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¦a.1. me uuiiuai meeting ot the Uitizcns League, of Ann Arbor, held Oetober 15, the following offleers were elected: Presldent-W. W. Reman, t irst Vlce-presklent-lienJ . Brown. Treasurer- U. H. Worden. hxocutlve I'resldent Jas. B. mÜS "¦'tellllent W. a. Perry and Mayor J.Jltoblson, Et-officio, W. H. f'ayne, dJ.i."amp1bae'!l.J BtBel "' DoaaM The league requested the executive committee to 'give the aunual report to the city papers for publication, which is as follows: At the time of the last annaal meeting of the league, the prospect of any ollectlve cooperatlou wltli city or couuty authorltles seeraed very dim Indeed. Neverlhel.-ss lt was stlll the feellng of the executive comraltlee that every reasonable eübrt should be made to secure such cooperatloii and tlms release the League from the burden of pros ecutiugoflendersat itsowu expenso After securlng evldence agaliist a numbe of saloon-keepers for various vlolations o the law, a special interview was had wllh th county attorney wlth refereuce to the vigor ous prottecutlon of sults. The result of th conference was very dlshearteniug and mem bersof the commlttee were almost Indine to despair of accomplishlng anythlng Despite this lack of success tne coinmitte decided to brlng complalnt agalnst Jamen L .Stoue, proprletor of the Frauklln House, fo keeplug hls bar open on sunday. Afle mauy vexatlous delays occasloued by th desire of the prosecutlng altorney to hav the case wlthdrawu, Mr. atoue plead gullty Delermlned to leave nothlng reasonabl undone. the commlttee prepared a petllion to thecouiuion councll, reauiug as lollows "Tolhe Vommon Ouuneilof the City o f Ann Ar bur : "The underslgned citlzem of Ann Arbo would respectlully represeut to your honora ble body that cerialu ordlnauces of the city are not In thelr opinlou aa elüclenily ei lorceU as the lnterests of public uiorallty re qunv. The ordluances reierred to are tlios prohlbltiag gamlnK, the keeplug open o saloons on gunday and ou other days of th week wlthln the hours proLililted by law and lue Helling of liquor to minors. Tin charter of the city maken lt the duty of th eilief of pólice To seo that all the by-law and ordlnauces of the common councll ar properly and efflcieutly enturced, aud espe clally Uhim' relatiug to pólice aud Kaultary reguiatlous.' -We regard na unsound and thoroughly mlschievous auy theory of lnlerpretuliou whlch relieves ulm of this responslbllliy auc makes it neoesaary for private cltlzeus t coiisLitute tuemselves private detectives lu the purpose of aeelug that the ordl nance areeuforced by the arrest and punlshmeu oí those who viólate theiu. Xnasiuuch as th law inakes it the duiy of the culef of polio to 'see' that the ordluauces are enforced, it 1 thereby made hls duty to luiorm hlmsèlf o the fact whether they are beiug vlohiled o euiorced, aud not to wait for private citlzeu to uiake the investiga! ion iur hun aua ren the result lo him. "We, iherelore, ask that this offleer shall b held respousible herealter for iiis ueglect to perlorin his duty aud eulörce the ordiuauces referred to, aud we ask the coinmou counci to lastruct him to see that the sauie are ell] clently eaforced throughoul the city." Nearly oue hundred aud üfty of the leadlng Citizen of Ann Arbor, wltb. several saloou keepers sigued this petition. It was given to oud of thö aldermeu wlth the expuctatlon that hu would present the petltlou lo the common council. The pelttion was not preaeuted (and heuce does uot appear on the records,, but the aldermeu aforesald did Introduce a resol utlon cuverlng the grouud requested, which was pasoed December 7th Wllhlu a lew days from the taking of this actiou, four saloon-keepers, Wm. Frank J HolTsteter, Walsh & Ulbuey aud G. Clarken' were arrested by the pollco, aud lu due time all were couvlcted. Allhough the commlttee had secured a large auiuuut of evideuce, as before stated, lt was thought advisable uuder the circumstauced todlscoatiuue furlher prosecutlous so long as the aulhorltles showed a dlsposlruni 111 ¦ i . ¦ T Itl iliuul t'llitll lu November, the city attorney showed í dlspoSÍtlOU U ]imll suils g;tlllller. ana keeper uf houses of 111-iume. iiarly 11 December actlou was bruught uuder the elti ordluance agaiust Mr, huimu Jeuktus ioi keeping a disorderly house. Tüe trial was held, the city altoruey prosecullug wllhgreal vigor, and the deleudunt would have beeu couvicted had there not beeu a slight techuical lault lu tno complaint. As it was, the jury dlsagreed, staudiug four lor convictlon to two for acqulttal. Itather thuu run the rlbk of a uew mal the defeudaut promised to leave the town wlthiu teu days. The promist! was fulülled aud thus was a house va ¦alt-d whlcu had beeu a stencil lu the conimuulty forseveral years. L,ate lu December rumors ca fa o to the high school authorltles to the effect thateightor ten student were lu the habit al frequenllng salo nis. The matter was very cksjiy lnvesttgated and nually coiuplaluls were uiude b the school board agaiust lour saloon-keepers, N. Drake, H. W. daxlon, K. L. Cobb, aud H. Binder for selllrjg llquor to student aud minors. The tirst three pleaded guilly and pald their Unes; the city attorney decllned to prosecute the fourth, but another allorney was secured and Mr. Biucier also pleaded gullty. lu these last cases the league was ulrectly luteresled ouly to the exteul of payIng for the service of the attoruey uieutloued. A lew weeks before the spring elections the Executlve commlttee addressëd requests to the chalrmau of the democratie aud republican city committees asklng them to cali their couveutlous at least two weeks In advance. To these requests no formal auswers were relurued. Various memberg of the coraralttee lu thelr ludlvldual capacUy thought lt advlsable to cali a meeting to couslder the expedieocy of preparing a citlzeus' ticket. Alter several meetings thls ticket was prepared aud submitted lo the voters lu April wllu the well knowu result. Altliough mauy of the persons chieny interesled In thls movemeut were counected with the league, thls was lu no seuse a league ticket, aud not a cent was ever taken froru the league treasury to defray the expenses Incurred In connectlou with the eleclion. The league is by lts very nature a nou-partlsan body, haviug uothlug to do with politics, and an v appearance to the contrary is occasioned ouly by ita members exerclslng tht'ir Individual polltlcal righls lujust the same way as other citlzeus. With the lucomlng of the new city admlnlslralion carne a much better management of pólice affairs. Disorderly womeu were compelled to leave towu, aud salooukeepers detected in vlolatlng the law were arrested, trled aud couvlcteu. It seems safe to say tuat there has beeu iess vlolatiou of the law wltliln the last six months thau wlthiu the same leugtu of Unie for mauy years. Though the league Is not dlrectly respouslbly for this better state of alTalrs, lis members can not help feoliug that their work hastiad much to do with the improvement. It Is greatly to be regretted that our citizens geuerally lake so llttle interest lu the affairs of the league. Heeming lo regard it as an organlzatlon with sonie sinister pollticiil purpose, aud not an organlzatlou whose members liave no other desire than byali proper raeans to secure tlie rigld eulorcement of tlie law upou our stalute books. Let us see to lt then that our fellow cltizens are better lnformed regardlng the real purpose of the league and thus brought lnto more cordial sympathy with lts work. By well-directed ell'ort there eau be createdln Ana Arbor a public seullment In favor of law and order so comiuandiug as to break dowu all oppositlon. Tlie corn festival at the M. E. cliurch Friday evening will be one ef the most unique entertainments ever secu iu the city. Wlien the üttle folks c;ill upou you buy a ticket of them. Of the Mexican Typical Hand the East Sagiimw Daily Couricr saye: "An enthusiastic and detcnuined encoré greeted every inimber on the program and the audience left the theatre loudly pruising the musicians. The orchestra appeared In regulatlon Mexican dress, all wearinsr sombreas. A üoticeable feature of the entire evening was tlie courtly bcariiif; and polished manner of every member of thecompany. While speaking but üttle Engjlfh, in conversation they are most cultured and gentlemanly, to meet them is a pleasure that is to be remembered. As musicians this coinpany are the superior of any organtzation Sajjinaw has lieard in many years. The music is nuaint but deiicious and in harmony it is perfectlon, sometlilng wonderful with so many intricate string Instruments." üue of the most brilliaut erents of the season will be the grand opening on Fritlay and Saturday next at H. S. Warner's noyelty store, No. lü S. Main st. The goods wliich will be displayed at that time will be worth going to see We advise all the people of this vicinity to ayail themselves of this beautiful sight, ftee of expense. The variety and uselulness and beauty of this stock is onietliing wonderful. C. Bliss & SonVshow window appeai-s o be tlie center of attraction for the laies. The new novelties in jewelry dis)layed thcre is the reason for it.


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