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nauKg NO FEE!! ) E8THL18RED si. i Merrill UNTIL BETTER j DETROIT.MICH. ƒ Block. '"lpÜrS The Eegular, Old-Establlshed jLJlll PHTSICIA3Í & SUBGEON J JjHr k UU troitto j with the gmtist 5y3KILLAND 8UCCE88 (ipjifeD!#8S YOUNGMEN,MIDDLE-A6ED MEN end all persons who by theïrown acts of Imprn denceor Folly at any neriod of life havebrought upon themselves, the evil e ff e ets following closcly upon the heels of tran sgression of the laws of nature, hould consult tïie cclchrated Dr.Clarke at once. KemeinberlXervous dine.-iwssf witii or without dreams) or debility and loss of nene power treated scientifically by new methods with never success. JSüglt makes no diffcrence TVhttt youhave taken orwho has faitea to cure you. jjy-Tlie terrlblo polsons of Syphilirt and all bad blood and skin ilieasos, coinpletelv , cated without mercury. Remembcr that Oiisono horrible disease, if ncglected or improperly ircatcd, curses the present and coming gcncrations JBf0AIl unnatural discharges cured promptly wuhout hindrancc to business. No experimento. Both sexes consult conüilcntially. Age and experionco Important. A writtn. jrnarnntco of cure glven in every caso uadertaken. j(5Safferers from any chronlc dlseaie write lïistory and Symptoms of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others have f ai led to cure. L3Send two itamps for celebrated works on Clironic, Nervous and Delicate Diseases. You have an exhaustivo symptomatology by which to study your own case. Consuitation, personaüy or by letter, free. Consult the old Doctor. Thousanda cured. Offices and parlors private. You sec no one but the Doctor, ricfore confiding your case consult 1K. CLAUKK. A friendly letter or cali may save future and Bhame and add golden vcars to life. Medicines ient everywhere secure from expusure. Ilours, bioSj Sundays, 9 to ia. Addrcss, F, D. CLARKE, M. O. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. MIch. NOW IS THE TIME TO USE JOHNSTON'S SARSAPARILLA FOR LIVER COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, AND FOR PURIFYING THE BLOOD. It has boen in uso for 28 years and has proved to be the bost preparation in the Market for Slck Headache, Pain in the Side or Baok, Llver Complalnt, Pimples on the Face, Dyspepsla, Piles, and all Siseases that arlso f rom a dlsordered Llver or impuro blood. Thousands of our beat people take it and jrive lt to thelr chlldren. Physlcians prescribe lt daily. Thoso who use it once rocommond lt to others. It is made from' Yellow Doek, Honduras Sariaparilla,WtldCherry,Stillinsla,Dandellon, Sassaf ras.Wintorgreen, and othor well-known valuablo Roots and Herbs. It is strlctly vegetable, and cannot hurt the most delicate constltution. It is ono of tho bost medicines in use for regulating tho Bowels. It is sold by all responsiblo dru&frlst at one dollar for a quartbottlo, orsix for flvo dollars. Sample bottles BO ets. free on receipt of price. W. JOHNSTON & CO., Detroit, Mich. XS When you have tried all the Sarsaprillat, and have been disappointtd, try Johnston't. C. H. MILLEN , INSURANCt AGENT! . No. 4 South Main St., Aim Arbor. Theoldestagency in the city. Emabllshed over a quarter of aoentury ago. Represen! Ing the íoílowing flrst-cla8 conipaules, with over $60,000,000 Capital unit Aüsets. HOME INS. CO., Of New York. CONTINENTAL INS. CO., of New Yorfe. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIRAKD IN8. CO., of Philadelphla. ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. cn.MMKKCIALUNION, of Loudon. LIVEIU'OOL. I.ONDON and GLOBE. WASHINGTON KIRE and MARINE, of Boston. Rates Low as tlio LcwMt, Losacs Liberally AdjiisttMl and nronintly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN. Xotice to Crortilors. CJTATE OF MIl'HI()AN,County of WuKhtenaw,. O Notice is herehy given. that by an ord'T of the Probate Court for the ConntJ 'if Wahtcnaw, made on the tenth day of Sepien-.ber, A. 1). 186. 8ix montha from that date were allnwed forcrediiors to present thelr claim!" aüiiinst the estáte of J. Maria Clark, late of eaid cuunt, deceixped, and ihat all creditore of sald deceased are required to present their claims to eaid Probate Court, at the ProbateOtllce, In the city of Ann Arlor, forexamination ant1 allowauce, on or before the lOth dy of March next, and that fnch claims will be heard before said court, oa Priday, the tenth day of December, aad on Thursday, the lOth day of March next, at ten u'clock lu the forenoon of each ui sald day. Uated, Anu Arbor, Seplemher 10, A. D. 1886. WILL1AM 1). UAKK1MAN, 1317-1321 Judi:e of Protate. Estáte of Eloanor C. Bibbins. STATE OF MICIIJGAN, County of Washteuaw. 88. Ataseseionof the ProhateCourt fortheConnty of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, on V ednesday. the 15th dav of September, In tüe year one thousund elght hundred and eighty-elx. Present, William D Ilarriman, Judec of Probate. I n the matter of the esute of Eleanor C. Blbblm, ifnnnwT Onreadlng and fillng the petitlon, duly verifled, of Charles H. Worden, praying that a certaln instrument dow on file in thl.t court pnrportlni; to be tlie last will attd testament of sald deceased, may be admitltd to probate, aud that he may fce appolnted execuior thercof. Thereupon lt is ordered. that Monday, the 18th day of Octobcr next, at lt) o'clock in the forenoon, be ftBsigned for the hearïng of sald petitlon and that the devlsees, lesaiees, nnil liclrs at law of said deceased, and all other persons tnterestod In sald estáte, are required to appcar at a sension of said court. theh to he holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show canse, if any thire be, why the prayer of the petitioner should uot be jrantod. And it Is further ordered, ihat sald petitioner glve iiollcc to the persons intereeted in sald estHte, of the penüency of said petitiou, and the hearing thereof, by cansln)? a copy of this urder to be published in The, Ann Arbor L'ourier, newspaper prlnted pml eiren lated in said county. threesnecesfllve weeks previous to said day ot ocarín. (A trne copy.) WILLIAM D. 1IARK1MAN, Judge of Probate. WM. G. D0TY. Pr-hntB Rei;istcr. 1317-1390 riTHE CIRCUIT COU-KT FOR THE COUNTY JL OK"WASHTENAW, In Chancery. Jenny F. Norton, Complulnant, ) vs V Stanley Norton, defendant. ) It satlsfactory nppenrlnK to nie by afllilavitl on ttle, that the defendant, Stanley Norton, is not a resident of thls stnte, but resliics in Miiiiitdim, in the Dominion of Cauada. On motionof E. 1). Kmne, complalnant's ík ordered that the sald defendant, Stanley Norton, cause hls appearance to be entereü berelo, wlihin four months from the date of this order, and in case of hls appearance, that lic cause bis nnswer to the complalnants bill of complalnt to be flled and a copy thereof to be served on sald i'oinplalnant's sollcltor witliln twenty (SO) days after service on htm of a copy of sald lilll and notice of thls order, and that in defuult tbereof, sald bil 1 b taken nsconfessed by tbesnld uon-resident deleudant. And lt Is furtber ordered, that williln twenty days lifter the date hereof, the snid complalnant causea notice of this order to be publlsb In the Ann Arbor Continu, a newspaper, publlnhed and clronlatliiK in said county, and that sald puhlicatlon bc oontlnued thereln at lenst O0e in inch weck, for six weeks In succesKlon, and that hIio canse a copy of this onliT to le persoually served on mud non-resldt'nt defcniíant. at h-ast twenty days before the time above prescrlbed for hl apiiearance. . PATHH'K MCKERNAN, Circuit Court Conmilssloufr "f WsihtenaW County. Mlcliliiun. Eb I). Kinnk. Solictor for ('oinphllnant. Dated, Beptembar 28, lio. 1819 1326, PENNYROYAL WAFERS. tprescription of o physiclan who has had a life long experience fa treatin femóle diseases. Is used monthly with perfect success by over 10,000 ladu s. Pleasant, safe, cffectiial. Lodies askyourdrugpist for Pennyroyal Wafers and take no substituto, or inclose postnce for sealed particular. Sold by all drapTKists, )1 per box. Addrcsa TTTF. EUREKA CIIEMICAli CO., DiB0n. Mica. Sold in Acn Arbor, Mich., hy Ubrrbach & Son. HMM


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