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ií ACH & ABEL'S COLUMIN. A week later vrlll be ampio time to considcr where Ihings are cheapcst when the store fs In order. What you are thiuking or now Is wlicre jou shall go to see the new thlngs. Aro they what you want? Are thej as chcap as they can be? You sliall judge. We are surc or one thing; you wlll search the city In rain Tor such a collcctlon to select from. Why do we say -wliat you know already from former years ? It Is dim culi yet to makc any carefiil s atemeuts about the new dress goods! Ihe counters are full. They can be ookcdat. TM. we are sureof. Take ip wholeof thcm, bottom to top, from the poorest o the best, you wlll flnd the most carefully chosen collectlon here : as, of course, you wlll nnd the larirest fewst7les TC" " WOrd b0Uta Halr line strlpe suitingrs, all-wool, inch. prlce 90c. Silk and woolen mixture, in all colors, 38-inch., price, 60 to 65o. All-wool suitings, checks, 42 to 44inch, six different pntterns, prlce $1. Fancy 'cable siiitings, 42-Inch.,ina variety of combinalious, price $1.50 Mohair splral stripes, all colors, 42Inch, price, $1 per yard. Colored Drap d'AIma's and cut Cashmere, In ten colorings, prices 9Oc. and 1 per yard. Tricots in flfteen colorings, prices, 35 to 50c. per yard. Fronch Tricots, ure colorings, 54-in., to close $1.5, former price, #2 ami 2ii. per yard. You who read at a distauce may write for samples. A represents it yery well indeed. Black and colored Cashmeres, 42-In., '10c. per yard. We should add a word or two more aboiit onr large line of fancy black goods. We know of no way to let you inUt a proper appreciation oiour stuffs, outto teil you to come and examine them We never had or saw such GIotcs for 65c, flve button lcngth Kid Glores, fair skins aud perfect in íashion, color aud mako. No matter where yon buy jour stript VelTets and Plushes, it's good to eet t peep at tlie newest stjles. The rlgh stripes are now on onr counters. Twothlrds oí tire ladles thluk our one dollai stripe velvets are one-íirty unta toe tel them the pnce. On" the whole perhaps we hare the plcasantcst eloak department in the country. A generons floor with abundanee of light ; but wliat makes it pleasaut beyoud exaniple Is the large Yariety of cloaks and hew we sell them. Will tell yon all about a little later. Blanket time, that Is the time to remind you of blanket wisdom. It Isn't easy so close on the lieels on warm jveather to be blanket wlse In a minute. e hare beeu told we haren't mucli wisdom, hoirerer, all must admit thls is blanket wisdom. No matter how coarse, no matter how line. no matter how thin no matter how thick, no matter whether cottou or wool, but let the blanket be big. Ofcourse, it depends on the size ofyourbedstead, if you hare one. If jou sleep on the floor let the blanket be argo euough U wrap around you. 1 here is but one virtue in blankets. 1 bat vlrtue Is bigness. We hare blankets for wise Deoule and uuwise. Jttore for the unwise oecause we have more of hem. Large Blankets, ,OO, $3.00 and S1.00 and $5.OO. It will pay you to watch this column for the next three moutbs. BACH& ABEL.


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