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Weddliigs are mimcrotis, all over the county. F. F. Taylor and wlft of Dexter. have gone to Luther, Mich., to reside. -Miss Ida Clittenden, of Milan. was marrled Oet. 28thto 8. IJ. Rtehmo&d, ot Portland, Willie Benton of Dexter loun.-Iiip bad au arm fractured recentlyby a fall froin n wagon. The SiliJie Qood Templara will liare a public nstallsitioii of officers nest Friday evening. Alex. (ionion, of Saline, has gone to I roana, III., to live with lus daughter, Mrs. Ijanis. The depots of the Wabash and the T. & A. A. R. H 's at Milán are to be made one. I'hat's right. The next meeting of the South-western iarmer's Club will be at L. M. Baldwin'-i next Friday. The Milan Leader says that Crozièr la still ui the lield. ÏIwuKht so. Hado'l secn him in town latcly. James Mills diml in Traverse Cuy, Öet. 2,1880. He carne to Dexter In 1826 aml went to Traverse iti 1 SOI. -Leader. The Ann Arbor Argus has set itself up In the conundfUm buiiaees.bat propounda riddles no one can answer.- Saline Observer. The lecture of Kev. Dr. Kamsay, at the M. Jv Church, Dexter, next Friday eveuïng, will be a rare good thing, and he siiould be given a big house. Milo Clark, living four miles southeast of town, has purchased a valuable Percheron mare tor breeding pui poses, of Senator Palmer.- Saline Observer. The Saline manufacturing oompany have had orders for repairing 39 wlndmills, and the erection of geven new milis, since the reeent wind-storm.- Observen Prof. Mclnnis and wife, we are sorry to state, are both dangerously ill and it is feared cannot recover. The Professor's chalrin tlie high school is at present beln" hlled by Prof. Waller.- üexter Leader. Chas. Weisinger and W. A. Todd, of Adrisn, passed through town, Sunday on their bicycles. They were out on a di tance race, and made 50 miles in 3 hours 55 minutes, and 100 miles in 8 hours 55 minutes.- Saline Observer. The scholars and teacher of district No 8, Lima, known as Porter district, completed a quilt rccently which was sold at an entertainment, the proceeds to be used topurchasea new backboard, That district must be awfully hard up. .Mr. Chilson Phillips recently drorc nto town with bis big delivery waeon and proceeded up Main street to the residence of Mrs. Abbie Phillips, where he unloaded a generous supply of flour, meat, appies and potatoes.- Milan Leader.J Mrs. J. II. Hollis has a fig tree with several llgs on which are nearly ripe She left one at this ollice which is of "-ood size and smells very ranch like a lig, but is waiting for sumcone to come in who wishes to taste of It.- Manchester Enterprise. Geo. Crane returned to AlpenaTucsday morning to accept a sltuation in the drug house of Chas. Howard, of that city. George has been a clerk in this village for some years past, and takes with him the best wishes of many friends.- Dexter Leader. Accordins: to the pension commissioner's]report,Vashtenaw county pensiouers with amount peryear, is as follows: Invalids 151, amount f 1,529.50; widows 50, amount $625; minors 2, amount $30; dependents44, amount í500;.lsi-_ Wíír pen'10,!!,ers 'amount 540; widows 13, amount 9182, The monthly meeting ol the Washtenaw pomological society, will be held at the court house, Nov. Cth, at 2 p. m, l!eport of committee on fruit preserving factory. Grapes; Review of this year's experience, Dr. Garrigues. D. lioyt will deliver an address on fruits, froui a dieteticand hygenic pointofview. Exhlbit of fruit, fruit preserves and llowers. Last Monday evening, soon after Mr Crozier commenced his addresB, BarneV Keelan, being intoxicated, in makin his way out of the hall, from the galleiy stumbled against a second story window with such force as to break the glass aud raU through to the pavemenc below a distanceofabout twelve feet, sustainiti" some severe bruises but no broken bones nor serious damage.- Chelsea Herald. Our cltizens and residents alon" the line of the T. A. A. & X. M. Ily between nero and Ann Arbor are justly indifnant at the maniier lu which that company have used us by putting a train on their road that is of no earthly use to us Ann Arbor nierehants are also raising a howl because it is now impossible to eet to their town and back again the same dav by rail, therefore cutting off a deal "of trade.- South Lyon Picket. The question of how best to utilize the water power at East Manchester bas been up for discussion by our citizens for some time without reachlng a iinal solution. A resident gnggeata that it would be a good point for a cheese factory and tliinks that the farmers in this vicinity could organice a company and engace in the business to their mutual benefit. He tliinks that more inoney could be realized from land for pasture than for wheat - Enterprise. Uere is a late recipe for making a good town: Grit, push, snap, vim, energy,"colleges, churehes, schools, morality, enterprise, harmony, cordiality, advertising, cheap property, hcalthy location aud good country tributary. Talk about and speak well of t. Help to improve it. AdvorLise in and read the the town papers. Patronize us merchauts. Faitli, exhlbited by good works. llone.-t ompetition in business. Help all public enterprises. Elect rood men to oilice. Speak well of lts public plrlted, cnterprislug i:itizen.s md be one of them yourself. Remember that every dollar invested in permanent mproveinents is that much ou interest. Always cheer on the men who go In for improvements. 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