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Celebrated all v A , 3: The best shoe yet for the Best American Calf, Button, Lace and Congress, all cut Seamless Hard wear in every pair. GOODSPEED & SONS 17 South Main street. The best History of the War that has yet appeared. - Boston Traveller. The platos of Harper'g Weekly durlng the War having been destroyed, HAEFEK'S Pictorial History of fke Belellion lx theonly means of obtainlng lts invaluable historlcal il!ustr;itlons. In two splendlü folio volumes, same slze page as the Weekly, and contalnlng 1,000 of lts famous War pietures, Prlce for Bet, car) lage pald, In beveled cloth, HB.00; In Half Turkey Morooco, handsome Kuilt xtamp on slde m! marbled edges $22. TO AVOID DECKPTION, 8EK TilAT BOOKS BEAR HARPER'S NAME. Sold by subscription only. Send for illnstrated clrcuMeDONNELL BRO'S, 15 Dearboru St., Chicago, 111. Of Priceless value for Preiervation. - Boston Advertlser. n.j.-,. Wanted. Iteliable and energetic men to sell all kinds of nursery stock. New and liardy varieties adapted to tho climatc. Business light and easlly learned. To successful men we pay good salaries and expenses and give them steady employment the year round. First-class references required. Apply for terms and address L. L. May & Co.. Nurserymen, St. Paul, Minn. Why suffer with thatachuig head when you may be cured with Ayer's Catbsirttc Pilis? Send a 2cent stamp to Dr. J. C'. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass., for a set of tbeir attractive album cards. Tbc old jall square with its six modern elegant mansions is the most attractive block in the city. Only a few years since it was an old unsightly lumber yard. Verily our city is rapidly exclianging and becoming more beautiful every year. GRAND ÖPÈRA HOUSE ÏWO NIQHT8. FRIDAYandSATUDAYEVE'S OCTOBER 22 and 23. SECOND ANNUAL TOUR OF THE 1ÉEU ïïnUL ÉSESTU ! Under the dlrectlon of PROF. SR. ANTONIO CUGAS, BmbraclDg Sololsts of Eralneut merlt uu rsed and strlng Instruments. Greatest and Grandest Attraction 01 the Si'usüii, lncludlng MISS MINNIE VANCE, The talented Contralto. W SOLOISTS: jKS 8H. FELIY O. AL1VA, Flute, Oboe and Piccalo Sololst, frora the National Couservatory of Muslc. 8R. JESÚS NOCOCHEA, Salteria Sololst (90 strlng instrument). SR. APOLORIO ARIAS, Fagat Sololst. PRICES, 75, 50, and 35 Cents Beserved Seat now on a ale without extra charge at Yale's Post-offlce News Depot.


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