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GO AND HEAR CapL E. P. Allen, AND MRS. HAZLETT, AT THE OPERA HOUSE, ON Wednesday Eve., October 27th Register, register, register. Seesions of the board next Wednesday. Do not forget registrntion day next Wednesday. Yon cannot vote unless your name is on the registration list See to it. Go and hear Capt. E. P. Allen at the opera house next Wednesday evening. And once again the time has rolled around to urge all good repub licans to see that their name is registered. The next meeting of the Michigan Sehool-masters' club will be held in Ann Arbor, Oot. 23d, beginning at 9 a. m. The post-offlee force is now worked to its utmost capacity. Nearly 2,000 studeuts added to our city makes P. O. business just lively. The second representative district republican committee consists of Charles Burkhardt, Saline; Gideon Hoyt, Loili; J. B. Wortley, Ypsilanti. Every republiean who Has changed his residence, become of age or been naturallzed since the last election, should not fuil to register his name next Weduesday. AVin. Slieidon, the man amiigned for stealing from Win. Deninan's house was sentencod to fivo years at Jackson, by Judge Joslyn last Friday, oa a plea of guilty. Fred J. Schlede has removed his bindery, etc, to the north store of the Dufly block, and C. Eugene Yale has started a branch store in the place racated by Mr. Schelde. Mr. Kinne has coucluded to serre the city as its attorney during the balance of the year, very much to the gratilication of the conneil, who appreciate his services fully. One of Davison1!! improved boiler aces has been placed on the Pansian Laundry on Gratiot ave., Detroit, which by actual testsaves 20 per cent. of fuel besides oonsuming all the smoke. The newspaper scribes of the city partook of an elegant six o'clock dinner at the Cook house last Sunday. These dinners are new features reeen tly introduced at this popular hotel, and quite takiujj ones. The Students' Bible Class at tlie Unitariun church (each Sunday f rom 12 to 1 o'clock) will devote itself this winter to a study of the "Great epochs and Cliaracters of Christian listury." The class began last Sunday. The demócrata lilled the opera iiouse last Tbursday evening by Importing two car loads frora Tpsilanti, and the democrats of Ypsilanti tilled those two cars by giving tickets of passage away to everybody who would come. A series of Sunday noon lectures by Prof. A. Wlnchell at the M. S. Church, proniists to be not only popular but very edifying to'the ittendatits. II is theme is "The Relation of the Intellect to Christianity." The introductory lectura was given last Sunday. Capt. E. P. Allen, the repubücan candidate for Congrcss in tliis district, will speak at the opera house on Wednesday evening next, Oetober 27th, and the whole people, regardless of race, sex or previous condition of ]olitical servitude, are earnestly asked to be present. The lirst of the series of hops to be glven by. the Knlghta Templar social club occurs on Frlday evening next. The success of these events last winter gives tlieni quite an Ímpetu?, and those who enjoy dancing are qui vive for this series. To prediet that tliey will be higlily successful 'is no Wiggins' prediction. The Eaton Rápida Journal says: "Anu Arbor is "booming" the street railway project, and with good showing of success. Electric motors will probably be iised in propelling the cars while inany of the 'varsity's electric and pushing young men will continue to ride, but without the assiotance of the conventional pony." Cards have been issued announcing the marriageon this Wednesday evening, October 20th, at the residence of the bride's parent?, Mr. and Mis. A..B. Beal, In Dexter, of Ihelr daughter, Miss Slabel E., to Mr. Horbert A. Williams, of the same place. This couple start off [n life wlth utiusually fine prospects, and with friemls innumerable to wish them God speed in their wedded life. Last Monday morning at 10 o'clock a. m., theT. A. A. & N. M. R. R. put on a train to Owosso, and the same is now making regular . trips. Next Monday morning it is the intention to put on through trainsfrom Toledo toMt. Pleasant. It is expected also that one train each way every day will be run between this city and South Lyon, leiving Ann Arbor at about 10 o'clock a. m. . In respect to the use of the court house by the prohibltionists after H had beeH refused the republicans, County Clerk Robison tells us that it was represented to hlm by oertaiu prohibitionists that they had not completad their nominations and had adjourned until evening. This was sharp practice of cour?e to outwit the olerk and break the law laid down by the supervisors. Of all the people in tlie world prohibltionists ehould not be law breakers, eilher in tlie letter or in the spirit. The tiistof the series of lectures on the l&ildivin foundation of the Hobart Üuild will (lelivercii in si. Andrew'i church, on the erenlnx oí Oet 2lih, at 7:30 o'olock by the Rt. Rer. Artbar Cleveland Coxe, D. I)., LL. I)., I). C. L.. Bishop of wi-ctcrii New York. The HOOnd one will be given on the fbllowing erenlng at the same time and piuca. All students of the imiversityand of the hiirh sclionl are most cordi.illy inviteil to ba present. It is reported that Jiisliops Harrti and Gillepie will ata be preient There will be six or eight Bithopa In attendanoe besides the ahove, among whom willbe Bishop Hen ry C. Potter, of Xew York; Bishop Williams, of Connecticut; Bishop Littlcjohn, of Long Island, and a number of distinguished laymen. The circuit court stands adjoumed until Friday. Geo. Darkens, of Northfield, has been adtuitted to citizenship. Orville W. Sage bas been appointed janitor of the 3d ward school house. John H. McComb was gránteed a dvorce froni Mary McComb In tbc circuit court last Thursday. Miss Mattiu Hudy has been appointed cashier m D. F. Schairer's store, and a new desk has been put in for her uee. Reuben Kempf, of tb is city, is one of the stockholders of a uow bank reeently started :it Lansing with u aapttal of $¦!.,- 000. Luke W. Bodwell on West Liberty street, who has long been confined with rheumatism, now comes out to church on crutches. One old lady told us that slie didn't like the new style of the Argus at all, as "it wasu't good for nothing for tlie buttery sbelves any more." Our Ypsilanti contemporaries that have beeiii so anxious over the tinances of the county fair, eau have the premiums paid in full by applying to the treasurer. There is a proposition on foot to hold a national congress of fcuiale lawyers in tliia city in the near future. Let them come. We repeat t sir, let them come ! We understand that Miss Flora Storms, who was injured by a falling timber at the M. C. B. U. bridge, bas settled witb the company for $200 and the doctor's bill. Mrs. M. A. Ha.lett will speak in the opera house on the eveniug of Oct. 27th. Slie is one of tlie tinest orators in the states. It will pay you to tura out and hear her. Our democratie contemporary, the Argus, came out in quarto form last Friday, and looks as neat as one of those new silver certificute issues. All for $1.00. Here's succes?, gentlemen. Chas. ]5. Davison was up to Sand Beacb Monday, and contracted to put in one of the Davison improveU boiler furnaces in a large flouring mill at that place. This invention is coming into rapid use. j uv Aigus quoies tne ueiroit journals biographical sketch of Bro. Woodruff, of the Ypsilanti Sentinel, but does Dot quote the reply made by Mr. Woodruff- that is i'ully as quaint und crisp. The meeting of the Ann Arbor Land League will occur next Friday evening. The meeting announced for last Friday evening being postponed on account of gas not having been put in the hall. Rev. Frank A. Blades, well-known to many our citizens as pastor of the M. E. church in this city about 25 years ago, will speak in the interest of the republican party at Milnn, to-morrow, Oct. 21; Clielsea, Oct. 22d; aud at Dundee to-day. The series of lectures on "The Creation" given by Dr. Ramsay "will be resumed next 811 nday evening by the discussion on "The Beginning of Light." The opening lectures give promise of one of the best courses ever heard from an Ann Arbor pulpit. Rev. J. T. Sunderland is just beginning a series of six Sunday evening lectures at the Unitarian church on " Selfculture," His subjects being, "Intellectual Culture," "Moral Culture," "Re ügious Culture," "Culture of the Imagination," "Culture of the Memory," and "Culture of the Will." A plumber by the name of Fred Ray, in the employ of the Michigan Central Railroad, was fatally injured last Saturday at the new depot building, by being caught between the bumpers of two freight cars. He was taken to the University hospital and died the same night. He lived at South Rockwood, where his remains were forwarded. Of the ninety-nine different persons sent by Washtenaw county as representative to the legislature the Germana never ha-ve had a representative of their race. This year this county will probably have two such representatives: Allmendinger and Seeger. Of the thirtytwo senators there have been two Germans, Emanuel Mann in 1871-72 and Reuben Kempf in the laat senate, both by the republican party. At a meeting of the Michigan Furniture Co. held at the office of Judge Harriman last Wednesday evening, superintendent Paul Snauble was elected a director in place of J. J. Ellis deceased. The sales of the company up to the present time far exceed those of a corresponding period. This company gives almost continual employment to about sixty or seventy men. A few more such industries would boom this town in a W83' thiit would teil. Dr. W. E. Ziegenfuss, of Dexter, a gradúate of the medical department of the University, class of '78, fcas recently removed from Dexter to Alpena, going into partnership with Dr. Chaa. Howell, of that city. Dr. Ziegenfuss is a well read physician, having kept fully abreast of the times since his graduation, and having enjoyed a good practice which he left in the hope of securing a larger field. We commend him to the people of Alpena as a gentleman of culture and a good physician. Something unique in the way of an entertainment is to be given by the M. E. E. Sunday school on Friday evening, at the church. Last spring, Superintendent Stowell gave to each 3cholar in the Sunday school twenty kernels of corn of different kinds. These the children were to plant, nourish and care for, and bring the returns therefrom to a great corn festival to be held in the falL Well, the spring ' and summer hare passed, the fall has come, and the festival is to be Ifëld next Friday evening when the children will bring in their havest of corn, and the dishes will be of sufficient variety to , please all. The children will take part in appropriate exercises, and the affair will be unique and of much intere'st. Supper served f rom 6 to 8 o'clock. The republican goose is cooked now, sure, for a tlaming hand-blll is out announcing among the speakers at the ' Jedele school house, In Scio township, on Friday evening Oct. 22d, "Private Elmer 8. Crawford." As the war closcd before that gentleman was bom, his services as a private must have been conflned to drawing rations at the annual Island Lake dress parade. Old veterans of the war will no doubt be converted by the scores with "Private" Crawford's 1 thrilling tales of narrow escapes, horrible attacks, and furlous charges; whilc tears will stream down the maiden's and cliildren's noses as he tells tliem in classic (law) language of the dreadful life in dusry prison pens. Private Salsbury should iinmediately withdraw from the oanvass for his race is run, his day is done, this new "Private" will retire him to private life. ______ Lynwood is a very picturesque and ronuntlo drama, founded apon incidents of the civil war. Miss Granger when asked how she liked her part in the play, saiil: "It Is a part that an artlste can delight in ' impersonating. 'Lucille Cirlyle' is a plctore of southern womanhood of the , uoblest type. It has given me my most 1 opportunities, and I can say that in New York I madp, in the character, the hit of my ufe.1' Mr. Tillotson says he htus an 1 excellent company to support her, one j that will compare with any troupe on the road. As the seats are going (Mt it would be a good idea for our citizens who tliink of going to reserve their seats at onco at Yale's Post Office news stand.