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At Thursday's scssion, Oct. 14tli, the clerk presented the Auditor Generul's statement of taxcs assessed to this county, which was referred to the commiltee on apporüomnent. Supervisor Braun oflered a resolution instructing the committee on public buildings to examine the hcating apparatus at the county house, and report to the board at its January session some better method of heatins?. Carried. Tlie personal propcrty assessment of Solomon F. Sears, of Nortlilield, made In Aun Arbor town was referred to the prosecutinj attorney. Wednesday, at 2 o'clock p. m., was fixed upon as the day for Btootlng a county superintendent of the poor. Eacli supervisor was requested to give the number ot' school district opposite each description on his assessment roll. The annual report of the siiperiutendents Of the poor was presented by Mr. Green, of Ypsilanti. The report shows recelpts from the cities and townships for board of paupers of $2,872.09, from other sources $332.43, total from all sources $7,934.82. The expenditures are : Expended outslde of county house. ..$1,039 5S For help 1,889 91 Dry goods Wl 64 l'ork 8g Beef Wj ¦ Boots and shoes 135 10 Clolhlng 4U1 47 Urockery atid glassware 43 UB Furnltüre S0 95 Hardware 255 56 Grocerlesand provisión 993 76 Farm lmplemeuts and seeds (il) 82 Blacksmlthing 40 U5 Wood and coal 329 50 Legal services to M. J. Lehman 2 Drugs aud medicines 21 25 Medical services at county house 125 50 Palnts and olls 1 55 Tobacco 3110 Freight 336 Luuiber 2" 47 Burlal account SU 00 Improvement account ,. . Uil 98 llooks and statlouery 45 75 Kepalrs '7 05 Toal from all sources $7,934 82 Balanmon tand 360 48 The following amounts are due the poor fund from cities and towns for last years' board and care of poor : City of Ann Arbor $571 54 Town of Ann Arbor Ui 70 Anausta 183 58 Freedom 58 58 Lima 5 00 Lodl 20-i 50 Lyndon 19 11 Manchester 116 43 PltUfleld 20 90 Saline 100 65 Scio 18 06 Sharon 65 00 Huperlor 130 00 Bylvan 131 61 Webster 7 50 York 6500 Ypsllatitl town 130 00 Ypsilanti city "92 89 The farm produced the past year 740 bushels wlieat, 170 bu. oats, 600 bui corn, 400 bu. potatoe?, 100 bu. tarfclps, 10 bu. on ion?, 30 tons liay, tOgether with the producís of the garden, of ten cows, of the swine and poultry, all tuld valued at $2,125.30. Tlie pauper labor is estimated at $100. The personal property and farm iinplemeiits are valued at S,48Q. There were 175 male and 00 fem:ile paupers maintained durinj; the year, with 80 as an average number of inmates. Of these there were 10 Undar l(i ycars of age. Idiotie 7, blind 2, mutes 3. The nativlty of the paupers is as follows: American 81 Irlsh... 45 (.niiun., 59 Engllsh 10 Scotch 8 Canadlau 12 Prench 3 Hallan 1 Bwede 1 Negro 18 Tho average cost per week of the wliole surported $1.25. Thejsstiniated expenses for the eurretit ye;ir is $3,580, of which $5,500 is to be raised by tax. A chance in tlie mode of heating the county house is asked for and very much needed, and steam heating is suggested as the best method to introduce. [Allow a suggestion picase, that a telfiphone to tlie county house would prove iuvaluable, and be wortli five times its cost.] On Friday a large list of claims was presented and allowed. Mr. Pnrtell, from the committee of the whole to visit the county poor farm reported that "alter a carcful and thorough examination of all the departments and the farin, we found each department in excellent condition, and the farm well cared for,showingskillaud good management throughout,'' and moved that a vote of thauks be tendered to Mr. and Mrs. McDowell for the very able manner in whicli they have discharged the dtitles entrusted to them. Unanlmously adopted. The matter of fixingthe basis of equa ieation was taken from the table, and after much diacussion tlie original resolution fixing the basis at $30,000,000 wal adoptcd. The county treasurer was rrquested to report the amount of cash in the treasury next Tuesday. On Tuesday the committee on public buildings was Initrooted to ascertaiu the cost of connecting the various offices in the court house with the water works, and report early next week. On Monday another grist of bilis was allowed, cutting the bill of the Democrat $14.95 and entirely disallowing the bill of the Post. The Ann Arbor Water Co. oflered to furnish water for water closet.-;, for the various office and for sprinkling the lawu for $50 per year. On motloo of Supervisor Brean the county clerk was inslructed to Ut the furni8hing of 11 necessary snplies for the court house offices to' the loweat bidder. Each county offleer was pennitted to purchase the necessary supplics for his own office. On motion of Supervisor Gregoiy Spencer Crawford wascliosen jinitor for the coming year. Supervisor McCormick, of Ypsilanti, moved that hite hing posls be placed firound the court house square. Laid on the table. On motion of Supervisor Cuso, Pr. O. G. Darling was elected phvs'iciau at the jail at a compensaron of $55. Tlie great dlfierence between John Enrigbt'l speech at the opera houc last Thursday nigbt anU the report ol' the samc.appcariiig in the Detroit Fiee Press tfae next day is accounted for by a good democrat wlio claims to kuow. 11e says Eniight wrote out his speecli, cominitted it to memory as well as he conld and hamled it to tlic Pree Press so tliii it could have n veibatim report rtvidy. For gome cause Johnnle carne oft'on the train aud forgot to go after his spct'cli, and couUln't remember all the fine poetioal quotatiotis, etc. Coiiseqnently the Kiee Press report dillered as mucii from die original as the Congretdoaal GHotM'i re port does of the average congreannsni speech. It was quito a comical bappenstauce. B. Green is building au addition to the Goodrich House, on the noith, condating of two stores below, with hotel rooms abovc. We understand that a mansard roof is to be pui upou this whole building, and a rirst-class and commodlous j tel cstablished.