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The Camel Express

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Of all varieties of Indian letter carriers, clothed or unclothed, none are so picturesque, says Miss Gordon Cummings, as the camel express messengers. The men wear a serviceable red uniform and largo green turban, eunbroidered with gold thread. From their girdlo hangs a curved sabro in a red sheath. The camels are adorned with trappings of eay cloth and tassels. orn;imonted with blito beads and gowrie shells and small brass bolls round the neck to give notice of their swift approaeh. It is said that their rougli and rapid trotting, sometimos at the rate of eighty miles a day, is so trying to tho riders as to shorten their days. Two heavy mail bags hang toright and left on each side of the camel, and the saddle is so arrangcd that a passenger can tako a seat bi'hind the postman. - Exchange. - The French havo more suspension biilges thun any olher [nation on the globe. The new governorsboth of Miinc :uid South Carolina are farmers.


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