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The Appetite May be lnoreased, the Digestive organj ttrcngthensd, nnd Ihe I5ovels regulated, by taking Ayer'i Flik. These l'illa re purely vegetable In tlioir coinposition. They contaiD neitlier ralomel nor any other daneroU! drug, and muy be. taken witli perfect safety by persons of all ages. T was a great MiflVrcr from Dyspepsia aiul Conatfpation. I bad do appettte, becanie graat ly debUitïted, anl was constantly affllctea wlth Headache and Dtzzimh, i eonaulted our family doctor, who preaeribed for me, at various times, without affordlBg more tbau teiuponiry relief. I ïimiiiy comineaaed taking Ayer l'iiu. Iu n short timo uiy digestión and appetite IMPROVED my bnwrls were régtlhtted, and. by the time I fiuished two boxea "f these l'il'ls niy tcodeocy i headaches had dlsappeared, and 1 beeame itroog and woll. - Uarius M. Logan, Wiliuiugtbu, bel. I troubled, for over a yenr, wlth Loss cf Appeüte, and General DeblUty. 1 cominfncotl takiog Ayerg J'ill. and, before firiUbtng half aoox of this medicine, mv appetite and strength were restored. - C. O. Clark, Danbury, Conn. Ayei'"s Pilis are tho bost medicine known to me for regulattng the bowels, and fnr all dtseasea oauwd by a disordered Stomaeh and J.ímt. I tuffered ior over three yeara witli Headache, Iniliestion, and Conitipation. 1 had no appeme, and wal nreak and nervous most of the tiiuc. BY USING three Uoxes of Ayera Pilis, nnd, at the saine time dletlllg myself, 1 was corapletely eured. My dfgejtlve organt are net in (tood order, and 1 am in perfact Lealth.- l'hilip Luekwuud.Topeka, Kaus. Ayer's Pilis have beneflted me womlerfully. FormonthK 1 Boffered from ludigestlon nnd Headdcbe, was restlm at nÍLílit, índ had a bad taste In my moutb every mornlng. After takfng oTie box oi Ayr' l'iiN, all tliee trouble disappeared; my f I dlgested well, and my sleep wa refreshlni. - Ileury C. Heinmenwar, Rsckport, Maaa. I was eured of the Piles by the use of Ayer's PMs. They not only reliuved me of that painfnl disorder, but frave me increased vigor, ml restored my bealth. - Juhn Lazarus, St. Juhn, N. 15. Ayer's Pilis, Frrpared by Pr.T.C. Ajtí k Co.,LowelltMaM. tiülj by all DruggintB uud Iualcni ia Medicine. FOR, DISPEPSIA. MENTAL ASII PHYSICAL EXHAUSTION, NERVOUSNESS, WEAKENEO ENERGY, INDIGESTIÓN, ETC., ETC. f m ACID PHOSPHATE. A liqald preparatiou of the puoapb and phosplioric acid. Recommended by Puyblcians. It makes u dclicious drink. Invlgoratlng and strcngthenlng. Pamphlet free. FOR SALE BY ALL DEALERS. Rumford Chemical Works, Froyldence, - - Rhode Isiand. {Ï-BEWAKE OF IMITATIONs. FRANCIS L YORK, M.A., WIU receive duriug THE COMING SUMMER A Limited uumber of Pupils In Pil ANO, ORCAN HARMONY, At greatly K, ZEjOD TJ C EIX) 12,' T E S - Apply by mail or at ÏTO. 30 SOUTH INGALLS STREET. RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BAKERY, GROCERY, AND Flour and Feed Store. Wc keep constantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For WhokBale and Rctall Tradc. We hall aleo keep a enpply of SW'IFT & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi Flour, Ryc Flour, Buckwhcat Flour, Corn ITIcul, Fcel, Elc, At Wholesale and Kctail. A general stock of GROCERIES and PROVISIÜNS Conetantly on hand, walen wlll bo sold on as reaeonable terras as at any other hoaee in the city. Cash paid for BUTTER, EÖQ8, and COUNTRY PRODUCE penerally. Good dellvered to any part of the cily withont extra charye. RINSET & SEABOLT. C. H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! , No. 1 Sout li Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest ageney In the city. Kstabllslieil ver a quarter of a ceotury ago. Represeuting the iollowiug tlrst-class companlus, witli over $60,000,000 Capital and Acts. HOME INS. CO., of New York. I ' 'MINKNTAL 1N.S. CO., of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIRARD INS. CO., of Phlladelpbla. IRIENT INS. CO., ..f lliirtford. COM M l.RCIAL UNION, of l.nndon. LIVERPOOL. I.ONDONand Ol.c WASHINGTON. FIRE and MABINB, of Boston. Ratps Liut as tlie Lowest, LoNses Líber ally Adjusted and uroni]itly l'aid. C. H. MILLEN.


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