the wreek of the front portion of the town. D. M. Cuadwick, a notorious counter feiter, was capturad at Albany, N. Y., on tbe lst while in the act of making baso coin. Mr. Kearxs, a Bringhurst (IndJ merchant, accidentally dropped a lighted cigar into a keg of powdor on the lst, and the explosión which followod wrocked the Btrurturo, killed a customer aud fatall y wounded two othor porsons. 1 a raen of twenty mil( nd return, I sailed oft Newport on the lst, the American vacht Sachem defeated the British cutter Miranda. A BOATcontaining fivo boys capsized in Lynn (Mass.) harbor on the lst, and three of the lads were drowned. P. F. U'.u.i.vcrc, suspected of the murder of the Lognn family, was on the lst taken froin ut Steeleville, lio., and suspended for a timo, but was handed back to the oflicers on the appeals of lcndiug citizens. Ten business buildings at Hamilton, Mo., were destroyed by flre on the lst, the loss being $!0,0Ü0. CnAKLES Edwards (colored), who cutthe throat of his mistress, was hangod on the lst at New Orleans. Tm; volcanic poak of Pablofï mountain, iu Alaska, was in a statu of eruption on the lst. Tuk total coinage exeeuted at the mints of the United States during September was 5,070,0.-)5.50, of which Í2,S10,100 was in standard sil vor dollars. Colonel J. W. Hawkins, a prominent citizen of Mereer County, Ky., was found murderod on a road near Harrodsburg on the lst. Two of his sons have boen niurdered in the last three years. Tnr. Wholesale Draggifta National Asso. ciation in Bession at St Paul on the lst authorized the formation of a Mutual Insurance Company for the benefit of the members of the organization. S. B. Hamilton', a prominent citizon, feil down stiiirs at Louisrille, Ky., on the lst, breaking his noclc, causing instant death. Turee members of the family of Samuel Weaver, at Boaver Dam., O., were on the lst lying at the point of death, and four others were rapidly sinking, from the efïects of oating diseased pork. Slioiit shocks of earthquako were feit at Charleston and Suramerville, S. C, early on the morning of the lst. No daruage was done. A rumora snow-storm prerailed at Choboygan, Mich., on the lst, and throughout the Northwest the weather was cold and the f rost heavy. Cait.ux Lawtov, who was in command of the United States troops at the time of the capture of Gerónimo, said on the lst that the surronder was unconditional, thus contradicting General Miles' report that Gerónimo was not captured but surrendcred conditionally. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The Connecticut Demócrata met at New Haven on the 2Sth and nominated Edward S. Cleveland, oí Hartford, for Governor. The platform declares for a well-regulated liquor license law; denounces the importatiou of pauper labor from foreign countries, and indorses tha President's Administration. New Jersey Democrats met in State convention at Trenton on the 2Sth and nominatod R. L. Greene, of Elizabeth, for Gorernor. The platform indorses the National Administration ; demanda the exclusión of pauper and convict labor, and declarea that the interest-bearing debt of the country should be reducod. TnE following Congressional nominations were made on the 28th : Republicana - Kentucky, Fourth district, John W. Lewis; Tennessee, Eighth district, S. W. Hawkins; South Carolina, Seventh district, Robert Smalls (reuomiuated) ; Minnesota, Third district, B. B. Herbert; New York, Twenty-third district, James S. Sherman; Fennsylvania Twenty-fourth district, O. L. Jackson. Democrats - Illinois, First district, Edgar Terhuno; Ninth, M. H. Peters; Kentucky, Third district, John Shea and John E. Halsell; ühio, Tenth district, Frank Hurd. Prohibitionist - Illinois, Tonth district, Daniel McCulloch. The Republicans of Massachusetts met in State convention at Boston on the 20th uit. and nominatod Oliver Ames for Governor. The platform favors the submission to the people of a constitutional amendment to prohibit the manufacture and sale of liquor; denounces the importation of foreign pauper labor; favors CivilSorviee reform ; opposes all horizontal reductions of the tariff, and denounces Congress for its failuro to enact a Bankruptcy lw, to repeal the Silver-Coinage law and to provide for coast defenses. TnE Nebraska Republicans met in State convention at Lincoln on the 2Wth uit. and nominated General John M. Thayer for Governor. The platform declares unalterable devotion to the fundamental principies of the Republican party; denounces the Domocratic party as incapable of governing the country, and favors practical measuros for the enhancement of the wellbeing of the laboring man. On the 29th uit the Colorado Republicans met at Denver and nominated William H. Meyer for Governor and renominated George G. Symes for Congressman. The platform reaflirms the principies of the National Republican platform; favors liberal pensions, free coinage of silvor, National arbitration of labor troubles, a high tariü", and opposos convict labor and Chinese immigration. Conoressioxal nominations were made as follows on the 29th uit: Republicans - Ohio, First district, Benjamin Butterworth (renominated); Sec.ond, Charles E. Brown (renominated) ; Missouri, Twelfth district, O. H. Pitcher. Democrats - Wisconsin, First district, James R. Doolittle; Minnesota, Fourth district, Edmund Rice; Ohio, Fifteenth district, A. J. Warner. Im New York on the 29th uit the Republican State Committee nominated Judge Daniels for Associate Justice of the Court of Appoals, and the Democratie State Committee nominated Rufus W. Peckham for the same office. In the Supreme Court of Illinois on the 80th uit a motion for a writ of babeas corpus to secure the release of Joseph C Mackin, of Chicago, from the penitentiary, was denied. The Massachusetts Democrats niet at Worcesteron the 3Oth uit and nominated John F. Andrews for Governor. The platform adopted indorses President Cleveland's Administration, demands a judicious reform of the tariff and protectiou of the flshing industries. TnE following Congressional nominations wore made on the 3Üth uit. : Republicans - Louisiana, Third district, J. S. Davidson (colored) ; Missouri, Eighth district, J. K. Cummings; Massachusetts, Seventh district, William Coggswell; Tenth, W. W. Rice (renominated) ; New York, Thirty-fourth district, W. O. Laidlow; Now Jersey, Fifth district, William Walter Phelps (renominated) ; Texas, First district, H. D. Johnson; Sixth, A. B. Norton. Democrats - Louisiana, First district, F. ü. WilKinson; Ohio, Eighteenth district W. H. Phelps; Twentieth, William Dorsey ; Twenty-first, Martin A. Foran (ronominated) ; Missouri, Eighth distrist J. O'Neill (renominated) ; Minnesota, Third district, J. L. McDonald; Illinois, Fourtoenth I trict, Williara Voorheos; PennsyWanla. Kirst district, John Chambers; Socond, W. E. Thomas; Third, Samuel J. Randall (renominated) ; Fifth, W. O. Smith; Now York, Fourteenth district, W. G. Stahlnocker (renominated) ; Now Jersey, Firtt district, J. W. Wostcott; Virginia, Fourtb district, M. Page; Dakota, M. B. Dar. Labor- Virginia, Sixth district, J. B. Page. Prohibitionists- Illinois, Eigbteonth district, W. H. Moore; Rhodo Island, First district, A. C. Howard; Second, A. B. Chance. Greonbackor- Iowa, Sixth diitrict, Dr. Nelson. Tiie following were tho Congressional nominationson the lst: Prohibitionists- Missouri, Eighth district, James H. Harria; Ninth, William C. Wilson; Teuth, Emerson R. Grant; New Hampshire, First district, Rev. Daniel C. Knowles; Massachusutts, First district, George W. Dyer. Democrat - Ark ansas, Fifth district, SamueloW. Peel (renominated). A montmknt to tho memory of Schuyler Colfax, the founder of the Robekkah degroe of tho Odd-Follows, will bo erected by menibera of that order in IndianapoÜJ, Lud., on the lOth of May next ! FOREIGN. Advices of the 2Sth report th3 diseovery of a cornet at the Cape of Good Llope. Governob Dkchksd, of the Germán Imperial Bank, celebrated on tho 2Sth tho fiftieth anniversary of his entry iuto tho service of thatinstitution. Reports were roeeived on the 2Sth at Ottawa, Ont., from the Crow Creok agency, in Nortliwest Territory, that tha Blood Indians were on tbe war-path, and had already killed one hunilrod white people and burned mauy houses. At Cantón, China, a womun charged with poisoning hor husband and threo relativos, was a few days ago cut up into exactly ono thousaud piocos. It had been shown that she was innocent of the offense, but the peoplo clamored for hor deatb, which the Viceroy flnally ordered. Fon the third timo within a year the rolcano of Colima, in Mexico, had on the 29th uit. again boeomo active, causing irror in tho surrounding villages. Andhew Lucas, bom in slavery in Tennossoe, whero ho was a Bervant of Genorai Jackson, died on tho iiOth uit. at Branfr ford, Ont., at the age of 128 yoars Tni Gorman Lifeboat Assoclation non has one hundred stations, and during tha lastyoar has sa ved 1,578 livos. Prairie fires were raging in Southern Manitoba on the 30th uit., doiug greal damage. Married womon overpowered a sliorifTa posse in County Clare, Irelaud, on the 80th uit. while destraining one Kolly's property. The omcers wero secnrely held wbile tho cattlo wero drivon away by ths husbands of the women. Tnn cod and herring catch on the Newfoundland and Labrador coasts wtys on the 3Oth uit. said to be a failure. Tbe consequent destitution tuis wiutor -vvould ba widespread. Advices of the 30th uit. from Victoria, B. C, report a valuable gold find close to the boundary betwoon British Columbia and Alaska, and say that already tho quantity taken out bas realized $34,000. TnntTY lashes wore given a convict in the Queboc ponitentiury on the lst for an atterapt to escape. AnvicES of the lst from Madras say that floods were devastating tho Godavery district. Soma villagers trieil to cut a dam to relieve thoir own villago of wator at tho expense of other villagos, whon a fieice fight ensuod, in whieh one hundreJ nativos were killed. lx Austro-Hungary there were slx deaths from cholera and tweuty now casos reported on the lst, aud in Italy fivodeatha and nineteen now casos. It was reported on the lst that thirty Ruesian sympathizers had been whipped to death in Bulgaria. Verï cold weather and snow wero reported at sevoral points in Ontario ou the lst. LATER NEWS. Republicans on the 3d naminatod G. W. E. Dorsey for Congressman in tho Third district of Nebraska, and George D. Stizel in the Eighth Pennsylvania district Tho Democrats nominated Samuel A. Millor in the First Ohio district, Hugh Shields in the Second, and M. D. Logan in the Second Louisiana district ForRTEEV revolutionists were on the 3d sentonced to death at Madrid, Spain. At twenty-six leading clearing-houses in the United States tbe exchanges during the woek endod on the 2d aggregated $1,055,246 370, against $973,613,345 the previoua weok. As compared with the corresponding week of 1SS5, the inórense amounts to 24.9 per cent The people of Quincy, Fla., on the 2d lynched two men suspected ol Uring a new mili. Miï3. Olive C. Claüke celebrated the lOlst anniversary of her birth at Springfield, Mass., on the 2d. She was bom at Williarnsburg, Mass. Ose white and four negro thieyos received from flve to twenty lashes at Newcastle, Del., on the 3d, and four nogi'oes also stood one hour in the plllory on charges oL burglary ani murdorous assaulK Sxow feil on the ül in Northern Michigan to the depth of three inches. The extensión of the special-dolivery system of the ost-ofllco Dopartment wout iuto effect on the 2d. The Duluth Baso-Ball club has won the Northwestern League pennant. Eau Clairo being second, Oshkosh fourth, St. Paul fifth an 1 Minnoapolis sixth. An explosión on the 2d in a colliery near Wakofleld, Eng., caused tho loss of twentyfour livos. A defalcatiox of noarly $20,000 in the Union Dime Savings Bank of New York City came to light on the 3d. The defaulter is Otto Baumann, the receiving tellor. Violent shocks of earthquake occurred recently in the central portion of üoimany. Report of the 3d from the tobaccogrowing sections of the South showed that the erop had been badly damaged by frost. Up to the 3d there had been thirty-one earthquake shocks at Charleston, s. C., since August 27. Of these flve shocks were vory destructive. There were 255 business failures In tb 6 United States reported duriug the week ended on the 3d, agaiust 156 in tho proceding wook. National Lragce base-ball clubs at tho close of the week ended on the 2d stood as f olio ws: Chicago, games won, 87; lost, 31. Detroit, won, 82; lost, 34. New York, won, 70; lost, 43. Philadelphia, won, 67; lost, 42. BoBton, won, 52; lost, 59. St Louis, won, 43; lost, 7a Kansas City, won, 29; lost, Si Washington, won, 23; lost, 87.


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